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Jumping on board with "A Few of My Favorite (Slept-on) Things."   I tend to play in the no man's land between casual and suit-and-tie, and I think my choices reflect that. A look at my wardrobe will quickly affirm my belief that I could easy wear the same shirt every day of the week, but a different jacket everyday is a must. Moving on to my picks...   1. TS(S) Navy dobby cotton hooded long jacket   While I will transparently say that this jacket is sold out in my...
Glad to know there are more of us out there, dude! *fist bumps* If that's the case, I'm sure you can share my struggle of having to find extended ranges for stock items and otherwise having to go MTO. At least we've found someone else to buy/sell shoes with...
Also chiming in on the kamigata ease. I've rocked a similar look repeatedly: t-shirt, chinos/shorts, kamigata. It really is easy wearing.
I take a 7E in Barrie, 7.5E on a Brannock device. I wear a 6.5UK wide in Rain and Detroit lasts and find the Detroit last far more comfortable than Rain.
On hold, pending a new leather, but there is a MTO in the works here inspired by that Cabourn boot: http://www.styleforum.net/t/392761/viberg-for-styleforummarket-com-mto-copper-task-roughout-service-boot-on-the-110-last/45
I'm TTS 7.5E, take a 7E Barrie nicely, and a 6.5UK wide on Detroit fits really well. Rain in 6.5UK wide is a little snug at first but breaks in to a good point. I think I prefer the rounded shape of Detroit better though. My 2 cents.
Detroit last. Ordered through Steve of Gentlemen's Footwear. They really are an amazing pair - really glad with how they turned out!
In love with these cognac shell PTBs.      
Wanted to share some more natural light photos of the Detroit last cognac shell PTB but wanted to comment on two things as well: Detroit LastThis is my second pair of Carmina's, and first on the Detroit last. Wow. The Detroit last is definitely the Carmina last for me moving forward. I measure 7.5E US and took a 6.5 UK wide per Steve's recommendation (same size as my Rain last boot). These fit phenomenally well for my foot, more so than the Rain last boot I also have. JR...
Bummed that I decided to wait until I got home from work today to order - missed out on the sanded canvas and steel steep twill. But was able to snag the chocolate duck!
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