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 Good question. The blazers/suits I have are all numeric sizes, but the non-blazer jackets (moto, field jacket, etc) I have are S-M-L. Maybe that's the distinction? Although now that I think of it, I have one nylon field/rain jacket that is numeric.     I think all the online retailers have sales usually around January and July. Yoox gets old stock sporadically and is sometimes marked down a lot. I would definitely check out the Antwerp shop -- sale time or not.
heck yeah gnatty! where u been man? 
I think it's a version of the classic Swiss Railroad Clock. 
how about something like this?  
dudes! great stuff everyone. 
one week to go. more denim inspiration  
Hey MC dudes... don't forget there's another week to enter the Denim Challenge. Did I mention there are prizes?     p.s. does anyone even read the MC General Chat thread? 
Naka is in the lead for the Ballon d'Or award. Working the denim carpenter pants nicely!    On that note: while not explicitly stated in the challenge rules, poking fun of another's entry automatically stipulates a fit pic sumbission. ahemmmm....@NOBD 
whoa nice. I was going to post more inspiration pix, but obv we dont need those anymore.  
"The Parker"  
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