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go shah!   - - -   my weekly coppage      yohji     yohji   dries   dries*   *thanks gettoasty
  coming soon by yohji suit random yoox lowtops vintage raybans uniqlo t-shirt gray hair
I have a couple custom-made long shirts: band collar, hidden placket, heavy twill. I like 'em and think they give a nice visual under a shorter jacket or knit. I had the tailor put in long side gussets so I could still reach my trouser pockets. Always loved this Dries look and do a similar thing but diff color combo occasionally.     [[SPOILER]]
of course! my office dress code requires Dries at all times.
heck yeah
 here ya go stitchmeister 
  nothing special today but "the loose fit" feels good :-) big y's rayon shirt coming soon linen-wool pants stan smiths   picked up a couple new yohji items lately too.  looking forward to getting them in the mail.
excellent bert. did you check out the mavericks contest last week? 
^ awesome, shah. love it. 
bene, I like that but imo would be better with looser/larger pants. yohji needs flow-ji. 
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