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       hahah, thanks. I actually thought this was looking a little too "Mr. Porter" -- i.e., I don't have any stuff that usually accompanies rick leather, so I just wear it with jeans and tee.   also to blow all my cred, I'm wearing a Justin Timberlake (William Rast) tee. 
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Bottega Veneta creepers size 44 (11). If anyone ever sees the croc version in a us9 :-)
off/white, gray, olive, tan (boring, I know, but can still look good if done well).  I like beat up faded jeans, too.
I just watched that. 
oh geez.       Prurient is always one kool kat.
Oliver Spencer has got some cool suits and blazers this season. I don't know much about the brand, except they're from the UK. Reminds me a little of Junya. Maybe a little heritage-y. "Classic with twist" :-)          
nice fishbones. I like that sweater. and fishermans cap(?)   today. meh. late winter cold* day. I need different shooz. maybe black boots would look better. oh well.       * 60 degrees F
  Looks great David. I've got the black and gray version of that one. For some reason, it seems to only work with either super baggy pants or loose hakama style pants. I've tried with "normal" pants, but didn't look right.   And btw, you have an incredible Yohji wardrobe. :-)
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