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I bought a pair of Canali flannels from Henry Bucks at the start of autumn - presumably they've sold out now? You can try the Canali boutique, Brooks Brothers or MJ Bale (they sell the "Bowes" grey flannel suit as separates). If stuff isn't on display then ask.
I have the Tomir sole on a pair of Skoaktiebolaget u-wings and I think they cheapen the look of the shoe. Unlike Dainite, the Tomir doesn't provide any structural support. Basically it's a stitched on topy. Dainite seems the most appropriate sole for this boot followed by double leather.
No, not interested in museum. I don't really go for artificial patina and besides, there aren't enough photos of the leather to make an informed decision.
I'd be interested in a full calf version provided it was in dark brown like the EG Shannon above.
That's a real pity. I have oxfords in both the Robert and Forest lasts and when seen together Forest is definitely the shorter, frumpier sister to Robert. Robert reminds me of the Rain last but with a rounded toe.
These are kinda nice.http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503395833&q=crockett%20jones&index=4
Have you all set your hearts on Chromeexcel?It's a very soft leather that scuffs easily (although these can be buffed out with a brush.Carmina's French calf leather would work better in long boot IMHO.
[[SPOILER]] The photos speak volumes: I think Barker offers the best price to quality ratio of any British shoe. I had an identical pair in black which unfortunately I had to sell because they were too wide. Great looking shoe though!
Chromexcel and charcoal flannels.
I have the same pair without the tassels (half strap penny loafer). I love them!
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