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Granville wears Desert Boots.Even today.
Billy Jack wears a Maverick Trucker.
Got a Pair of Charcoal wool slacks from Uniqlo $9.90.Slim Fit,Flat front, slant pockets,two back pockets with buttons (not a huge fan of buttons on pants pockets).XS is Too small for me at that store (I'm 5-7 130 lbs) which wasn't a surprise.A Few nicely done items.They got Chinos for the Spring.
Sounds a Fright.
I just sewed the button onto the collar.No Hole,No Unbuttoning it after though.
Looks like a Bunch of American Meatheads.
If this Factory was in the USA it would be turned into Condo's.
Here is the only other "City Gent''"Brollyboys" pic posted here.
That's Good news.I Swear I saw A death notice.Could be,was an Internet Hoax.
Interesting read.You can see where the "Misconception" of Skinheads begins.A few observations which may be true (like the speculation that the external quality's,the style,could be adopted in the future) but all in all offensive.Thanks for the post though.
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