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In the early to mid sixties, the mods had begun to appreciate soul music that was coming out of the Tamla Motown stable, as well as jazz, r'n'b and ska which was becoming more readily available by 1962 through the Island label and the Blue Beat label. Clubs such as The Ram Jam played soul and ska but there were few clubs frequented by mods that were specifically ska or sound system based. 1967 saw the arrival of the rock steady and the popularity of the rude boys. The mods...
Another Forum with Originals Reminiscing..M.O.M.may find Names and Places to attach to Photos.  http://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/topic/240448-early-skinheads-soul-rare-soul-68-72/
Saw the Series.Really Well Done and Interesting.
On A Lighter Note. Yuz will be Happy to know Levi's is Phasing out the 511 Skinny Jeans in Favor of the 513's.Thought that might brighten your Day.
Welcome Newton heath (I don't think anyone did that yet) You make the distinction between Skins Bootboys and Smoothies.What is a Smoothie to you? 
Thats not Bad Disco.I'm talkin Late 70's Bad Disco.When it went above ground.
Indeed.Also Quadrille was a French dance(and music) brought to the West Indies by the English and Transmuted by the African Slaves resulting in Mento. Artists use what they can Find.Color,Ethnicity,Nationality don't matter. If its good I will Steal it.   Here is a Great Chune,supposedly a Twisted Wheel favorite.A different take on Northern Soul.The Great "Little Bob".   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6MmYgK2HVs&index=24&list=PLf1jWBzQn0GaPmw7XHHHXtHhw85a4ZQv8
Right? Big Up Natty.
White Americans? Watch it.I'm only half White.
I appreciate the answer and understand what you are saying.I do find it interesting that some tried to capitalize on the supposed "Smooths"(or did they try to create a subculture where one did not exist,yet) The Great Dave Barker/Collins B-side posted here (sorry can't remember who posted but,Thanks) and the Richard Allen/James Moffat Books,"Smothies" "Sorts" are the only evidence of this so called "subculture".And a few photos,which we have to simply trust are well...
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