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  That's it for those brands. You might try MAC in Hayes Valley. They have some Dries and Comme Des Garcons and maybe Margiela. It's a little  more boutique-y than Barneys. 
oh yeah  ;-)   I listened to it for like 2 months straight when it came out.
good find, Who. Malian music has got some really cool intrumentation and melodies. I didn't know much about it until after Blur's Think Tank which is one of my fave records. zapatiste may accuse me of orientalism but I still like the blend of albarn's snotty britpop vocals and the traditional instruments and odd melodies.     [[SPOILER]]
looks good DL. keep.
Luxe knit jammies by Senyor Pablo. warning some nsfw stuff.              
glam: YSL patent leather shearling bomber FW2008
has anyone mentioned 2013?    
tiralleur. damn. cool.
yeah, agree w synth. in fact you could ditch tie altogether for casual Cal Tux. still looking good, stitch.
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