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Thanks for all the help guys. I bought these @ Macy's..  Johnston & Murphy.    I Graduated college last year and just recently got a new job in marketing. My budget for getting a new closet is tight, but I have a couple pairs of awesome shoes (one tan, one black)  dress shirts, white, black, blue, pink,  and I am getting a couple suits hopefully today. PLUS the wedding is tomorrow !   It is a casual affair. So that's why, slacks and as shirt might be the way to...
Lestyr3:   Great points !!!   Especially about the "office look"  Never realized that unitl now.    What about grey slacks?  What color shirt would that go good with?  Maybe a black shirt with no tie?    I have a good slim fit grey slacks     Thanks,   J
Hello all,   I am a newbie on this forum. So glad I found this site! Lots of great info.   I just bought a nice pair of cognac dress shoes and I have an upcoming wedding to attend. I wanted to showcase these new shoes but not sure exactly what to do with them. the formality of the wedding would seem to be slacks, dress shirt and tie (no coat.   From what Ive seen  Brown, navy, Grey  pants all seem to go with that color of shoe. Black pants seem to have a...
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