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Apple products are junk and often faulty.   No external memory card, No removable battery You cant play divx files or flv's There is no flash browsing
Save your money because when you do buy it the ipad 4 will be out!
A good price but the Samsung galaxy tab has to be one of the best tablets you can get. So no for me.  
I was a Nokia fan for years and I converted to Samsung in 2010 love the galaxy range even their tablets. Highly recommend them.  
Suzuki bandit possibly the best bike I have ridden, sturdy reliable and nippy.   Triumph speed triple possibly the bast naked bike you can get and performs like a four cylinder bike.   BMW's are ok bit their engines and shape are not the best.   As for a Harley, hmm all noise and no go!  
Leg exercises really are all you can do as you cant train just one are as you will have an imbalance like that character from the terrible film lady in the water.   leg press, leg extensions, reverse leg curls, lunges  
Cardio, just do cardio, get that calorie deficit going and stock up on vegetables, lean meat, water and stay away from fruit juices and high fat foods.   Attending a training class will help as it will push you harder.  
Yes more back exercise will help but if you naturally slump you will just have a big back that's hunched.
GH for kids!? I don't think that's a good idea especially when he has not fully developed yet.   GH at this stage may have an adverse effect in the long term such as a lower testosterone production which can lead to further problems.  
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