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Does anyone watch Tokyo Fashion Express? I ran across an episode the other day and there was a pretty cool feature on Mihara Yasuhiro. He showed his collections in Tokyo instead of Paris this past spring. They did a segment on his shoemaking workshop and highlighted some "street-style" accordion player who played the soundtrack to his runway. 
Nice, MoK. I can see you kitted out in Kapital.  Maybe even in some Hooligan Ivy (SS 2013)                         useless trivia: Parker used to wear those Sperry "Captain" oxford boat shoes right there ^ in high school. Think "George Michael Bluth". 
a few photos of Y's 07-08 swiped from ebay                                                  
 I didn't mean people who buy fakes because they think others will actually think it's a real one. But rather in a subversive way -- buying a 25$ Chinatown version ironically, or as a joke. Taking the symbol of the elite and fucking with its meaning/context. I guess either way (real or fake -- trying to impress or not) still reinforces the symbolic meaning that Rolex = status/power/wealth.  I think my point was that the "signal" effect of Gibson's theory depends a lot on...
what awful about that! legitimately good imo.
oversize rap style totally on topic per original post. same with supergraphics and giant logos. 
raggamuffin style!
Spiritualized streaming from Paris right now
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