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hey! thanks guys… I think we should wait for all the votes to be tallied. You never know... it's not even 7pm in Miami-Dade County.   totally agree with c4est. this was a fun, and thought-provoking challenge. lots of great and weird outfits. made me think a little more about new combinations that might even work outside of this oddball scenario. kudos to stanley and synth for a great idea.   also wanted to mention how much I like @thomaspaine fit. (< how do u do those...
thanks guys. totally agree w you art… need to find more interesting pants. something cut with panel blocks or odder fabrics, but still cut on the traditional side. maybe even some more simple junya. 
I like the grungier 3 day stubble on you, melonade. also cool fit. I like the center seam boots too. synth that is crazycool.- MC casual for me today sorta.     [[SPOILER]]  dries tweed waistcoatmtm oxford shirtincotex raf derbs
 this may be a random fashion thought... I actually like seeing stuff photographed on bad catalog models (aka, normal guys in normal lighting) to see if something still looks good. just like sipang mentioned about that juun parka, a garment might look awesome on the runway or in an editorial… but look bad in real life / context of my reality.  ^ this is probably totally obvious to most people. I'll admit I'm easily swayed by presentation/advertising. 
whoa, that's good. 
Dior Homme Made in Japan 19cm - Size 32 - raw black (looks like charcoal grey) Great quality. Good condition: some wear/whiskers on back of knees.   note: inseam hemmed from orig. but still 35" for good stackage. price includes domestic priority shipping   waist aligned 17 rise: 10.25 thigh: 10.5 knee: 8 hem: 7.25 inseam: 35
Dark gray version. Used but good condition. Size SMALL. Fits slim. $175 includes free domestic shipping.  Int'l will be extra.   ~ measurements: chest: 20"  shoulders: 17.4" sleeves: 24" length from boc: 39"    
^ you had me going there. at least until "sun god". there's no sun in England, right?   speaking of VALUE… how is the MHL diffusion line? Seems like there are a few cool perennial pieces like the work jacket/blazers that look nice. quailty ok?
voted. wow… good turnout. are scarves the overlap on the cm-sw venn diagram?    stitches that must have taken 2 hours. 
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