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Finally making my way back to LA at the end of the month. Excited to finally check out the Santa Monica store and pick up a few things... 
The blazer is awesome. Wondering how much wear I would get out of it since I own the chore jacket already.   Will have to check it out in person when I'm back in LA at the end of the month. Will it be available at the Common Gallery by then?
Upset with myself for not checking out the Warehouse sooner. Might pick up a few things left in S before they sell out as well...
All this talk (and photos) of cap toe boots is filling me with envy! Taking an impromptu trip up to Seattle this weekend with the lady.   Here's hoping I can come back with a pair of my own! 
Got my natural chromexcel bluchers from Leffot today. Sized down half to 8.5 (Nike 9, Mashburn Monk 8UK, Barrie/Modified 8.5). Spot on fit.  
      Thanks for the posts, gents. As mentioned, these are just the plain toe natural CXL boot from The Shoe Mart on the Modified last. To answer your question, doopdoop, they are, in my opinion, a good blend of casual and business casual dress. Not dressy by any means, but not as rugged as the Indy (I'm personally not a fan of the topstitching).   These were just worn really well for the past year and treated with a little Reno here and there and mostly Obenauf's LP when...
      Thanks gents; they've aged quite nicely. I've had the boots for just over a year now. Definitely my favorite pair.   A few coats of Obenauf's LP and Reno touch ups here and there. This is a few days after a first coat of Venetian shoe cream.   I'll try to get some other photos when the time permits.
Wow. Huge fan of steep twill for trousers, but I think I might just like it even more in a jacket.
My go-to: natural chromexcel modified last plain toe boots.  
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