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Got my cognac shell PTBs as well. Will proceed with the try on/break-in and post photos this weekend!   Thanks to Steve for excellent service and help as usual.
Been there. Twice now. I think I'll just ship home from now on. I've been surprisingly impressed with the USPS speed lately (no doubt thanks to Epaulet using 2-day priority).
Fok, thanks for your answer. I think you may have just convinced me. I suppose my concerns were more in the water damage camp and less in the area of waterproofing or wet feet - to me that comes with the territory. I think I'll take my chances, considering Portland tends to be an always on drizzle rather than severe storms (for now...). Looking forward to the make-up. Thanks!
In the same camp as you, torn between the Viberg x Cabourn inspired rough out boot in the works right now and the Naval boots. I already have the 4070 in #8 shell, but have always wanted the Naval boot. The double leather sole may be the deal breaker for me here in Portland though...
I'm not one to baby my boots (especially a work boot), but can anyone comment on how roughout holds up in wet conditions? Moving to Portland has made me much more careful about which shoes I acquire (unfortunately)...   That being said, Dainite soles are now my best friend.
EDIT: For those who already have the Kamigata, need some sizing advice. I'm between a small and medium in EPNY shirts, and typically take a medium and wash/dry for slight shrinakge. I notice that the Kamigata is sized to be worn over an EPLA shirt. Knowing I'm already between sizes, the Kamigata's measurements in medium seems a tad large, even for most of my layering/light jackets that I wear. Think it's safe to take a small, considering there will be minimal to no...
Thanks for getting back so quickly! Sounds good. I'll do my best to hold out, but I'll drop you guys an email if I can't wait! 
The Doyle was a no brainer for me. Been needing to fill out my casual, lighter (compared to winter coats) jackets. Also the 15% was icing on the cake.
Hey Mike, sorry to nag, but any updates on the release timeline for the kamigata noragi? The weather here in Portland is finally clearing up and I'm itching to get one!
Very jealous right now. I'd gladly take a longer wait even at full retail. Talk about FOMO.
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