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   [[SPOILER]]  dvn cardijantzen shirtdnv pantsvass pebbles
on another note, one of the reasons I really like Dries is that he does both tailored and streetwear stuff very well. Great suits, blazers, overcoats, dress trousers that could pass in the CM world (if you wanted to) and some nice streetwear/sportswear stuff like military jackets, sport pants, windbreakers, etc. that are more unique. Seems like each men's collection bounces btween the two ends of that spectrum -- and occasionally combines them. 
there's no prescription for cool. you gotta find your own way. just look for similar stuff, try things until something works for you. be prepared that it may never pan out... not every dude will look like steve mcqueen becuase they are wearing a gray sweatshirt and purcells.   Simonon is the man, though.            
shirts are really slim, esp across front chest. I went up a size from my usual Brooks Bros size.
 et tu, Rex?
^ I think that print dress is Spring 2012. I love that collection too -- the mix of antique engravings, photography and botanical illustration is so beautiful. the design compositions alone are fanstastic. a great example of mixing things that shouldn't really go together, but do.           Interview Mag article about the show and the prints of photographer James Reeve who did the cityscapes here. - - - Rest assured, Van Noten remains as pattern-obsessed as...
now that Pharrell has worn a Smokey the Bear hat, all bets are off.
^ I know, me too. So conservative: navy chinos and plain dress shirts over crewneck tees (SF faux pas)! But also an elegant scarf or blazer.   A little ironic since he often creates such intricate and off-beat pieces that he himself would probably never wear. But I don't really see the disconnect. His clothes are his artform. And he makes them for people who love to wear them.  
^ I love it. I get the rave reference, but it's such a more sophisticated take on it. how cool are these navy jackets?     
New Posts  All Forums: