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fwiw BART still looks exactly the same.
 +1   great jacket.    I can see you guys liking SEH Kelly too. 
Something to read while we're all waiting for the Uniqlo drop.   Vestoj Interview with Christophe Lemaire: Conversations on Slownesshttp://vestoj.com/conversations-on-slowness-4/   
"stop making sense"   While it's nice to see a look that is fully integrated (Ivy/Trad should = penny loafer + flat front chino + saddle shoulder knit + ocbd, etc), why not an eclectic, mash-up approach? Same with music, interior design, etc. So bust out your metal tee, bucket hat and those beefrolls. 
Conceptual Florist
In 2000s I was in my minimalist-architect phase. 
jetted pocket I like for tuxedo or sometimes a really fine, sleek suit. but on other stuff it looks like something's missing. btw, this is just all my OCD POV. 
I think they can look good on some things like a super casual linen or really sporty stuff -- safari, norfolk, etc. But, usually they look hip-heavy to me, and kinda cartoon-y/balloon-y. Flap pockets just seem cleaner and more balanced to me on pretty much everything. But I like more of clean, minimal city look in general. I really don't like them on a worsted suit. Gross.
Flap pockets > patch
This is why: http://dieworkwear.com/post/125852138504/slim-sharp-and-modern
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