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For sale is my Eidos bomber jacket, new with tags, done in a beautiful chocolate brown heavy wool blend.   Recently purchased on the bay but unfortunately the sizing didn't work out for me. For the record, I take a 48EU/38US in most Eidos items and this jacket fits large on me. Would easily work for someone who takes a 50/40 (see measurements below). Would rather sell it at cost than ship it back to Italy, so selling it here for what I paid for it.   First image is my...
Green casentino field jacket at the tree farm this weekend.
Ah, bummer. I need a 48. I guess this is another excuse to go look at NMWA's ragosta pre-orders...
Anyone know if the trapunto's size M on Barney's Warehouse is a 48 or 50?
Spent the last week on vacation in the Southwest, so had to break out the Dickie shirt for the first time before heading back to the cold and rainy PNW.  
Forgot to submit my order last night but saw that the EFF links were still live this morning, so I just snuck in a last minute order for green university stripe, Mahalo Haole, and Albini flecked indigo linen-cotton. Hope they go through!
Summer's over but couldn't resist, so I just grabbed the Dickie shirt in Ischia print from that eBay dude in Napoli.   And since I had to pay shipping anyway, convinced myself I also needed the silk hopsack Ciro jacket. Will be my first Ciro cut, so excited to try that on!
I had the same issue (5'10", medium). YMMV but a quick wash and run through the dryer shrunk up the length a bit for me. Still on the longer side of my casual shirts, but much more wearable untucked now.
Had a few codes and couldn't resist the sale price, so I also picked up the chocolate brown suit from Bloomingdale's at the literal 11th hour. Will try to remember to share some photos once it gets here.
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