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haha! Don't chew anyone out yet. There's a high probability of "user error" -- I do have the auto-fill, auto-remember thing on in my settings. I jsut have a phone (5s ios 9.2.1) -- no tablet. I think I just got it working though. I clicked a few things in the phone settings.  You mean there are other social websites? "-)  well, besides Purseforum.
    While you're at it... I went back to check the sign in screen, but there isn't a "remember me" box at least on safari for iphone. whenever I close safari and go back I'll be signed out.  c'mon like what do I do when I'm waiting for the subway, read a book?
You can call it my "lost decade".     
IT Q: why do I get signed out when I use my phone? If I I use another app and come back, I have to log in again. Maybe if el Bert would stop sending me awesome Dries things to buy. Actually please don't stop doing that el Bert.
60-second interview with Dries Van Noten     Negroni jello shot anyone?
Shaka, Yohji.          I stumbled on this documentary about kimono fabrics shot by pro surfer / director Takuji Masuda. It includes a scene of Yohji learning to surf. I guess he used the same fabric house for one of his women's collections. 
oh I like the clothes. the new direction is fun. so different than the velvet-n-leather Tom Ford days. I was just commiserating with clambake about a favorite song/band/thing/whatever being used for something out of your preferred context.  but let's get back on track. When do we get to see the Naheun makeover?
Clearly these kids aren't bored.  
You guys need more Gucci.
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