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These are my CXL boots on the Forest last, Robert would work too.
Carmina Pantherella Herringbone Sydney
Yes, well spotted!
Carmina Bresciani Herringbone Sydney
Hey Leaves, is there any word on the restock for the Carmina balmoral boot in grain combo?
I share your concerns about shell in wet weather and I'm definitely interested but I'd prefer the boot on the Robert last; the same as the grained boot in your second photo.
  Like these (without the scotch grain)?   I think these boots may be on the robert last, I definitely prefer the toe shape to that of the oscar.   I wonder whether they're the same as http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-bal-boot-grain-calf?   They look a lot better in the wild.
I have a pair of loafers on the alaro last. They're generous in the forefoot with a shallow instep. Overall they're tighter on me than my rain lasted balmorals.
And for the challenge I present: squares.
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