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yeah, fabric looks nice and light.    sidebar: I can't stand that wrinkling that happens btwn the collar and shoulder. There's probably some tailor term for this and a reason such as improperly rotated sleeves or maybe just that it's unlined, but I find this fairly common on a lot of stuff and it drives me nuts. it's not a big deal on something really soft or chunky or already wrinkly... but on a jacket that's supposed to be crisp it irks.    did I mention it...
Setting aside for now the kopping/konsumerizm topic, the backpack discussion actually brought up an interesting point for me: finding the balance between creating a personal style vs. simply buying into a designer/brand vision. Even if one's wardrobe is focused on a single designer as many in this thread, I think we can still benefit from putting an individual spin on it. Whether it's peppering in other brands, or mixing in something used/vintage or like dantekiko does...
snake fit is hecka nice. worksheets, too (two). 
  I recently picked up a pair of orange suede slip-ons. Tassles can't be too far behind.
I missed the Ivwri + Tirallieur meet-up pic the first time around. So much style.
yeah, I like it. the pants, too.
  Just catching up today and this made me LOL. I didn't even have to read the next 10 pages. nice work c-fud.
Stanley, you are channeling 1962. I agree with El Tegre about the brown sneakers. I kinda wnated to see some chunky Florsheim longwings to go with the Clubmasters. I like the overall vibe, but not the shoes.
^ good call on UnionMade. take a spin down Valencia. go to the deYoung. visit FerryBldg. LandsEnd/OceanBeach/Presidio if it's nice out.   Today is gorgeous, tomorrow who knows.
I hear ya.  it's nice to wear a jacket once in awhile. 
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