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  Because a good photographer shooting a whole lookbook would be WAY more expensive than that. ++ models, assistants, hair/make-up, location fee, design, retouching, etc. all add up. I love look books -- they embody the romance and ideals of fashion -- along with runway shows and editorials. But for my own clothes buying I've learned to accept habitant's idea: if it looks good on some short model with average build on some half-baked e-commerce page, there's a pretty good...
would I ever wear a white MA-1? I like it conceptually but then I think how grungy it will get at my local dive bar or on the subway. although maybe that is the charm, like banged up white sneakers.  
fwiw BART still looks exactly the same.
 +1   great jacket.    I can see you guys liking SEH Kelly too. 
Something to read while we're all waiting for the Uniqlo drop.   Vestoj Interview with Christophe Lemaire: Conversations on Slownesshttp://vestoj.com/conversations-on-slowness-4/   
"stop making sense"   While it's nice to see a look that is fully integrated (Ivy/Trad should = penny loafer + flat front chino + saddle shoulder knit + ocbd, etc), why not an eclectic, mash-up approach? Same with music, interior design, etc. So bust out your metal tee, bucket hat and those beefrolls. 
Conceptual Florist
In 2000s I was in my minimalist-architect phase. 
jetted pocket I like for tuxedo or sometimes a really fine, sleek suit. but on other stuff it looks like something's missing. btw, this is just all my OCD POV. 
I think they can look good on some things like a super casual linen or really sporty stuff -- safari, norfolk, etc. But, usually they look hip-heavy to me, and kinda cartoon-y/balloon-y. Flap pockets just seem cleaner and more balanced to me on pretty much everything. But I like more of clean, minimal city look in general. I really don't like them on a worsted suit. Gross.
New Posts  All Forums: