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hecka dope
Yohji whites! Looks nice. Must be warm enough for shorts.    - - -   Video of AW16 below. Might be the oddest soundtrack ever. I got no 50s vibes from the clothes, but I maybe Yohji is nostalgic for the old Cold War era. The clothes look great to me. Gotta get some of those pants. Blue Docs! Also the guy in the front row wearing the invite apron is hilarious with his deadpan gaze.     Yakkety-yak!
onitaps bringing the mili-tech game.   is that the isamu noguchi sculpture garden?
a luxe designer onesie just seems like the cocoon needed to get through a shitty January 2016. maybe the entire year.    srsly im' beginning to think just wearing a giant beach towel robe would be a good move.
Today. This might be better with black boots. but these sneakers are so comfy.        AW 2007 wool blazer with knit panels (grail) SS 2007 jersey pants with faux shorts over the top SS 2012 long belt Uniqlo tee Adidas Matchplay   Sometimes fit snapshots are just blobs of black, but I'm always surprised at how much texture and color variation there can be in all that black. Heavy cotton jersey, dry and light cupro, sturdy but soft gabardine, etc. all give off...
I probably ran into you because I lived around the corner from there.    Dark blue with light blue middle panels.   
lol. I don't think they actually did a catlaog.  It was basically a trad men's shop catering to dudes on the coast. so sailing, beach, etc. I think they had a shop in LA (westwood?) and in Newport. They kinda captured a certain time period though. 60s-80s button-down style.
  Yep! My friend's brother worked there so we'd always hit him up for stuff. the uniform: ss button down popovers, surgicle belts, bermuda shorts and sperrys/vans/leather thongs. Basically proto Engineered Garments. Sometimes I think Daiki has a back-stock of At-Ease catalogs in his studio. The old guy SoCal look also added saddle shoes and blue blazer. I think Ralph Lauren and Tommy Bahama supplanted that old West Coast trad vibe. Ironically one of my first jobs (stock...
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