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I like the flowing locks, MoK
edit:  zissou beat me to it.   I like black and navy as long as the shades blend well. this ML look is pretty nice. though sometimes it's hard to tell if such a dark color is charcoal or navy or black, esp in a photo.     I always liked this Master Milano photo. don't think it's MH but w/e still nice.    
Marc Jacobs SS15  
you have to wear those with a Christopher Kane "Tron" sweatshirt
Looks great. Did you get it?  MAC is around the corner from me, but I've been too busy to stop by. 
I like when people give feedback and suggestions. It's nice to have some discussion along with all the fit photos. Regis is confident enough with his own style to take or leave any advice. I liked that Teger was trying to suggest a different brand that might better fit Regis' shoulders. (Of course, "better" is open to interpretation). The issue, that Fuuma and maybe others pointed out, is that the sloped shoulder, 3-roll-2 style traditional Canterelli jacket is at odds...
Barneys FW14 is up.
^ navy jkt looks really good, teger.   - - -    there's another Barena thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/373906/the-official-barena-styles-and-sizing-thread   maybe the mods ( @LA Guy  ) can combine the two. 
  sweet. thanks guys. love the kilim slippers and the yellow morocans. Will look into it!    what the huh? I must have missed some styfo meme. is that like PENTS?
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