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Cool Pic.Nice one Clouseau.Can we classify this Gent a Suedehead?
Ivyskin89.    I think this is what you asked for.sorry for the delay,been removed from the web a few.         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luI9vfnBU40#t=2m21s
First time there.Got a Pink V neck.Only place where I where  Medium  instead of Small.Oxford BD's are very Well done.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/77845495@N02/sets/72157629713731389/   What about the Dude in this group of pics with the Tie Dyed Grandad Vest(w/braces)
Indeed,sorry, Grandad Vest.
The elusive Skinhead in a Grandad shirt.Interesting pic if the year is correct.Quite early fo Skinhead Pics.Nice Find.Big Up.    Santa brought me 2 Lonsdale hoodies and a Pink(darkish) V neck Jumper.
Happy Hanukkah tonight and Merry Christmas tomorrow.
I would like to focus on this Bolan shot.Early Mod pics are rare.The Polka Dot numbers was somethin that went big in 1966.The Jacket is interesting as it appears to be a "Bumfreezer"but with more Ivy League style pockets(the likes of which you would not find on the later Skinhead suit.)The collar,i'm guessing was popular til' the Brooks Bro.BD became more available.I would like to see more variations of Mod etc.represented today.As we all know,the items which were...
Coach has this "Boxing Boot" (Monkey Boot)  on sale.            http://www.coach.com/coach-mens-boots-boxing-boot/G1567.html
Was recently watching some 60's films which included "Corporate types". Dey(sic) was all Ivy League grads,3 button jackets,top button NOT done only the Middle button buttoned.
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