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dHail Sid Caesar!
   I think the view that body is inferior to the mind (or spirit) became more widely accepted during the first century or two of Christianity as the different church leaders battled it out for the orthodox views of the new religion. Most people being converted were poor ancient pagans who couldn't read or afford fire jawnz and Equinox memberships -- so the discussion was pretty limited to the educated class. 
Glad you like them @penanceroyaltea  I love Portrait in Jazz and Explorations. Their musical communication is so good.      on another note, Anderson .Paak  fucking catchy.     
Congratulations SuperBobo you've reached Level-11 style nirvana. 
Yes, we're talking Thin White Duke. Even though I'm far from young Bowie proportions, I can usually squeeze into a 48 or  sometimes 50. My usual size is 48 in most brands, but with Dries outerwear I go 48 and blazers either 48 or 50. He does really narrow shoulders, but the sleeves are usually very generous so unless you have swimmer back, you can usually go with your normal size or one size up if you're in between.
  I wore a beret in the 90s. I also had a convertible ('64 Corvair) so it kept the grungy long hair in place. My friends made fun of me.  Now I have this oversized 30s Gatsby cap which kind of has a beret vibe but with a visor. It's also my Stevie Wonder 70s funk hat. I was wearing it to the AZ Stylefarmer meet-up last weekend.  
  My deep winter house wardrobe is a giant calf-length Yohji cardigan over Nike tech knit sweat suit. And Biki-logs. 
+1 penanceroyaltea ^ I think blue denim goes fine with an olive green M65 type jacket and brown workboots. I like the pop of red in the scarf and the bag. 
My personal wardrobe goal is to just have everything fit in one closet.   I'm more of a visual minimalist than an I-Only-Own-15-Things minimalist :-)  I like my house looking clean and fresh. I don't want my clothes spilling out into other rooms. You can actually cram quite a lot of garments into a small city closet if they are all organized and folded nicely. That's the one thing I took away from the Kondo book: cool origami folding methods.   This topic has come up...
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