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  i know they ship over stuff by plane on a daily basis, whether it's by ups or their own method im not sure.
my friend taught english in japan, and he said people there tend to buy new cars so used cars are relatively cheaper.  he bought a used 5-series for a fairly decent price.  is that your experience?   and the LF-A is a super rare car.  there arent too many of those built.  i would love to see/hear one in person.
yeah the blue one fits better and looks better. not crazy about that color green.
  korea and china are next to each other, so they are the #1 minorities in their neighboring country.   when i studied in beijing, there were tons of korean restaurants and they served really authentic cuisine.  they spoke korean to one another, obviously, and chinese to us.
  ups from the states to the uk is astronomically expensive.  it's basically courier service.  maybe within the uk it's cheap, but not across the pond.
black is the absence of color so it's the most versatile.  i like it.
  i know you werent the only one thinking that lol
  if you think that's gross, look at this:
oh yeah, some type of cole slaw mayonnaisey vinegary goodness.  looks like some good ol' street food you'd get after getting wasted.
  that looks so good but i could never eat that.  it would take more than three hours of swimming to work that off.
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