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diniroo!    very nice. Doc creepers are a great choice.
Those are both nice, Regis. I think you could wear the Cuban heels better than most of us.
be like @snowmanxl    DVN bondage jodhpurs  
I interpreted that as a "prototype" sample jacket. Actually making one jacket with the final specs before taking orders for a whole bunch of them.   For me it would be nice to see one jacket made for a real person (like LAguy) and take some good photos so we can see how it fits/looks.
 I like everything but the zip-out hood in the collar.
just read the entire thread. cool idea. if you're still taking comments from the peanut gallery, I kinda prefer a plain hem to the banded hem. and def. second the idea of silver chunky hardware and a relatively narrow shoulder to body ratio. like all the other choices.   if it's not too incongruent with the design, how about a single panel back with extra panel at the hem? and maybe shoulder gussets if they're not too prominent. like so...   
that's bitchin'
I think I'm the only one of my friends with no tats...  rebel  :-/
    you know I'm a sucker for the Dries. I will sent pm. 
oh cool. I didn't realize ed was doing full-on suits. the cut is definitely his style. and, looks great on you. 
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