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great knit! if it were only a size larger! of course, then you'd probably keep it. :-)
I want. I want. I want.
^ I've got the short collar moto size 48 (M) from last year and it is pretty snug. I think it's like 39" chest, 16.5" shoulder. I can just wear a tee underneath. I tried an Intarsia in size 50 (L) from this current season and it was only a little bit larger. I can't remember where I found this, but I like it. Don't think I'd wear a suit and tie underneath though.
^nice jacket/knit, bows. looks good.Jacket from Sandro, some French brand. decent quality but nothing super special. a basic MA-1 bomber, but I liked the slim fit.Fuuma looks good as usual even tho you can't make out any details. It makes me want a short trench. It's raining here today and something like that would be perfect.
basic dude-fit today.
Yeah, brown cord is very American collegiate. I think it's best to just embrace that vibe. Just have something else cool going on, e.g. Wes Anderson hair or bare feet. :-)
In another example of Uniqlo doing it right, they provide detailed measurements for every garment.
Drunk online shopping matrix: 1 glass white granache = Uniqlo blazer 1 shot whiskey + 1 beer = Junya camo technical pants 2 gin martinis = Balenciaga leather moto jacket * * this did not actually happen. for cautionary purposes only.
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