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I've got a wedding to go to in Bangkok in April, but will be on a multi-site diving trip beforehand. My dive gear will take up the bulk of my baggage allowance, so I was wondering if it'd be advisable to pick something up locally rather than deal with the expense of round-trip FedEx-ing a suit, shoes, the wife's clothes, etc.   Suit Select has opened a few locations in Thailand but I'm not seeing much in the way of English language reviews. Is anybody familiar with...
  Us too, man.
Searching I see that these guys have been a bit loose with the word 'cordovan' over the years. They're accepting pre-orders on their site now for a $295 briefcase "made in Tennessee from hand-cut horween [sic] cordovan leather." The pictures suggest fairly thin/flimsy stock, and the Volunteers didn't overstyle the thing, but anybody have any experience with their bags and/or items they've represented as Horweeen?
There was a place selling reasonable Peal & Co stuff at the corner of Kaiserstrasse and Moselstrasse, right near the main train station/sleaze district. Can't recall if they had any Chelseas though.
  The NYC store is my only frame of reference, and RIX is smaller in both square footage and stock than NY. I was in that mall three or four times over the space of five days recently and never saw any customers in the shop. Looked to be three women working at any one time, so you can expect immediate attention.
A great shame those crowd sourcing sites and securities laws don't allow easier equity sales.   Best of luck, guy321.
Agreed.   Can you provide details on that gold lamé tote bag in your avatar photo?
My math's no good (25%?!) and neither is my code (AW014), it seems.
There was a Charles Tyrwhitt mini-catalog in my NYT this morning pushing shirts at $39.50 apiece, so ~25% off the 4 for $200 deal they run on their website. There was a code you needed to quote, but I don't have the insert with me.
Still a fair amount of smaller sized Chu sportcoats at the Elmhurst store (a decidedly big man-friendly location), as well as some trousers for $39 pre-discount.
New Posts  All Forums: