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1950's Polo made by Lacoste for Brooks Bros.
Steve McQueen visiting his old school.Found this on the Ivy Style blog.Not a big surprise him holding court as the Ivy Cool King. Boys Republic School,Chino Hills, CA,1963
It may take some more time but,I think there will be Plaques one day.We see celebrations of Mod culture in various ways today(museums doing exhibits on Fashion)
Cash speaks Loudly.
Sorry folks.Didn't mean to stray.Changes.Isn't that what we are are mostly Talkin here.Lets be honest immigration and all dat is only one change.Lets not forget that pesky Tv and all its mesmerizing offspring.The distractions of accelerated modernity which among the Mods was supremely celebrated,the beginning of Club Culture and DJ's.Men spinning records for dancing instead of Dance Bands.Every kid no matter what station could buy Elitism.
Indeed and that was a good thing.Otherwise my Dad may have not got in and it brought more Asians which I appreciate (Chinatown NYC is the safest neighborhood in the city.The Chinese mob don't let nothin happen in that hood.Little Italy across the Bowery is the same.)
Yes Sirryacus.Forgot you was up north and not L.A. but like you say it was Cali Car and Burger Joint Culture.
Indeed,a time when the whole country was on some form of speed and working there asses off.
So True.I forgot that.Big Up.
This question was for the UK members but,I love American Graffiti.Supposedly the first film to use older Pop songs as a soundtrack.The film was delayed because the Film Co.was afraid of the cost of using those tunes(I think that's why some of the tunes were done by a "Covers" band at the dance.) The clothes,the cars,the cruising.Maybe the best time to live in L.A.(before the drugs and cults and lunatics) You can imagine "The Beach Boys"  among that crowd.
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