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Thanks for that. Something about my measurements didn't seem right when taken in conjunction with the others.    But I got an email response and it looks like the size they felt was best for me was sold out. Alas, maybe next time. 
I'm interested in the clearance charcoal suits that you have, but I have a twi questions.    One, is with fit. Now my shoulders measure a 19, but I'm typically a 38r or 39r. I have a suitsupply that I really like the fit of, and that's a 38r and the shoulder measures 18.6.    According to your measurement guide though, it says that a 44r has a 19 shoulder width. How does the 44r compare to other suit brands sizing? My concern is that I'll get the suit and I'll be...
Well, I've had pretty good luck with RTW. Most of the suits I've tried on fit me well right off the rack. So RTW is fine with me. I'd like to get something that's fully canvassed. 
I'm curious what the opinions are on a suit under 2000. As a graduation present, I think my wife may be willing to splurge (to our standards) and I would like it to be on a high quality suit. Right now I live in New York, and as I plan on leaving the State, I'd like to take advantage of the great shops around here.    So my question is, what are the opinions on the best suit I can buy in that price range in New York City. 
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