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^^ like that fit a lot, powza.      dries wool moto aa cotton tee balmain jeans raf lizard hi tops
anyone know where to find the starck in "triple mix" gray colorway? end is sold out. 
The idea that a landscapes inspire wardrobe is stretching it for me. But I still find them inspiring. And maybe there are some shared traits between my favorite places and clothes. The ocean and its multi-changing qualities -- peace, beauty, joy, terror -- is my landscape of choice. These are not my local scenes, but I can relate to them nonetheless. They also remind me a little of some of my favorite things.   Dries Van Noten prints   Yohji cotton pants   Rick...
no fog for you tonight? we got blasted here.
 Kaplan, this is really nice. and not boring at all. I can tell all the proportions have all been thought out -- fit is spot on. also, cool pad.
Am starting to think jet is on to something. There's just something really decadent yet also totally sensible about quality knits.
  dries van noten bomber mtm gray shirt dries van noten navy cords vass pebble derbies
yes, "gothic rod stewart"! 
 ha! no. the cheap knock- off version: vintage pendleton, levi 511, no name chelsea bootshad my eye on a SLP western shirt (800+$), but wised up and bought a guitar instead. 
 I like the Daltons (?) with your fit, too. But it's a prerequisite to own boots in SW&D.   I can see you in some Ron Riders or maybe Alden Pitt Boots. Would go well with your chunky knits and tweedy tailored stuff I think.  But don't listen to me. I am dressed like a cowboy-lumberjack today.  
New Posts  All Forums: