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nn, how does the Uniqlo cashmere hold up?   the few lambswool and merino knits I have pilled like crazy.
W Magazine July 2014 "Banal Plus" Photos: Steven Meisel                
I like your writing style, Mr Robot.
  Parker adding petrol*  * technically biodiesel
 Was the men's collection (his first, right?) as disruptive or viewed as avantgarde as his womens debut in '81? Seems like the oversized suits and monochrome palette was already happening in menswear with Perry Ellis, Armani, et al. As opposed to maybe Gaultier who was doing men's skirts and weird androgynous stuff. You know I am big Yohji fan. There are a bunch of looks in that collection I would still wear now. It's also cool to see a continuous thread in his details and...
5.0 fits me better. ime slightly more room in the toe box than the 4.0  both have the same spongy footbed.
 I wear Nike Frees if I'll be standing/walking all day. 
@ManofKent looking cool in the 40s vintage style -- hair and clothes.
 I think he makes a lot of different patterns -- some roomy, some slim and sometimes both within the same season. especially noticeable with the tailored outerwear, some coats really oversized with dropped shoulders and others with super narrow, roped shoulders and a slim/clean chest. I think there are some perennial styles he makes each season, like a slim single breasted suit, which is almost a full size smaller than my usual size. I have about a half dozen Dries suits...
Sadly a lot of Dries is cut for Thin White Dukes
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