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D'Angelo finally back in studio. heck ya. please finish the damn thang soon tho.
^ here's a pretty good summary of Armani's evolution (click slideshow at the bottom of page). he has basically kept up with trends in menswear (80s exuberance > 90s minimalism > 00s tech-slim ) while still maintaining his original deconstructed, lounge-y Italian resort vibe.   - - -   a few more photos for the thread from a 1989 campaign from Garmento:          
 I think that's ok. even if one achieved the intended look the designer wanted, it still might look off to other people. I happen to like the oversized look of the lemaire coats. they are like anti-fit where meters of drapey wool hang off the shoulders. savor it. ;-)
don't size down, @mrcoffee. embrace the drape. raglan shoulders have more leeway for sizing. if anything, I'd be worried about the sleeves being too short.    lemaire looks cool with a large upper and slim lower but I prefer the clean lines of the trou in the lookbook photo vs. stacking denimz. but whatevs. my 2 centz.
I agree. I think I even posted some of those in one of sipang's fashion inspiration threads.    it's funny that Armani became synonymous with the 80s "power suit" when his whole approach was actually much more "slouch" than "power". 
Coming Soon is Yohji Yamamoto's now defunct introductory line. Not sure how much Yohji was actually involved. His junior team was probably in charge of design. But some of the stuff is pretty nice. It's all made in Italy with lesser fabrics and less detail than the MIJ YY stuff. It dribbles into yoox and ebay fairly frequently. That floral number was probably made around the same time as YYPH SS2011 -- also a collection worthy of this thread. 
I've had that in my dream box for awhile. Waitng for matching pants. ;-)
  another budget fit Y-3 straw hat Ys melton wool blazer uniqlo tee coming soon wool-linen pants converse   - - -   inspirational Yohji quote for the week for all you creatives: "Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy.  At the end of the copy, you will find yourself."
e0d = rAd
even though I'm not one to espouse comfort over style, the stuff of mine that gets worn the most is what feels the best. I've had jackets or pants nipped and tucked so they technically "fit perfectly" and look great standing in front of the mirror, but I'll inevitably grab the other one that just feels right -- even if it looks sub-perfect (which is probably better anyway).
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