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Your totally OFF.I am not going to explain "Hipsters" to a bunch of close minded fuckers.Sleep well with your Ignorance.
Blur are Hipsters.The above is Hipster Style.The Clash of Era's,Patterns,Colors etc.Jeez,you people are not very Hip.
I like your Blog.Looks good and numerous pics of Audrey Hepburn.Can't go wrong with Her.
I have,over these last 3 years been tempted to produce a list like the one above.The fashion designers in NYC live in the Hipster Billyburg hood (cause they heard it was cool) and so they were exposed to all the variations of Hipster from all the SubCults of the past.So,they been liftin' shit off the streets and stockin' the Malls etc. with 'em.Noticed Levi's are producing a Retro Hip Hop Baggy style now.Looks like Skinny Jeans are on the way out again.Most of yuz on here...
Interesting how weather and environment can influence ones choices.Do you have a replacement for the Sheepskin?
Good advice.2 shades of Beige? Maybe.3 shades? Never,
Honestly,where else can you find this information? The answer is "Only here" It don't matter the squabbles,the scrapes,the insults.All Irrelevant.What is relevant is the Info Left behind on this site when all the "Jim Jim's" have gone.
Christian Charity shops often have decent BD shirts for Cheap.I found a Ralph Lauren pinstripe BD for 1.50.
This is Original.There is a series of pics with these guys..Have seen several Original Mods with the Riding Hat (brought back bay the Casuals).
We have not had this.Nice find.
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