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 demerit for use of Teddy Boy creepers. no self-respecting Mod would touch those.
[quote name="VitaTimH" END has this Junta x Hervier jacket for essentially half off ($879 -> $445). Great jacket, feels really, really substantial.[/quote] Yeah I have this, nice mid weight jacket. Really nice quality too. Fit is fairly roomy for Junya fwiw. Great price.
 I just mean the American loafer (which I prefer) goes best with casual American trad stuff. But I like thrift shop wash-n-wear suits, so grain of salt. I'm not a fan of sleek, high-end loafers. So, I'd pick those Aldens over EGs or Westons or other oddball continental versions.   
I think someone mentioned the Helmut version of Paraboots awhile back. all leather pair size 9UK
I like the lobster knit 🎏
I like that a lot. fun show. almost all suits. like the black socks too.   nice 60s surf-twang soundtrack. 
SS16 collection   personally not feeling the overt Marilyn graphics and abundance of appliqué, sequins and Versace prints. I hope Dries is not jumping on the rottweiler sweatshirt bandwagon.    I kinda like this lobster knit though, and I like the wide leg trousers with sneakers combo.    
Hayes Street? Suit looked really cool.    - - -   speaking of suits how about these new brush fabric.. go Yohji.  
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