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yeah pretty intense. I guess a lot of the prints and ornamentation is inspired by Miao China.
a few more backstage photos of A/W15-16 w different views. the fireman jackets are growing on me.              
@Kaplan  I believe they are just the London boot model, but no speed hooks. def inspired by Fuuma's pair, but I think he went with the wingtip and nowegian sole. I went P2 last with plain double sole.   @Eddiee  got those from eBay last year. I always keep an eye for old HL stuff. that season was so good.    @penanceroyaltea @Bam!ChairDance I was going to say I am lazy and all black is easy, but I'm gonna go with BCD's explanation :-) a white dress shirt would...
hahah, I'm just a fashion dweeb like everyone else here.
vintage 2003         Dries Van Noten dinner jkt Helmut Lang aviator (aka mariachi) pants Vass Fuuma boots Unqlo tee
  this is all I could manage stitches. black is barely an accent ;( blue schneider baseball jkt white tee gray Levis white/blue/black raf shooz black zissou belt - no viz
one of the recent Bourdains had him in some outying Paris neighborhoods (10th or 19th maybe) trying more modern food. it seemed to fit in that context. more of an updated bistro - not really trying to be a Brooklyn type place. but agree, would be weird to try to create some "locavore/artisan joint in more central part of town in a hausmann interior. Boeuf Bourguignon 4life.   rft: I just sold a couple old HL and yohji things and the shipping address was a design dept at...
blazer + hakama is a tough one for me. I know it can be done, but the formality+skirt thing can veer into downton abbey matron territory wthout the right swag. I think a simple tee or long knit w hakamas is a bit easier to pull off. keep everything casual/sporty    [[SPOILER]]
Kanye looks like watered down, cheaply-made HL without the contrasting tailored element or the cultural context of 15 years ago. urbansweatapocalyptic athleisurblah blah whatvr. 
ssense have their SS15 stock up. lotsa black/white and quite a few things I didn't see in the runway.  also Barneys added a few more things. they are showing this mandarin (?) style jacket with the wrap shorts, but they don't list the jacket for sale. hmmm. it might be on my 'wish list' :-) I kinda like the whole look. the paper clip typography is esp. cool.   [[SPOILER]]
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