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Detectives ??? What year do we think these may be ???   
A Shelfie ????
Yes Brooks Brothers created the Button Down.The UK was playing Polo in the 1820's and the US 1860's.Again, the Americans defining their "Upper Class" by taking their lead from the British Upper Class.
Ivy League style was an American attempt to mimic British School Uniforms in the first place.With modifications of course,like the BD.Polo did appear in the UK before the US of A. 
Northern Soul Doc.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m21dn0aBOQ  
I find the ones on the bottom Bizarre.Could work with other clothes walkin down the street but,still strange.
I've heard Cut Away collars were worn by the VERY early Mods.
Oh,OK.Sounds more promising.Thanks C.
Noticed some talk and a few pics of the Modern Jazz Quartet.Was at the Albuquerque NM Museum and saw a Plaque dedicated to John Lewis who came from here.Made me VERY happy to see this city celebrate one of it's favorite sons.The African American community here is still very small and not well celebrated.
Nice Tales M.O.M. As for the 100% Cotton Harrington.Mine is 60% poly and its for Wind Resistance.At 60% its very good as a wind blocker.It is after all a Golfing Jacket and designed for varying conditions.TA
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