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nice ^ . I was in Colorado last weekend and went to an event where dudes were wearing non-ironic bolo ties and cowboy boots. Not something I see every day, it was pretty cool.
  http://promotions.vogue.com/promo_newexposure2013.php   http://www.pdnonline.com/contests.shtml
  clear. don't like the blue lenses that are still kinda transparent.     olive quilted jacket:    http://www.lavenhamjackets.com/product_info.php?pid=205
sound like we are the exact same build, robinson. I've got both an M(48) '11 and an L(50) '12 -- the first is really snug, t-shirt only underneath. the other is a bit loose, I can easily fit a knit underneath which can be nice if it's for cold weather.
I liked this...            [[SPOILER]]
I accidently made an awesome margarita last weekend with fresh squeezed lime and guava juice. add pineapple wedge for sweetness. Perfect summer color too.
solid ^
I immediately thought of Wacky Packs, but it's probably some Damien Hirst protégé.
what, you don't like polo shirts with ascots?
hahah. good one, SVB. last 3 pix are great.   I'm headed off to a wedding tomorrow. boring gray suit + navy tie for me.
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