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I can't comment on how it relates to TB or BoO, but I really love the O&S shirts. I own their US-made shirts from previous seasons as well as a few more recent ones from Italy, and I definitely prefer the Italy ones over the US ones. Part of it may have to do with what seems like slight adjustments to the fit that they've made, but I find that they fit me much better and have a better shape. I only cold wash and hang dry, but I haven't had any issues with construction...
Loving this new trouser, Mike. Contrary to some others, I work in an ultra casual work environment (tucking a shirt would seem out-of-place), so I'm excited to grab this as a power move trouser for our holiday party, weddings, etc.   Also, given my funky build, I am so sold on the higher rise + Driggs-esque taper. Exactly what I need. Can't wait!
 Thanks for the heads up. Can you say if this will be .com or a retailer? Since I slept on the Haven boots, I've been eying the unicorn roughout scout and now the unicorn service boot. Obviously all three are very different aesthetically, but I've been on the hunt for a black boot and keep going back and forth. Might hold out for this one now. Will be interesting to see how this roughout/rubberized combo looks.
For sale is my Epaulet Doyle jacket in a 10oz. Cone Mills heavyweight chambray. This was a pre-order only item and was limited to 50 units as a way to celebrate Epaulet's fifth anniversary with Styleforum. A great jacket in a superb fabric - subtle texture throughout in a nice saturated blue tone. Hasn't been made since!   For those who are familiar, unfortunately this jacket came out longer than the standard Doyle jacket from Epaulet. Mike himself suggested "nuking" it,...
Already have the snuff reverse kudu on 1035, but couldn't resist getting the Boondockers on 2045 with raw cord sole. Excited to see how they compare when the Boondockers arrive this week.
Haven't been on the Japanese site in a while (so they might have it wrong on their site), but I think you have those switched. ブロードクロス is broadcloth and オックスフォード is oxford.
I got these direct from They had been sold out for a while, so when I saw these 7's pop back up, I assumed it was a return or one-off extra pair.
Finally made the move on (what must've been a re-stock or return of) the snuff reverse kudu boot on the 1035 last from Viberg. I'm excited as I've been looking for a while, but this will be my first pair of Vibergs.   Went off of sizing advice from Guy and got a 7. I'm a 7.5E Brannock and 7E Barrie. If it helps anyone as another data point, he also suggested I'd be fine in 7 for the 110 last but probably would need a 7.5 in 2030 due to the narrower toe. I'll be sure to...
Thought I'd share a few photos I've snapped of my 1.5 year old ST-120x's pre-repairs.            
FYI Vintage Ivy shirts were restocked:   I just snagged a few in Tokyo Fit M. I own one casual "vintage oxford" in M and a few 39-87cm shirts that I picked up in Japan (presumably Tokyo Slim Fit as they are darted). Hoping the fit is pretty on par with my "vintage oxford" in M - took a few quick measurements and it should be.   Will report back once the shirts arrive!
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