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I ripped the sleeve off my Junya jacket just putting it on.    beacuse of my buff jet arms :)   edit: not in store rip. I already owned it. but first try at home after buying.
love that cardigan
maybe tack on some Raf cement chain shoes while your at it.
Mickey Drexler has done an amazing job of reviving J. Crew. (J Crew has been around for like 30 years). He basically wiped the floor with The Gap after he left there ten years ago. He was able to capture the nascent heritage/new-prep trend and imbue somewhat stale prep basics with sex appeal... whether we like it or not.
conservative work fit today       Ys linen blazer  uniqlo tee YYPH cotton trou  Ys super position vintage ray bans   comfy blazer. different textured fabrics used for lapels, body and sleeves. size 3 fits more like a 2.   - -   harlock, I like your "double D" avatar. I think Simon Le Bon was a Yohji fan back in the day.
stanley, how is your abode this morning? I saw the "fire at downtown LA apartment building construction site" article. How did your WAYWT wall fare?
really like that suede rider ^ but I think a moto would fit better into your wardrobe, mikey. that color is really nice though. 
damn you two!
some Yohj...             and a bit of Tautz  
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