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 dude. Kapital stuff looks great on you.   duuuude. coolest cars ever along with that DS Citroen.
anyone else besides me watching the Soul Train Awards tonight? 
  I think Raf may have preceded both Hedi and Thom Browne kicking off the skinny suit epidemic. Maybe Costume National too. GQ probably had the most influence in spreading the tight look.  Noonan is hilarious though.  Also skinny suits are cool -- if you have the body for them. (I don't).
Yeah. I had to fork over 50 bucks for customs which was not great. On the bright side, it was on sale for less than 300$ and delivered in 2 days from Italy. Yep, tagged you in the sale thread. I thought you may have seen something in their Margiela section since they had quite a lot of stuff. A lot from older seasons. 
 Yes. Yes. Yes.
  Capital L-Y-T-E, '89 swing
I'm not sure. It's the first time I've tried this jacket. On me it falls just at the belt line, so not as long looking as that photo.  I've wanted this since I saw it a few years ago, but haven't been able to find it. And finally found one online. I was hoping to get the brushed wool version in slightly lighter beige. I think you have that version, yeah? This one is a calvary twill wool and more tan/khaki color.
    impulse purchase courtesy enabler-in-chief:  
great coat Frank. is that moleskin?
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