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 edit: sorry I just noticed you were looking for button downs.   I'm not so sure a BD collar shirt would be the best choice for that kgfan fit. The short collar, artisan viridi anne style goes better with the guidi boots and other stuff. I alwys think BDs are better with more 'trad' things or workwewar.
what Fuuma said. ^^ I am in if the size/measurements can be known in advance. will the pattern be made in just S, M, L or will it be more parsed, ie. 36, 37, 38, 40, etc?
Glenn O'Brien's Schott Perfecto tagged by Basquiat      
lemme know. I'll be in LA later this month or maybe next.
 Yes, same stuff. It's very soft. Since NSM suits have no lining, it can kinda feel like wearing flannel jammies.It has a nice salt-n-pepper look though. Color and texture are great.
diniroo!    very nice. Doc creepers are a great choice.
Those are both nice, Regis. I think you could wear the Cuban heels better than most of us.
be like @snowmanxl    DVN bondage jodhpurs  
I interpreted that as a "prototype" sample jacket. Actually making one jacket with the final specs before taking orders for a whole bunch of them.   For me it would be nice to see one jacket made for a real person (like LAguy) and take some good photos so we can see how it fits/looks.
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