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Coincidentally, I made a phone order with them for the shearling hunting jacket today. My only other MP3 purchase was also a phone order for the Trapunto sometime last year.
Scooped up a Matera from Barney's Warehouse as a birthday present to myself. Love this thing. This might quickly replace my Filson Weekender as my all-weather go-to jacket.   Here's a quick pic, dirty mirror and all.  
Ah, bummer. Looking forward to what's next though! Thanks, Antonio.
Speaking of all this Sam talk...are there plans to continue to carry the Sam in the coming season(s), @gdl203?
@Vice Not tucked, but I posted a photo of me wearing the Sam a few pages back. For reference, I'm wearing a 32.   I wear the same size (48) in the Sal and would agree with Antonio and Greg.   The only sizing discrepancy I could imagine for me would be that the side tabs on the Sal tend to hold better for me than the Sam, but I'm sure that's a result of the fabric. Not a huge issue.
Here's a quick snap. I also own a pair of the Sal, but love this as an easy-to-wear casual option.   (Sorry for the gross office bathroom photo)
Have all the Portugal EFF shirts shipped out? Still waiting on mine.
Tried searching but couldn't find anything. Was there ever any consensus on sizing for the shearling-lined hunting jacket?
Thanks, @razl!
Updated with measurements!
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