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Woodstock the best one I liked.These are some really nice vintage collection of shoes.I liked them all.
I think a black plain round neck t-shirt will perfectly fit with this coat.
Ya you should not remove the patch..good decision! And i would recommend you to get the navy will go with everything like you said-Brown shoes, black shoes, black slacks, grey slacks, brown slacks, and blue jeans as well.
I think black is an universal color, it fits with almost all colors. But in my opinion its perfectly fits with blue....any shade of blue. !!!
I loved these cufflinks... they are So beautiful..and ya looks very expensive too. Go for it if you have to choose one.
Well i liked the total fitting of this...i think its fine..because loose fit doesn't looks smart. Ya i too would say that few more pics of left and right view will help more.
I would choose the blue tie between these two go for blue tie... And its good to choose short sleeves shirt as it fits you the best...fitting matters a lot.
The most common ways of getting rid of  back hair are with hot wax, liquid Neet, electrolysis, and shaving.Back hair should also be maintained as they become too long and too dense as dense back hair looks horrible.A quick and simple trim  back hair is also a quick and easy solution.  
You have oil skin so its very sensitive.Your skin wont accept any product very easily.So first try any product first for few days then observe its effects then decide to continue it or not.
Hello everyone,   I am new to this forum..myself Nichola sliggins,from Garminge,Drenthe..I am very glad to be member of this forum.Quite interested in clothings and especially socks.Hope this forum is a great place for this.   Thanks
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