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Levi's recommends no washing.Put the jeans in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 2 days.Eliminates bacteria etc.Obviously with dirt its a different game.I wash in Cold water with a cup of distilled white vinegar.No soaps.
I larfed at that one.I was thinking Everything Plain w/ a Paisley Shirt kinda contrast.
The Kid asked if those style shirts were Mod and we all know they was(briefly) I was tryin to be supportive. Obviously not everyone is gonna like those flowery numbers but depends what you wear with it.
Young Blood.I always liked these shirts.Early 80's L.A. very Big as previously stated.Post a pic if you get one.
I had the same problem.I suspect they nicked em from here and have put a lock on em.Def a few not seen here and worth a Look.Thanks to Ed and A Speedy recovery.
In the early to mid sixties, the mods had begun to appreciate soul music that was coming out of the Tamla Motown stable, as well as jazz, r'n'b and ska which was becoming more readily available by 1962 through the Island label and the Blue Beat label. Clubs such as The Ram Jam played soul and ska but there were few clubs frequented by mods that were specifically ska or sound system based. 1967 saw the arrival of the rock steady and the popularity of the rude boys. The mods...
Another Forum with Originals Reminiscing..M.O.M.may find Names and Places to attach to Photos.  http://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/topic/240448-early-skinheads-soul-rare-soul-68-72/
Saw the Series.Really Well Done and Interesting.
On A Lighter Note. Yuz will be Happy to know Levi's is Phasing out the 511 Skinny Jeans in Favor of the 513's.Thought that might brighten your Day.
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