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Thanks, Mike! I couldn't resist. Although I kept it tame and went with a BD. I figured it'll be a nice addition to the staples.
True - and as just confirmed by Mike's comment on transparent shirts, haha. The gold stripe is calling my name now...
Torn between the gold stripe chambray and the indigo gingham lawn. Which do you think is the heavier (or less lightweight) between the two?
Wow, great looking jacket. Don't think I've seen this before when viewing the Filson stuff, even in person here at the Portland store. Was this part of the collection or a sample? Mind sharing where you got it from?
Not as fun of an option compared to the others, but been needing a go-to black trouser, so I'm tempted to do the black wool-cashmere. With my (still unused) Doyle code, it's a steal...
Christian, any new stuff in the pipeline for the Kerouac fit? 
Price dropped to sell. Open to reasonable offers!
Price dropped again! Priced to move. Open to reasonable offers.
Was finally able to pop into the Filson store and check out the Cabourn stuff in person. Gents, if you're on the fence, do not sleep on these. They're beautiful in person. A true middle ground between Filson and Cabourn's own.   If I didn't have a Cameraman AND a Filson Weekender coat, I would definitely be looking to pick up the Cape Coat. The long Hunting Coat was also a great piece. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the Mallory-inspired jacket (forgive me, but...
Awesome - thanks for the heads up!
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