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Yeah, where's the update guys?
Great look Ivwri. ^^ That shirt-blazer is really cool. I like how the back panel tucks around the bottom hem.    Yeah, I'm still around. I've actually been reading this entire thread again recently. I missed a lot the first time around, so learning some new stuff. 
In case anyone is still reading this, I found some explanation for the layering here along with some extra shots of the footwear.  Corporate Motherfuckers!
Miharayasuhiro FW16          
Yeah I really like this collection, more so than the AW15. Totally see the punk rock VW vibe in it. Love the almost all the trousers, the rat tails, and the strap boots/Docs. And the knits. The knits are awesome! I have no clue about the small tight shirts over the big puffer coats. Maybe a semi-bondage, straight-jacket reference. Some of our Yohji experts seemed to have split the scene, but maybe someone can shed some light. I'm curious to read the reviews later.
I can see the appeal of JE for a lot of guys. Athletic ("masculine?") basics with some interesting details. The brand seems like an easy step into a more fashionable style if you were coming from a basic  "jeans, tee and sneakers" style. But not as fashion-y as Rick or whatever. Their design, photography, models, website feels cool.. plus they got that GQ bump.
Dries x Bowie make a perfect match. Thanks for posting those.    - -    Fall 16 collection showed today. Sgt Pepper meets Fillmore poster vibes.  
Badass.       I love all the trousers. And the strappy looks. 
Isabel Benenato -- Men's FW16   Italian luxe peasant-wear            
I actually thought that was from the the Charles Mingus album. Cool night shots regardless.   [[SPOILER]]
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