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  Typically if your order weighs more than 2 kg, CBSA will "flag" & investigate further and most likely charge if they can. I've heard of them using the internet to confirm prices in the past.   You'll most likely need to produce a receipt for $100 for the shoes if you want to make a claim.   I have to pay 18% on European made shoes, and then 12% GST/PST (or HST) on top of that. So the $110 on the $350 is normal.
I'm assuming if you haven't received a shipping notification then its likely that they haven't been shipped yet.   I placed an order early-February and didn't receive a shipping notice. I sent an e-mail a week later and didn't hear back. I sent another e-mail and a PM as well, two weeks after the original order, to which Jamison replied and let me know the issue with my order. At that point, Jamison refunded my order.   I placed another order sometime after that,...
  He posted last week that there can be shipping delays at times. I haven't recieved a shipping notice for an order placed on Feb 2.
I'm in the same boat. Got a confirmation on Feb 2nd but haven't heard anything since. In the past I've got a seperate e-mail a few days later once my purchase had been shipped.   Its never been this long though...I imagine its busy because of the winter sale?
It's tough!
@hayaoyamaneko I'm 6' and 14 lbs I've bought several HY size 30 (Italian fit). They fit perfectly and I did not have to adjust the waist at all. Would recommend against getting the 28. HY are my "baggiest" pants. You'll need to taper the legs if you want a slim fit.
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