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You make a valid point.I was being much more broad in my definition.Ray can say what he wants. Doesn't mean he sees his own work clearly.The Kinks version of Psychedelic is about as freaked out as I like actually.Early Move.The Action bootleg.And the Sid side of Da Floyd.More Lewis Carroll than that dreadful LSD drenched San Fran abomination.As Always my asides are mere distraction.
America created Rock and Roll.When the UK got into it they created RAWK(they couldn't imitate Rock and Roll exactly) Americans imitated Brit Rawk(like Heavy Mental(sic)) and then you had American Rock.A convoluted but obvious trail(with bread crumbs and all).       The La's COULD be Psychedelic,Listen to "Looking Glass".
Lavender Hill? The Kinks were defo Psychedelic."See My Friends" The First British Psych song.Ray got it whilst lounging on the beach in India. Macca was jealous.
Disagree Strongly. Psychedelic Rawk it Are. Rawk with a W signifies its the UK version.
Weller use to say "Waterloo Sunset"was his Favorite British Pop song.Today he says it's "There She Goes".Maybe you Brits are too close to it.It's one of the Great British Rawk Tunes.Honest.
Levi's recommends no washing.Put the jeans in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 2 days.Eliminates bacteria etc.Obviously with dirt its a different game.I wash in Cold water with a cup of distilled white vinegar.No soaps.
I larfed at that one.I was thinking Everything Plain w/ a Paisley Shirt kinda contrast.
The Kid asked if those style shirts were Mod and we all know they was(briefly) I was tryin to be supportive. Obviously not everyone is gonna like those flowery numbers but depends what you wear with it.
Young Blood.I always liked these shirts.Early 80's L.A. very Big as previously stated.Post a pic if you get one.
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