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One of the workers at Nordstrom Rack mentioned that the "Nordstrom Rack" "Dress Shirt" brand is the equivalent to the Nordstrom Smartcare shirts.  Has anyone had any experiences with "Dress Shirt" shirts?  Are they decent for the low price ($35)?
I do not have any blazers or sportcoats, so I would like to purchase my first one soon.  I want a timeless, classic, versatile blazer that I can wear to work or anywhere.   I am thinking for my first, to get possibly a navy 2 or 3 button?  Would this be a good first?   In looking at the Nordstrom sale going on, I am overwhelmed with the number of choices.  I know next to nothing about blazers/sportcoat cuts, styles, and fabrics.  Can someone help narrow it down...
Poll:  What is your age?
Do you recommend canvas or leather and why?  Which color is more versatile--the black or the white?
What recommendations do you have for a casual shoe with all of the following characteristics? 1--fits a custom orthotic--very important (has a removable insole) 2-casual--something a step up from regular athletic shoes 3-comfortable--good for walking around lots 4--stylish but classic looking--with shorts or jeans 5--somewhat lightweight if possbile, though not the most important characteristic,good for summer 6--less than $100 One I am thinking of is Converse Jack...
Would you say the Converse Jack Purcells fit the qualifications I listed above? Also, would you recommend leather or canvas JPs--and why?
What recommendations do you have for a casual shoe with all of the following characteristics:   --fits a custom orthotic-very important --casual--I am looking for something just a step up from athletic shoes --comfortable--good for walking around lots --stylish but classic looking--with shorts or jeans --somewhat lightweight if possible, though not the most important characteristic, good for summer
That's the thing--I do not sweat a lot and I do wear anti-perspirant.
I am seeking advice regarding body odor and button-up dress shirts.  Every time I wear any type of long-sleeved button up shirt I start to notice they start smelling under the armpits after about 3-4 hours of wear.  This occurs regardless of whether I am just sitting around or walking a lot.  Deodorant does not seem to help.  I usually wear a cotton/poly undershirt.   I only have this problem with button-up dress shirts and moisture-wicking shirts.  I never have...
Supposedly the Park Avenues are going on sale tomorrow at Nordstrom.  However, I don't see any black Park Avenues for sale on their website--does this mean they are not available?  Or does it simply mean they are waiting to post them until the sale begins?   They only have 3 other colors of Park Avenues as far as I can tell.
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