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i'm totally not a watch guy, but that is great. would totally wear that. 
maybe we shoud limit thumb comments to 2 words. people would have to get creative and it would prevent too much sub-convo
yeah I was gonna add that I would totally pay more for a designer's take on something. having tried to DIY my own 501s in the style of Junya, I know that it takes a level of craft as well as design eye that I don't have to make it look the way it does. worth the extra $ at least to me. I just thought it was interesting that an "upcycled" jean was the new "it" item -- and that stacks of previously 20 dollar schmatta could be transformed into a new luxury thing. 
"Retooled" used Levi 501s now hot: style.com article   Vetements version $1400  
I didn't know there was a golden age of table tennis. 
the only logical answer is more whiskered denim
I always thought sprezzatura sounded like some kind of pasta-and-cured-pork dish
the key is to look good naked and build up from there.
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