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    case in point.   - - -    Plus, I believe "the office" is precisely what Ms Kawakubo had in mind with this pinstripe-thru-the-shredder suit.       
  There's no hard rule, but in general I'll go with no break for slim pants and lots of break for wider pants --- but there are variations, such as wearing slim chinos stacked like jeans or rolling up full-leg cuffs. it kinda also depends on the rest of the outfit and your general style.            
  I think this can be an issue with a lot of things you see on-the-runway / in a magazine / on a model who is 6'3" / window display of famous architect design store / etc. Add cool photography, setting and music and some odd-ball stuff can start sounding pretty good in your mind. The acid test for me is always to just try something on, and think about integrating it into the rest of my wardrobe.   This season's Yohji is totally hippy-boho though  ;-)
  Yes. I've got a half dozen pairs of 511 and they are all over the place. The whites are fine, but some of the others esp the treated versions are funky. Not every one, so it seems that some of the washes/treatments might f@ck up the fit. Still, they are a pretty nice jean for the price. The cut works for me.    pm'd, brosef!
aren't velvet slippers the perfect shoe for smokin' a stogie?
haha :-) that was a cry for help to stop me from making a regrettable fashion purchase.   but, I'm also thanking you because I think I will really enjoy some shoes with a gold embroidered cat (or is it a fox) :-)
please help me, I'm looking at velvet "prince albert" slippers.
• Looks good King Ju.  I kinda like the black tee. it's sorta sleazy (in a good way) so imo outfit needs different contextual setting (back of limo, hollywood hills party, etc). Get on that!   • Love that jacket MoK. Really suits you..  • seriously!    
  edit: ^ grape drinking beer emoticon was for LA Guy's wine tasting experience.
  Just a side note, there are a lot of brands that make this type of thing. I think Boglioli K-jacket is probably the quintessenital version. Basically an "Italian-cut" (3-roll-2, patch pockets, double vent, high-notch, pick-stitching, etc) with no lining and usually in some soft brushed cotton or lamswool/cashmere luxe fabric with riffs on traditional patterns. Brunello Cucinelli, Barbera, Partenopea, LBM 1911 and a bunch more make them.   These have more of a...
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