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i feel like our shirts at are very specific and very well fitting. They are bespoke, meaning they won't cut the fabric until they get your measurements. And oh by the way, we take 8 measurements for shirts and still give an allowance after you receive your shirt if further alterations are needed  
not to take a knock at your shoes, but it could be the quality of leather that you bought. Unfortunately, most $400 and under pairs will get that same crease.   
could be the cut of the jacket. slim v classic fit... which is probably the fit that you bought  
I am a big fan of pattern mixing, especially as of late. When i do, i try to follow a couple basic rules: a deeper toned tie v the color of the shirt, various subtle patterns, and somehow pull the colors together, usually through the secondary or tertiary colors in the outfit. for example, this photo. The light brown colors pull the outfit together. And as you can see, there is a slight edge of a pop color in the green pocket square. Effortless.    
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