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I think dress shirts looked best tucked in most of the time -- unless the suit or shirt has some design element which calls for it untucked.       also, the tux jacket can be cool. I guess it all depends on how you pull it off. I'm more apt to wear it with other formal stuff. I love this Umit Benan lounge-hound get-up. This is what jet looks like in my mind. '-)    
^ I like that right there, robin. Kind of on the workwear side of the spectrum, but not lumberjack at all.   Nice looks, T1... you know what you're doing. I'm taking notes.   hipster, that looks good to me. Speaking of structured vs. unstructered, I think both can look good. Margiela tends to makes their jackets with a bit wider/sharper shoulders. Sometimes even "pagoda" shoulders. It's not visually soft and relaxed, but at the same time can be worn that way --...
wow, beautiful knits, two and twisted. very johnny rotten :^)   [[SPOILER]]   cupper, I like the pants. I guess they are a little long-ish... maybe try them with a yohji jacket and some tall boots? 
not sure why that is, KJ, but I like to use those hangers with the broad shoulder flare -- keeps the jacket hanging in nice shape. 
true. hard to do well imo.
Is this thread at all helpful? I might just sporadically post photos for kicks and giggles. Or maybe not.   To answer a question someone asked about how to wear a blazer and jeans. It's not so easy to do imo. The only thing I'd say is make sure none of your elements is too "business-y".  Some random photos I had in my Looks folder.                              
I like the nonnative design, esp the hi-top.    these are non-baller, but how about converse "first string"?   [[SPOILER]]
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