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Levi's 511 Rigid Dragon.Raw denim 11.2 ounces.99% cotton 1& spandex.
News Boy Stylee circa 1905.
If you really are interested you can get Clark's resoled here.    http://www.resole.com/shoes/crepe-(clarks-wallabees,-desert,-etc)
The Trick is Buy a Few Pairs and Rotate.Never wear the same pair 2 days in a row.
Coincidence I Own Robert Quines "Fats Domino Greatest Hits CD" purchased from his collection a week after his tragic,untimely death.A great musician.
I'd say Number 3 is a Cowboy.You still see that Look today in the South West US.
A pic of the Guy with the Glasses was posted a ways back.Here it is again.
We have not seen this.Cool pic.
1994 Doc."Trouble on the Terraces" at 2:50 Dr. Marsh talks about the origins of Football Hooliganism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sUn6ji6MM8&index=30&list=PLYHVqi8FEwKU-czWpKY7mb0zAhC6PgvPD
Aren't "Youth Cults" an Underground Thing? So if you look at the "Regular" kids (which none of us were) it's just as Lame as when we was younger.Nothing changes.The squares are still the squares.The majority of any generation are "Clueless". It's the Brave minority that sets the pace.And when the Mainstream smells a dollar they will devour anything they can use.
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