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Engineered Garments 19th Century OCBD -- size SMALL Super soft oxford cloth. Great construction. Used but good condition. Small discoloration on right cuff. Price includes shipping to the US. Int'l buyers pay cost of postage. PM for details. Thanks!   shoulders: 17"  chest: 21" length from collar: 27" sleeve from shoulder: 23.5"
New with tags — Gazzarrini Heavy Wool Turtlenecks — price drop! Hefty turtlenecks for the coming winter. Nice-n-chunky. 100% wool. Get 'em here. Black or camel. Price includes shipping to the US. Int'l buyers pay cost of postage. PM for details. Thanks!   unstretched -- shoulders: 16.5"  chest: 20" length from collar: 28" sleeve from shoulder: 28"
heheh, that was on my FW wish list. ^ I waited until it went on sale, then my size was sold out. doh.   yep.. I think that would look great on brad.
yes, great interview. I've been following both the website and SF thread for awhile now. I really like the simplicity and attention to detail in a lot of the designs. also appreciate that the historical references are there, but they've managed to create a very contemporary feel.   The few things I wanted were sold out by the time I actually went to buy, so I hope production will expand in the future. 
hey synth, Michelangelo is (was?) a secondary line to Isaia. I discovered them by browsing Yoox. At some point they had a look book on the main Isaia site. I have a navy blazer which is completely unpadded and unlined and light as a feather. Fit is a little boxy and it's a true 3 button -- not the usual 3R2. I also have a herringbone tweed coat which is also completely unlined, unpadded. pic below. It's one of my favorite pieces of clothing -- nice color and well made. re:...
 That can usually be fixed really easily by a tailor. I think it's just a matter of raising or lowering the collar. that bump can happen on any level suit -- just depends on the pattern and how you are built (shoulders/back shape, etc). I still think OTR suit + a little tailoring mojo is the best way to go.
  Just a small note of appreciation for good old Vans. I realized that I've probably had a pair or two at any given time since I was about five. Something about the design lets them traverse a spectrum of ages and styles. I'm wearing a beat up pair of slip-ons today and enjoying the comfort of continuity.
 also very good job with sales.. I think 8 out of 10 people in SoCal are wearing Nike Frees. 
 I was going to guess Extremely Versace Night at 1015 Folsom.
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