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lol ^ dl.. I only have a try-on pic of that which I don't think qualifies. suit's at tailor now gettin' fine tuned. 
whoooooo! yeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!   good one diniro. I only have a couple loud and OMGawdy things, but I will try to bust something out.   let's do this!        
thanks sipang. very well put. I didn't see the 50s reference at first but now I kinda do -- I guess the jeans and biker jacket-vest (duh) or the teddy boy length blazer. you're very right about his subtle approach. 
you should "rent-a-swag" the pairs you don't take.
welcome dude ^   thanks for posting the runway show, trouble. def cool to see the video. the moto jacket set-up (look 7) is so cool. lots of interesting things that made me look twice. I even like the "boring" one (look 30) esp with that zipper knit. some interesting pieces throughout that could work carefully into more sober wardrobes. the 80s splash painted leather just made me laugh in a good way. go yohji.
oddly, the intergalactic space-station meeting place of the Synth-Pope looks a little like Whole Foods.
you need a hat
really nice. love the coats and draping/volume of grey tweed and flannel. excellent geometrics and palette too. the two bomber jackets are sick. i'm sure the clothes will be hard to find outside of paris/europe, yeah?     more photos at nytimes here.  
for some reason I don't like floral t-shirts but don't mind (and even like) floral collared shirts. I vote no on that one bene.
I'm a sucker for swaths of camel and drapey tweed. but agree this one is a little flat and sleepy. those blazers are droopy in a bad way. I quite like that first coat and the tan raincoat/trench/parka thing tho. would wear those for sure.   on a different note, I always enjoy the location/setting of his photography -- this one included. curious, what do you think of this collection sipang?
New Posts  All Forums: