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Leffot cigar indy's so nice. I put a deposit last year, but i don't think they will ever make them again
yes, but j.crew marks all the 3rd party stuff up so I imagine 30% is probably around their cost certainly not at a loss. I've ordered many belstaff jackets from europe the past 2 or 3 years. Even with the sucky exchange it's still cheaper than the j.crew retail price on the same jacket. 
Don't know, but maybe if enough people here would keep emailing them they will start producing again
    I could never bring myself to buy cap toe anything, milkmans I would buy in half a second
barbour is not in the same league as a belstaff. The belstaff will be nicer in every way. The zipper, the snaps, the cotton, the lining, the wax itself. Everything is nicer on a belstaff. 
I have  trialmaster evolution in antique gray (nicer version of trialmaster)   classic tourist trophy in brown (trialmaster handmade for motorcycle use- this is belstaffs best kept secret. Comes with shoulder and elbow pads and a zip in vest with the thickest wax cotton they use for less than the price of the fashion trialmaster)    antique black brad jacket (not from j.crap)   S.Icon steve mcqueen in black   Ewan McGregor Long Way Down jacket in...
I have a few...brad jacket (non jcrap version), new marten blazer, etc... They are well worth the price. Can wear em in the rain all day too as most belstaffs are scotch guarded in the tanning process 
Hasn't arrived yet, should be great from what I've heard though. Only thing I don't like about it is that it's un-lined....   I'm a fan of the old and new. As much as I like the modern style billy reid I like the old repro' buzz rickson/toys mccoy and the old rrl's. They both have their place
Really? 1.5 sizes down?
I just couldn't get myself to buy that peacoat with the gold buttons so I copped the billy reid james bond skyfall peacoat. Maybe I'll pick up the older rrl style in the next sale since they put it back up in the store. 
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