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DLester could easily make that blazer work. I thought it would have been a sleeper though.
    Now your challenge is to wear all of those in one outfit. While incorporating comic books.    p.s. I want a pair of those Warby Parkers.
New Balance x SNL   (sorry, it's dumb, but I laughed)
I like that the T1 comes in Dodger Blue.    There's a nice comfy-luxe vibe with all those last 3 fits: kfan, maxr and synth.
ninja sox
^^ i don't think I could restrain myself from asking him to quote Inigo Montoya every Thanksgiving.
Nuthin' wrong with a little stackage -- as long as the rest is styled appropriately.
I totally stole cyc and synth's idea and picked up that silk Boglioli suit. It's got a Bryan Ferry vibe and it's bluer than I thought which is fine by me. The sheen is great. Pants fit perfectly. Jacket is a skosh large, but will be fine after my tailor gets his paws on it. Price was about the same as a couple of cocktails at the Connaught.         [[SPOILER]]
I like that, spacepope. Box-fresh denim looks all shiny-cool.
New and unworn nsm shirt made with the "old" Simonnet-Godard pale blue chambray. Rustic elegance! Soft, fuzzy and comfy. Very nice hand made shirt. 300 euros new. Size is ~15/34 (IT 38-39). See actual measurements. The collar is a moderate spread with a slightly longer points. Almost like a button-down without the buttons. 30s style. $195 now $145 includes free shipping to the USA via Priorty Mail with tracking. International will pay for shipping. PM for details....
New Posts  All Forums: