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basic dude-fit today.
Yeah, brown cord is very American collegiate. I think it's best to just embrace that vibe. Just have something else cool going on, e.g. Wes Anderson hair or bare feet. :-)
In another example of Uniqlo doing it right, they provide detailed measurements for every garment.
Drunk online shopping matrix: 1 glass white granache = Uniqlo blazer 1 shot whiskey + 1 beer = Junya camo technical pants 2 gin martinis = Balenciaga leather moto jacket * * this did not actually happen. for cautionary purposes only.
I just bought a merino cardi at the Union Sq store and it's lined behind the button placket, but not with grosgrain, just some simple twill ribbon. Still a nice touch.I also ordered a black blazer and pants from the webstore last night. I've been really happy with Uniqlo blazers fit-wise. Small is pretty much perfect for me.
Crockett & Jawnz jodhpur boots :-)
My favorite suits have more or less classic proportions but use luxe materials or have some interesting details. I like a range of shapes from skinny rocker to loose boho--- and no tie, usually with a tee, knit or other non-business shirt and boots, tennies or other non-dress footwear. Anyway here's a few different shapes with various degrees of "suit-ness." slim/structured - Costume National. I wish I had the build for this style. Dior Homme-ish medium/unstructured -...
So, APK thought we should have a centralized thread to talk about suits and blazers with a streetwear -- aka fashion / designer -- point of view. There's already a ton of valuable info in the MC forum, but I know some streetwear guys just never go over there. Plus, the bias is mostly toward a classic, conservative business style which I doubt most on this side are after. This isn't meant to compete with all the individual designer threads, just a place for more practical...
I think he's always been fairly conservative. To me he's always done some kind of deconstructed take on 30s-style "classic" tailoring. Usually in some lux fabrics, many that are frankly really ugly :-). But the volumes have changed over the seasons. The super big loose fit was a trend in the 80s and 90s... something you see echoed in other designers like Issey Miyake and later Damir. Maybe Armani was as the forefront in terms of mass popularity/sales, but I don't think he...
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