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 Thanks for the heads up! Just called and snagged the navy cotton shantung Trapunto. 
@Epaulet Hey Mike, quick question on the New England EFF. Last round, both of my shirts (one indigo and one pale red) came with smoke colored buttons. Will this round be all smoke or cream colored, or vary from shirt to shirt depending on the fabric?
Will you be adding measurements soon? I know you mentioned they fit TTS, but I'm particularly interested in the rise and leg opening. Thanks!
Hate to be that guy, but does anyone have the Sal trouser in khaki twill? Would you say the color in person is pretty close to the photos?
Sorry about the delay in response. I mostly own their "Midwood" sport shirt fit and have at least one shirt from every other season or so for the past few years. I've noticed the sleeves were shortened (in a good way; they were a tad long) from the first few seasons to about a year ago, and then the length changed to a more manageable length to be worn tucked or untucked during maybe the last year or so. This season, I found the waist to be a tad more tapered (no darts,...
Apologies for the poor photo, but I wanted to share a photo of the DB blackwatch dinner jacket from a few seasons ago.   I recently wore it to my office holiday party after picking it up for a steal. It's my first Eidos tailoring piece (my only other Eidos piece is the green casentino field jacket from Bloomingdale's a few seasons ago as well) and I absolutely love it. When I first saw this jacket, I thought it was too bold and I couldn't pull it off, but I went out on a...
I can't comment on how it relates to TB or BoO, but I really love the O&S shirts. I own their US-made shirts from previous seasons as well as a few more recent ones from Italy, and I definitely prefer the Italy ones over the US ones. Part of it may have to do with what seems like slight adjustments to the fit that they've made, but I find that they fit me much better and have a better shape. I only cold wash and hang dry, but I haven't had any issues with construction...
Loving this new trouser, Mike. Contrary to some others, I work in an ultra casual work environment (tucking a shirt would seem out-of-place), so I'm excited to grab this as a power move trouser for our holiday party, weddings, etc.   Also, given my funky build, I am so sold on the higher rise + Driggs-esque taper. Exactly what I need. Can't wait!
 Thanks for the heads up. Can you say if this will be .com or a retailer? Since I slept on the Haven boots, I've been eying the unicorn roughout scout and now the unicorn service boot. Obviously all three are very different aesthetically, but I've been on the hunt for a black boot and keep going back and forth. Might hold out for this one now. Will be interesting to see how this roughout/rubberized combo looks.
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