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^ I think that print dress is Spring 2012. I love that collection too -- the mix of antique engravings, photography and botanical illustration is so beautiful. the design compositions alone are fanstastic. a great example of mixing things that shouldn't really go together, but do.           Interview Mag article about the show and the prints of photographer James Reeve who did the cityscapes here. - - - Rest assured, Van Noten remains as pattern-obsessed as...
now that Pharrell has worn a Smokey the Bear hat, all bets are off.
^ I know, me too. So conservative: navy chinos and plain dress shirts over crewneck tees (SF faux pas)! But also an elegant scarf or blazer.   A little ironic since he often creates such intricate and off-beat pieces that he himself would probably never wear. But I don't really see the disconnect. His clothes are his artform. And he makes them for people who love to wear them.  
^ I love it. I get the rave reference, but it's such a more sophisticated take on it. how cool are these navy jackets?     
^ me too, T :-)   I've been aware of Dries womenswear since the 90s and 00s (reading W and Vogue at work :-), but only got into his menswear in the past few years. I'm not really an authority or anything. I just love his design approach and thought there were enough fans on SF to have a dedicated thread. One of the things I like most about Dries is that every collection seems really personal and emotional, like he really put his heart into it -- a much different feeling...
All fits so good! Thanks for doing these Synth. It's easy to miss good posts during the week and so nice to see just a few great ones edited down with a little more context. I like the melange knit theme here.   As a SF vet, I can totally relate to Shoreman's response. I think the changes in the forum have been largely positive and to me the quality of fits and discussion (in SW&D at least) has been really improving over the last couple years. This thread series is...
QUICK FACTS- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -• one of the Antwerp Six• most known for skillful print and color mixing • Barneys bought his first 1986 menswear collection but sold it as womenswear• self-financed, still independent• produces 1,200 designs for women and 800 for men each year — double the majority of his competitors• doesn't advertise, instead stages bold runway shows and produces cool invitations • drives a lawnmower   BIOGRAPHY- - - - - - - - -...
DRRRIES VAN NOTEN Romance. Art. Travel. History. Gardening.   This is the place to appreciate the work of Belgian designer Dries Van Noten. A lot has been written about Dries elsewhere on the web, but now we can use this small space to discuss his clothing and ideas, share images and ask questions.      It’s very much human nature to seek and embrace that which we feel to be intimate and in which we feel our values and emotions are reflected. - DvN      
 okay!… unless @sipang or @the shah want to do it, I'll start a thread in the next couple days. I've gathered quite a few images over the years and have some interview and video links too.  Flower Power!
I mean one that is more of a compendium of his entire work not just one collection. he's been working so long, there's a ton of info, interviews, artwork, videos and photos.   I pre-ordered the new monograph a couple months ago which should be out soon I think as his retrospective is opening any day now.  
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