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When I first heard the "mid period" Who,(when they was doin their own tunes) I noticed how much Country/Folk was in their tunes.
Townsend says "The WhoBillies" (not sure how to spell that)
In NYC we call that crowd the "Bridge and Tunnel" Kids.Always problems with them.
Right On da Money.Liked the style of this.Like you say,jumpin' back and forth.
Obviously for Laughs.The Gaylarks "Ivy League Clothes" 1958  doo-wop style.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUBgPAb-WvA
A short film called "Take Ivy" seems to be related to the Book(no info)   Color/Silent w/ Jazz soundtrack. Includes the must have Golden Lab and scenes of the Rowing Team        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI4s-ju-c3M
Yes browniecj,all valid points.With Julien Temple you have to expect an agenda(and an obvious one at that) One scene I would like to point out is the Sikh guys playin Electric Guitars for what appears to be a dance.The camera pans to the crowed showing men and women dancing together (unfortunate we can't hear the music they are playin') Big Up Clouseau for providing a Link for the filim outside the US of A.
Some,like me, may have missed this Excellent Filim(sic) by Julien Temple."London:the Modern Babylon".A random history of London.Some interesting Clips.Most interesting was the daughter of a Sikh immigrant who was a Skinhead Girl and she is complaining to him about not going to the Desmond Dekker concert.(1970?)            http://www.hulu.com/watch/817081
I thought it was original. Thats why we need you Tom.(you know all the revivalists) Very conservative hairstyle on this Kate.
Yes thanks to Pequod.I was hoping someone else would go thru these pics.I considered posting the above and asking the same question.What kind of boots?
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