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Ouch. Def. not anything with poly/synthetic fiber. You'll roast. I'd go with cotton, linen, or super lightweight (tropical) wool if you need to be a little more formal. I have an off-white cotton (Boglioli) suit, totally unlined, for those types of hot, outdoor daytime things. Can you get away with no tie?   As long as there is a good return policy/reasonable shipping, I'd not worry about buying online.
  daytime? night? hot weather? mild?    make sure you can bust a move in it is my general advice.      hahah. good comparison. speaking of styling, I always liked the Boglioli spring 09 lookbook. Dreads with sprezz.                I would probably look really dumb in these combos, btu these guys look pretty cool to me.
We're good, homies. Shopping reco's and koppage questions are definitely okay. Keep peppering this place with inspiration photos, though. :-)    Dorje, besides the too-normal styling, the thing about that jacket is that the lower fronts ("quarters") overlap in a bad way when it's buttoned. You might try wearing it open. But, really I think it's just a little too small for that slouchy Damir look -- which I like a lot btw. Fabrics should also be harmonious/monochrome...
that sucks. sorry.
While APK has adeptly channeled Malevichian Suprematism, the subtletly of sipang's Mino Argento reference take it for me.
      I think that's what I mean. 
Thanks David. Yeah, that's the one. Oddly, I thought I ordered size 3, only later realized it was a size 2. It's loose enough I think. a 3 would probably work, too. 
  haha, a man cannot live on alternative cinema and post-modern fiction alone. my approach is high-low. dom perignon and corndogs. plus parks and rec is a great show.
ahright guys, I know it's the wild west here, but let's try to keep this thread on topic. let's focus, shall we! ... style, style style.     
Oh, thanks man. The 20s shirt has also got a nice shape. I wonder if they have some other colors.    A blustery spring day here. Probably a bit too cold for this, but I'm ready for warming weather.           SS2012 cotton napolean sz2 SS2009 cotton/ramie drop-crotch super-giganto sz2 SS2012 indigo canvas tennies  uniqlo tee
New Posts  All Forums: