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I like that a lot. fun show. almost all suits. like the black socks too.   nice 60s surf-twang soundtrack. 
SS16 collection   personally not feeling the overt Marilyn graphics and abundance of appliqué, sequins and Versace prints. I hope Dries is not jumping on the rottweiler sweatshirt bandwagon.    I kinda like this lobster knit though, and I like the wide leg trousers with sneakers combo.    
Hayes Street? Suit looked really cool.    - - -   speaking of suits how about these new brush fabric.. go Yohji.  
For anyone who likes the TB look, I just stumbled over to York Street this weekend. Looks like they're doing a Thom style shruken sack suit thing. pretty good prices.    this just looks too small for me tho.  
I passed a dude in my neighborhood wearing the perdu chat suit last night. I had to double take to see if he kept the poster on. He did.😺
old fits so not really eligible, but I wanted to support this excellent challenge idea! crazy busy work week for me.   floral scarf two ways. MC   SW
for this thread, I will use the following emoji for the second time ever. this goes out to Steve, the metalhead.    
Suit looks good to me as-is, Stanley. esp the back view and side view photos. I like the way the pants flare and rest on the shoes. That late 70s  style begs a longer point collar (cross reference Barims) though. I prefer the darker simpler tie in the side view photo. Dacron® requires some sleezier accessories imo. Of course, I prefer a more period correct look. If you're gonna wear a retro suit, just go all in with grooming, shoes, etc. I'm with Mikey in that going...
New Posts  All Forums: