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AB Fits is a workwear store in San Francisco that has their own Made in San Francisco denim line. While I have no direct experience with them I'd say it's a pretty good find.
  520's should be quite a bit looser in the thigh and quite a bit narrower in the ankle than 508s. If I'm not mistaken they have the biggest upper thigh Levi's makes (other than 562 and 569, both of which are described as loose) but they narrow a lot as you go down the leg (they have either the smallest or second smallest leg opening Levi's makes). You may want to try the 550, or 562. 514's might fit, because the leg on them is actually fairly loose (looser than 501's or...
Based on the product code it's a 510. But I'm not sure I've ever heard of them making selvage 510's...
Red Wing Iron Rangers
  Weird Guys fit most like the 508. Levi's calls it the regular taper, and is like a 514 up top, and slims down to a 511 leg opening below the knee.
    You hadn't mentioned anything about the weight but the khaki's are a different weight than the denim, it's a khaki trouser not a khaki jean.
Levi's has a 505 khaki right now. The 505 is identical to the 501 except it has a zip fly.
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