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I like the look of #1 better than #2. #2 would work better if the jacket was not wrinkled and it was before 6pm.
I suspect many people with negative comments have never owned Gucci bit loafers, nor can they afford one.    Gucci bit loafers are good quality shoes. The uppers are hand sown. The staining of the leather involves repeated cycles of hand staining and drying. The sole is sown on.   Gucci is worth every cent and more. Gucci is the original bit loafer.
Have you tried going down half a size?   The 157440 runs narrow.
Gucci is classic. All other bit loafers are copies of the original.    Gucci is a must own.
Every other post I make is "since you are new... held in moderation". Other posts are immediate without moderation. Some of the posts in moderation never appear, even though I see moderators responding in those threads after my post.
This.   Nobody knows what they are arguing about. Unless someones life was threatened there is no reason to get involved.   For all you known, it could be two drunks doing what they do every night. Let them figure it our for themselves. You owe them nothing.   If everyone calls the police every time there is friction the police will use this as a reason to ask for more funding, and that will come out of your pocket. Nothing is free.   Let the police go use their time to...
I see AE everywhere. The salespeople in department stores wear them and I doubt they are in the top 5% income bracket.   I assumed $300 was the entry point, not the top 5%.
I made tuna salad with turmeric.
Do you work for Allen Edmonds?   Buy the hard stuff and it will turn into the soft stuff?
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