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zuni roast chicken is really good -- it's a "timeless-classic" :-)
looks great ghostface. camel overcoat is nice. a shirt tuck would work nicely here too -- if it's not too square for you.
also wise and patient purchasing   (unlike me)
coat-robe is fantastic. where'd you find it toasty?
Like that dip dye seersucker Vitruvius. Always wanted to visit Cyprus I thought Stitches was at Ravens tailgater. :-)
paging @DLester and @steveoffice   for your holiday entertainment -- art basel party promoter / burning man wedding officiant / flaming lips cover band front man       should I keep?      / ;-)
cool cardigan, david! ^^   - - -   Y-3 Ten Year anniversary book is pretty neat (though annoying to navigate). Some nice looks to browse.              and a recent fit pic, though not exclusively yohji            
   I have this ready to go. Was going to post in shame thread but too shameful.
hahah… I do like white or cream blazers (and suits).  I think they can look pretty good in diff modes: lounge lizard, beachcomber vagabond, mod, minimalist. but they are kind of a statement so you gotta own it. I have a Caruso that I wear like synth here.  that jacket above looks super tight and just sort of a blah cut. notwithit, you might try a more unique cut to go with your other clothes and slightly looser fit -- youve got the frame to pull off a variety of styles...
OK guys, it's past midnight GMT… if everyone is cool with it...   I declare BreezyBirch with 31 votes as the PRINCE of PRINTS and motion that he picks the next challenge.          (in the future I don't think the thread starter should be part of the voting, but he should still bring his A game to the challenge).     also… a lot of nice fits up in here. thanks err-body for contributing.
New Posts  All Forums: