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Thanks for getting back so quickly! Sounds good. I'll do my best to hold out, but I'll drop you guys an email if I can't wait! 
The Doyle was a no brainer for me. Been needing to fill out my casual, lighter (compared to winter coats) jackets. Also the 15% was icing on the cake.
Hey Mike, sorry to nag, but any updates on the release timeline for the kamigata noragi? The weather here in Portland is finally clearing up and I'm itching to get one!
Very jealous right now. I'd gladly take a longer wait even at full retail. Talk about FOMO.
Even as a younger guy, I love higher rise pants (also one of my favorite things about the Walt cut). It also happens to work better with my build of longer torso and shorter legs, with the extra length being in the waist/hips. It's been said before, but that's also what I loved about the wardrobe in Her.
Wow. Amazing. I sat on these for months and months and months, only to find that they were sold out (or Hickoree's killed the ongoing pre-order) recently. Kicking myself more than ever.
Thank you! Good to know.
I've seen mixed things from searching, but can anyone comment on sizing in regards to wide feet?   I'm a 7.5E on a Brannock device and take a 7E in Barrie. I saw that a couple guys take a 10E in Barrie also take a 10D in 2030 last, but was wondering if anyone else has done the same (or different). Hoping I can buy a standard make up from a retailer rather than having to go MTO for a wide fitting. Thanks!
Just tried on my first pair of Driggs and I'm glad I finally decided to try them! I own a pair of Walts that fit great, but I typically don't have to dress up (even business casual would seem too formal at my office).   I have a long torso and skinny/short legs, so the Rivet's rise is just too low for me and the Walt's leg a little too roomy for my day-to-day outfits. Full disclosure, I tend to wear Unis Gio Skinny's (which I love), but wanted something a little roomier...
I own 4 shirts with one more on the way. I take a small in Ovadia and a small in Gitman vintage as well. Gitman's fit ranges for me from just right to a little snug, so in most cases the Ovadia fit is similar or a little looser in the body compared to Gitman. Nothing too extreme. In terms of quality, I really like them. That being said, their shirts seem to be on the dressier side (longer hem; not too long, just longer than Gitman) and softer fabrics. Even their oxfords...
New Posts  All Forums: