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Here is the only other "City Gent''"Brollyboys" pic posted here.
That's Good news.I Swear I saw A death notice.Could be,was an Internet Hoax.
Interesting read.You can see where the "Misconception" of Skinheads begins.A few observations which may be true (like the speculation that the external quality's,the style,could be adopted in the future) but all in all offensive.Thanks for the post though.
The Julien Temple  doc.removed.  AntiHippies Funny. Dr.Feelgood Rules,O.K. .R.I.P Wilco
That site with da cheap DM's is a Scam site.Low rating.
Sorry bout that.There is a Site which lists the Suspicious Chinese web sites but,this wasn't Chinese.Good lookin out.
This site having a Big Sale. DM's 50% or more off.                                                                                                                                                                 
Interesting Youtube series called UKRockHistory. In this episode Steve Wilkins,described as a London Gig-Goer,recounts the "14 Hour Technicolor Dream" gig. At 3;00 he says "the majority of the audience was quite conservatively dressed" he calls them Mods.He describes these Mods climbing up the scaffolding set up to repair the Organ. He goes on to say"It was probably a bit too early for Skinheads,but Mods resembled Skinheads anyway,except Mods were better dressed,that was...
Horrible.The flares with DM Boots on the woman? I'm thinking these are some recent misguided converts in some Strange country where the clothes aren't as easily acquired.I guess its possible it could be early 70's.Defo not the Ace Faces.
Cool Pic.Nice one Clouseau.Can we classify this Gent a Suedehead?
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