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hahah I love that copy. we're all jaded now anyway so might as well have fun with it.
yeah where are Fuuma, NOBD and stitches pix? you guys got denim I know it.  - - - another interstitial photo post to keep thred going. 2 more days left!   diy 501skapital moleskin ring jacketemile lafroofroo scarfclarks
  I like to imagine they'd sound a bit like this only with Ian added to the mix on the Hammond B3.   [[SPOILER]]
Baron, they call it "chambray" but it's a bit heavier than other chambray -- and it's a nice medium blue color. more like denim.  http://kamakurashirts.com/contents/vintageivyshirts/   btw the belt is on my knee so that's the slubby strike gold denim
^ nice West Coast! maybe it's time for sfxsf meet.    - -   another quick fit. not sure if works. I don't think i'm tuff enough for jacket. oh well.          toj leather kamakura shirt strike gold jeans @zissou belt vans
 Good question. The blazers/suits I have are all numeric sizes, but the non-blazer jackets (moto, field jacket, etc) I have are S-M-L. Maybe that's the distinction? Although now that I think of it, I have one nylon field/rain jacket that is numeric.     I think all the online retailers have sales usually around January and July. Yoox gets old stock sporadically and is sometimes marked down a lot. I would definitely check out the Antwerp shop -- sale time or not.
heck yeah gnatty! where u been man? 
I think it's a version of the classic Swiss Railroad Clock. 
how about something like this?  
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