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@unbelragazzo Thank you for the input. I know its not those exact suits. I used those suits as points of references in regards to the lapel.
Thank you @Man of Wealth and Taste - I did notice the lack of Tom Ford features, reminds me more of Armani Collezioni as you said due to their peak lapels ;). I'm knew to this Men's dress wear jargon! But I am looking for a suit in this color. Absolutely stunning.
Pick up a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Faraone  IF you're in the U.S., find it at Bloomingdales! A bit over your budget, but I am sure you can find some coupons to lower it
Suit: Dolce & Gabbana Tie: Robert Talbott Flower: Hook + Albert Shirt: Hugo Boss
I was thinking Tom Ford as well or a custom suit maker. I like how the lapels are pointed upward and that purple/ vibrant blue is a a beautiful color.
Does anyone know what suit make it is?
So I believe it is either: Tom Ford Armani Collezioni (Ref: )     Versace...
Business/ psych majors studying in the library week before finals and having full on conversations about their damn numbers! Leave seats for the bio majors who need to study!!
Certainly unique. I thought you'd be one of the British folk. Only to discover you live in Northern California! Thats gutsy I must say. I would guess you are in your late 30s- mid 40s but thats an interesting arrangement there. The jacket has a nice cut to it. However, I can't do t he shorts and the socks. A bit too much.   +1 for doing something so out there.
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