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did upload new own pictures
Got this BAROUR Sandbridge jacket in XL, it's new with all tags!   Great jacket, but it's to small for me.   Pit to Pit 25,5"   RRP is 199 GBP (270,00€)   I want 140€
Hi,   I'm searching for a BARBOUR BOURNE CAMO Jacket in XL or XXL!    Would be great if some one would like to sell his!     Please let me know. Thanks
Lightly used Original G9 Harrington. Bought in Camden in 1979 without any tags. Seems to be a sample or something, but as you can see on the pics, it's a Baracuta G9.
  Thanks man. How are the innersleeves of thoss JTG Harringtons? Polyster or that tartan lining like the cheap ones?
Hi,   I got some Baracuta Harrington jackets, they are unbeatable in my opinion, but I'm searching for an alternative for the new season on the terraces.   I don't like the warrior ones, because I want raglan sleeves (looks better, fits better). Now I found those ones at Jump The Gun (a nice shop in Brighton):   Ragglan sleeves and made in UK.   Does someone here got one of these and could tell me...
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