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  yep, 4est I think you could pull off silk Versace shirt. 
^ I hope the seller requests "cash only". 
Listened to the whole Chance mix tape today. good stuff. I think there are maybe some guest rappers on a couple tracks? who are amazing. or maybe that's him. anyway.. it's pretty damn good. I can see how the labels are jumping to sign him.   Also listening to Wild Belle the last few days.       [[SPOILER]]
I like this replica 80s suit jacket. simultaneously mundane and cool.    
DL, go for Fuuma electric blue
yep.. made to measure is typically based on an existing pattern that can be modified slightly -- whereas bespoke is creating a new pattern from scratch just for you. The term "bespoke" actually came from the idea of picking out -- or "speaking for" -- the cloth for your suit. But it also meant your suit would be made to your unique pattern.
makes sense. I actually like quite a bit of margiela. the concept stuff is interesting, but there seem to be lots of basics as well. I think the styling of the lookbooks is cool too. kind of enough fashion, but not too much. if that makes sense.   :-) I just got a pair of Setters. def. nice trunks. good for Palms Springs weekends.
Regis, I'm amazed at your dedication to Margiela. Do you mix in any other brands? It always looks good on you, just askin.   jet, tux pants are Band of Outsiders. rolling the dice. I know, no returns sucks. If the cloth is halfway decent my tailor can make 'em work.
damn you barneyswarehouse! kopped tuxedo pants.    as if I need them :-/
can anyone recommend a good jean with slash pockets? geller maybe?
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