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Dries x Bowie make a perfect match. Thanks for posting those.    - -    Fall 16 collection showed today. Sgt Pepper meets Fillmore poster vibes.  
Badass.       I love all the trousers. And the strappy looks. 
Isabel Benenato -- Men's FW16   Italian luxe peasant-wear            
I actually thought that was from the the Charles Mingus album. Cool night shots regardless.   [[SPOILER]]
@Rais fit and scene is so good.   - - -   I farmed the semi-industrial seaside today to forage used restaurant grease for my steed.        Kapital coat B!Wear cap Orvical knit Junya jeans Clarks
Yohji in space:        
that's true. I def have more of a "who cares, just wear what I like" attitude the older I get. 
I'm probably too old and short :-D
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