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X-post from RYS. Carmina 5 eyelet chukkas in the wild.
Carmina Pantherella Suit Supply
And me.
 My wrist diameter is 6.5 inches and I think the 35mm dial works well. I tried on the 38mm with date and while it fitted my wrist I preferred the classic size.
It is the Weiss - in 35mm. I'm concerned it looks cold compared with the standard and Rose Orion - thoughts?
New meat.  
Nomos watch strap in dark brown Horween shell cordovan leather with red brown stitching. Worn three times.   Size is medium with 18mm lug width.   EBAY AUCTION ONLY: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Horween-Shell-Cordovan-Watch-Strap-by-Nomos-/201182405710
X-post from Rock Your Socks.  
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