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Non work tie...Over here paisley patterns are coming in. What colours would you suggest? 
  D'oh!  That's what I was worried it might look like.  Back to square one....
Thanks for the advice guys. Here's the look I think I'm going to go for:     (I think I prefer the darker suit but the striped tie, I hope it's not too businessy...)   With a pair of:     or   Give me your thoughts.... Cheers!
I'm not in the bridal party so I'll avoid a blue tie (even though I don't know what the groomsmen are wearing).  Could I get away with a pocket square or just a bit of blue in my cuff links or should I just forget about the blue altogether and go with something bold like crimson or maroon? My other query is the colour of my shoes... If I decide to go for Grey or Charcoal suit (more than likely) and crimson combo, (white shirt?) could I get away with tan brogues? Or...
I'll try to get a photo of the dress and post it to generate some more ideas!
I was thinking grey suit (poss charcoal) with a pocket square in the same colour as the dress? Or would a tie the same colour be better?
I don't want to match the dress, I just wanted to wear a little colour to subtly compliment her outfit. Over here in the UK guys pay no attention to how they dress, whereas I like to look smart and make a statement.  I was kinda thinking of a grey suit maybe? With a blue pocket square....??
I've been invited to a wedding as a guest of one of the bridesmaids so I thought I'd make my suit compliment her outfit. She'll be wearing a blue dress (I've not seen the exact shade) so I'm thinking to wear a blue tie or a matching pocket square, but what suit/shirt would be best.  Obviously I don't want the tie and pocket square to be the same so any help/ideas for pretty much the entire outfit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I'm thinking about wearing my new blue suit to the races next month with black patent leather shoes...but I don't know what colour shirt, cravat (ascot tie) and pocket square to wear with this combo. I know most people will say that brown shoes go better with a blue suit but that's an obvious choice and I want to push the boat out a bit and catch some female attention  I have a similar coloured cravat with a pattern, but maybe its a bit too much blue...? Any style...
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