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  cord du roi suit  floral scarf tassek loaferz
this was going to be my 'clash' fit or maybe 'scarf' fit… but it's just sorta boring. so it's a regular ol' wawyt.        piombo blazer drakes scarf uniqlo tee yohji cargos random yoox zapatos
dope label ;-)  reduction at its best.
Mass Indie Norm-Core™
great idea Synth -- Im trying today and already failing miserably.   ^ stitches, amazon ships flyknits. prime will get to you by thursday  
cloak shawl collar knit - small http://page17.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v311874076
clothes drape so nicely on tall frames like ghostface, noctone, melonade and sipang*   *note: last entry is purely conjectural, based on tenuous circumstantial evidence with absolutely no concrete proof. sipang may not even be human.
DL… shoulders look a little wide but I don't mind the overall look so much. I was trying to figure out why sipang doesn't like it -- besides the super long sleeves maybe because errthing seeam a little droopy in the chest for the type of coat it is. Not sure what kind of look you are going for, but maybe nauheun's rec for a structured shoulder with sharper angles would suit you better knowing the other stuff you wear.  like this  [[SPOILER]]
I saw some black Jil pants in the marketplace earlier this week. about 7.5 leg opening and 10.5" rise.     I'm still a fan of super narrow pants with ankle boots though.   
^ yes Nicely…  I was hoping this was going to be the "Things -- I ACTUALLY BOUGHT -- That Are Awful Yet I LIke Them Anyway For No Good Reason" Thread. I have a soft spot for old hawaiian and tiki shirts and have a few like this.      Maybe it's why l love crazy weird prints and would probably buy this if I happened to be drunk eBaying one day.        also, (serious) kinda want Kilim slippers… whassup Tira.   
New Posts  All Forums: