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      I think that's what I mean. 
Thanks David. Yeah, that's the one. Oddly, I thought I ordered size 3, only later realized it was a size 2. It's loose enough I think. a 3 would probably work, too. 
  haha, a man cannot live on alternative cinema and post-modern fiction alone. my approach is high-low. dom perignon and corndogs. plus parks and rec is a great show.
ahright guys, I know it's the wild west here, but let's try to keep this thread on topic. let's focus, shall we! ... style, style style.     
Oh, thanks man. The 20s shirt has also got a nice shape. I wonder if they have some other colors.    A blustery spring day here. Probably a bit too cold for this, but I'm ready for warming weather.           SS2012 cotton napolean sz2 SS2009 cotton/ramie drop-crotch super-giganto sz2 SS2012 indigo canvas tennies  uniqlo tee
Not having dress code / working for yourself is the best.  
looking great, Ivwri. What is the tee? Collar shape is perfect for wearing under the casual suit.  
Paring down my tie collection. Most of these are new and unworn. Prices include free shipping to the US. Priority Mail with Tracking. International or other service is additional. PM for details. Please specify the item # for which you are interested in your message.    Winter ties. All are ~ 3.25" (8cm) wide x 59" (150cm) long. Left to right:   #1. Cappelli wool challis. Olive green and gold. Paisleys. NEW... $85 #2. Breuer wool. Black and gray mini houndstooth. Worn...
Great stuff. Thanks for this. Geller sounds like a cool guy. I love the photography/designer analogy.
ugly-beautiful ^ synth.   re: vodka. a friend made Grey Goose (I think) martinis last night and I was pleasantly surprised. I usually like gin martinis for more flavor, but there's something to be said for the cleanliness of the vodka. Put it this way, I wouldn't turn one down if someone was making them again.   oh and, re: Ron Swanson. I saw Nick Offerman do a stand up show last week. He was actually a cross between Ron Swanson and Duke Silver IRL. And he's...
New Posts  All Forums: