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@Rais fit and scene is so good.   - - -   I farmed the semi-industrial seaside today to forage used restaurant grease for my steed.        Kapital coat B!Wear cap Orvical knit Junya jeans Clarks
Yohji in space:        
that's true. I def have more of a "who cares, just wear what I like" attitude the older I get. 
I'm probably too old and short :-D
Does anyone have any Craig Green stuff? I like some of his wide pants with straps and what not. I noticed a lot of his fabrics are nylon or poly. I think Maas & Stacks carries a few things and may go check them out tomorrow.
 I was looking for a peanut butter and jelly sammie for about 5 seconds before I realized that PBJ is probably like Pure Blue Japan. 
Undercover / John  seems cool to me. 
Camel bomber looks kinda nice. I'm undecided on the black trim. And reversible things never seem to work for me. I always end up wearing only one side. After seeing the Margiela tan suede 5zip, I'd do that (if you have 2.5k to spare).   snowman, I like the shape of those pants. I feel like you have to check out the fabric in person to really decide. Somehow I think it will get kinda wrinkly and look just like track pants. That shape would be nice in your signature Snow x...
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