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Kenny, I appreciate your critique. This campaign isn't so much to convince consumers to buy, but rather to build brand awareness among our key customers - retailers (currently we wholesale only). If we create a feeling of "these guys are pretty clever for a belt brand" the buyers are likely to seek more info, upon which they'll see all of our product information. I appreciate knowing that materials etc are important to you. That's good feedback for me for when we...
Thanks for the feedback all! Very helpful.
Undergrad only. I didn't intend to boast about my undergraduate degree, misspell Berkeley, or claim to have a "hot job." Guess I accidentally punched myself in the face here.
I did graduate from Haas @ Berkeley. Miss-spelled Berkeley as a personal error then I couldn't figure out how to change it. Do you know how? Did you go to UCB?
Haha ok fair enough. I agree with you. I should have narrowed my comment to say "denim-oriented" belts. In the grand world of belts, the Hermes and Zegnas of the world are doing some nice things. Regarding the website - we only sell to retailers (not direct to consumers). Our retailers don't want everyone to see the wholesale prices, and we've had some problems getting knocked-off in the past. So we're keeping the site kinda private until our direct to consumer site is...
I manage a men's belt brand and we're shooting a new ad campaign called "Belts Save Lives." I'd like to share my concept with you and see if you have some cool ideas we might use. "¢Ad Campaign: Belts Save Lives "¢Big Idea: Show belts in important over-the-top situations to create a feeling that "belts are ridiculously important." "¢Photoshoot scenes: 1. a girlfriend lies innocently on the bed. Her father looks under the bed trying to find the boyfriend. The...
I want to answer this in two parts: what I look for in quality belts, and who I think are the best. #1. Top quality belts have a few key similarities. Most important is the necessity for one piece of supple leather. Cheaper belts are made from thinner pieces of rougher "split" leather glued together to feign quality and thickness. To me, the second key factor is buckle weight. Brass and silver are both nice and heavy. Third, is the leather treatments. The best...
Sorry for being unclear. I'm just trying to understand, "how do the fashion conscious pick their belt in the morning?"
What makes a great belt? ...What details / features matter?
When you're getting dressed, how do you decide which belt to wear with designer jeans? (anything besides shoe color?)
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