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Cream 1967.Clapton's yellow shirt.Beagle Ears? A psychedelic thing?
Thanks for Dat.Cool Post.        I Think the Dude and his Crew all Look Great       F'n Ad Agencies.Manipulative Son's Of.
Punk in NYC was made up of folks in their late 20's early 30's( Debbie Harry was 35) In London the folks were perceived to be Teens BUT, Strummer was 25 and the Stranglers were also older (the drummer was 40 I believe) So,point of this is I don't think you were too old M.O.M.(to be hangin with the Punks) The Generation Gap is a Scam created in the 50's by Madison Ave to sell plastic crap to the Baby Boomers. I can understand as you got older you became interested in more...
I listened to Motown in the womb and thereafter and always one of my favorites.Some of my favorite Northern Soul tracks are the ones not tryin to imitate Motown.I agree it WAS Holland-Dozier-Holland that ruled the roost.
Motown's dicey first UK tour. 1 hour Doc.            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLW-41Nlxa0
I posted this article on the "Rise and Fall of the Ivy League" About 200 hundred pages back and nobody paid any attention to it.Excellent and thorough.
Nice Job on this,including the Modern Art and all Dat of the 50's was a nice touch not often recognized but Def was part of the influence(all things new and novel) Small Faces Rule OK
For those outside Da UK (Clouseau)     http://watchseries-online.ch/category/oh-you-pretty-things-the-story-of-music-and-fashion  Many Links with No Problems
This pic was posted a while back.The Skin on the Right is wearing a Levi's Trucker.Can't tell what material.Anyone? I think the Photog was Havin a Larf  juxtaposing The Skins against the Krishnas
For those who Love Vespa. From 2002. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlOTmZfZShM
New Posts  All Forums: