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 well the general location. I'm up and down Hwy1 a lot -- SF to Pacifca. Looks like Lands End or Funston. anyway ice plant and grey ocean is a familiar sight.  
edit... I know that location well.
like your new list much better, jet.   I used to have a thing against black jeans (too metalhead burnout), but I've been wearing mine a lot lately. also, faded blacks.
Fashion word of the day: ribbed gusset
Would post. Smiths Unloveable video if I knew how from phone. Also wearing black cowboy shirt today.
  hahah, love Setzer, but I'm more of a 3 chords and fuzz player. guitar is black, but the dark cherry would be my fave.   back to clothes... I picked up a wool Dries moto from a couple seasons ago. Will take pics later.
hah, DL. I got a Gretsch 5120 (the cheap-o Gretsch). 
  I like this shirt, but after seeing ridiculous price, I just bought a vintage Pendleton and a new guitar instead... plus still have $$$ left for boot purhase.     [[SPOILER]]
Hey, I just noticed this thread, too. I manage about 12 miles/week. So I could add about 400 miles to the total.    Sugarbutch can vouch for me. :-)
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