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(2015)  BBC- Liverpool:Capital of North Wales.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1y0Ain7EsA
Have recently discovered my Sartorial Inspiration for OLD age (I'm in the Middle now)   Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade from "STILL GAME"(worth a watch if you don't know)
Mid 70's I read the Name as Davies.A few years later I learned it was pronounced Davis.Even today I can't call him Davis. It was a Mistake the Americans made long ago and We know him as that.( apparently,Ray and Dave are amused by this when they are in the states)
In This Ray Davies Doc. he talks about going to Art School in 1960.To supplement his Grant money he Played Guitar in a West Indian R&B band in Soho. I'd say it don't get more Mod than that.I think this Fact legitimizes The Kinks as a Mod Band (Eddie Piller calls them a Mod band)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e1_6ILM2gY
George wearing a Black?  Long Sleeve BD and Bleached Jeans.I had a Black Long Sleeve BD.   Used to Love that shirt.
I've singled this line out because I think it's the essence of this thread.The subtle nuance of tailoring.The above is why some choose the center vent instead of the side vents.
Indeed browniecj.My impression is the Mods took specific items of clothing(not the entire catalogue ) from 3 sources.American,Italian,and French ( a few Identifiably British items like the boating jacket), and they modified these items from week to week with new things coming in and older things abandoned (like winklepickers)
I Like his Suit.Anyone else notice the Irony Re: Eddies Surname "Piller"  He's a Mod,He's a Pill Head,He's a Pill-er.
When I first heard the "mid period" Who,(when they was doin their own tunes) I noticed how much Country/Folk was in their tunes.
Townsend says "The WhoBillies" (not sure how to spell that)
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