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I'm 35 years old, I work in an investment bank and I usually wear tassel loafer. they are simply the top of elegance and refinement. tassel loafer are not for everyone..you must have the right style to wear it. some advice: - cavendish ( crockett & jones calf) - alden tassel loafer ( cordovan color 8) -keats II by church ( calf ) if you want I have pictures of mine..
Thank you Alcibiades.Do you Think it wouldn't be enough a 8EE?
hi all, is there anybody that could help me? one friend of mine is coming to NY next friday and I would ask him to buy for me a new pair of Alden. I'm interested in full strap slip on ( Aberdeen last) I already own 2 pairs of alden : - tassel loafer ( barrie last) 8E - wing tip boots ( barrie last) 8E the problem is that the full strap mocassin is aberdeen last and i don't know which size do i have to ask for. here in milan, I have tried to find out a seller to try them...
no shots..but brecon is 341 last tetbury 348 brecon is a shoe with round toe more and there isn't with suede imho brecon is more classical.
if the price is right (1700 USD) these shoes are not worth such money. there are lots of shoes with more quality and less price.
what you put on?
what about this pair of tod's loafer?       cheaper and with more quality than gucci ones.
I have both..I agree they are different..church is more "important"...crockett is lighter and more streamlined. church is heavier...but that is its charm...   you forgot two very important models..diplomat and burwood..!!! why not polish binder?
    don't know ecco..I just did a tour on their website... but I must admit they look very plasticky...
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