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Price dropped to sell. Open to reasonable offers!
Price dropped again! Priced to move. Open to reasonable offers.
Was finally able to pop into the Filson store and check out the Cabourn stuff in person. Gents, if you're on the fence, do not sleep on these. They're beautiful in person. A true middle ground between Filson and Cabourn's own.   If I didn't have a Cameraman AND a Filson Weekender coat, I would definitely be looking to pick up the Cape Coat. The long Hunting Coat was also a great piece. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the Mallory-inspired jacket (forgive me, but...
Awesome - thanks for the heads up!
Was in SF for the USC-Stanford game this past weekend and had a chance to finally stop into Bloomingdale's to try on some Eidos gear. Blown away by how well a 36R fit me OTR. Not sure which of the cuts they were, but this will most definitely be my next tailored clothing purchase. They had a few outerwear pieces as well (which others have noted) that looked great - especially this flecked wool coat. Beautiful.   Glad to have nailed my size down so I can make a move next...
YES. Can't wait for my chambray Doyle. The visual texture looks awesome.
 What a bunch of enablers we all are! 
Leffot has one pair of their color 8 shell boots left in 12: http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/viberg/1950-service-boot.html   I am nowhere near that sizing, so I figured someone here would be interested.
Hey Mike, I think a couple others asked, but any more updates to the chambray Doyle? Thanks!
This. I've been thinking about it ever since I saw it on their site. Love the more casual look with Dainite sole, pull tab, and Detroit last.
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