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Summer's over but couldn't resist, so I just grabbed the Dickie shirt in Ischia print from that eBay dude in Napoli.   And since I had to pay shipping anyway, convinced myself I also needed the silk hopsack Ciro jacket. Will be my first Ciro cut, so excited to try that on!
I had the same issue (5'10", medium). YMMV but a quick wash and run through the dryer shrunk up the length a bit for me. Still on the longer side of my casual shirts, but much more wearable untucked now.
Had a few codes and couldn't resist the sale price, so I also picked up the chocolate brown suit from Bloomingdale's at the literal 11th hour. Will try to remember to share some photos once it gets here.
And a quick and dirty photo of the cotton shantung Trapunto I picked up from MP3 last week. Definitely slimmer than my Ragosta jackets, but still love it.  
Recently picked up my second Eidos formal piece - the tonal windowpane tuxedo - in a bit of a roundabout way.   I ordered a pair of odd trousers from Bloomingdale's online and was surprised when I opened the package to see that they had sent me a pair of tuxedo pants and not the brown trousers I had ordered. But after checking it out for a minute, I recalled that I had seen the matching jacket (by itself) on eBay, so I quickly compared tag labels and grabbed the jacket...
Damn. Picked up a university stripe during the latest Individualized promo, but couldn't resist this deal. Picked one up as well.
 Thanks for the heads up! Just called and snagged the navy cotton shantung Trapunto. 
@Epaulet Hey Mike, quick question on the New England EFF. Last round, both of my shirts (one indigo and one pale red) came with smoke colored buttons. Will this round be all smoke or cream colored, or vary from shirt to shirt depending on the fabric?
Will you be adding measurements soon? I know you mentioned they fit TTS, but I'm particularly interested in the rise and leg opening. Thanks!
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