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love that tee. I just flipped thru the attachment lookbook. pretty great stuff for ss15. esp like that first look with the cropped patns and long jacket 'suit'. 
hahahsorry stitchbro!  I cleared out my photobucket awhile back. anyway it's almost 2015. time for new records happy festi-hannu-kwanz-uh-mas errbody  
 wait for better price -- or other model (those are too crazy for me personally, I dont like the faux holes). I've got a couple pair of Junya patchworks and got them for less than 250usd on raku or y!
 80s power pop + Belgian fashion  = A ++
thanks guys. that jacket is a grail item for sure.    on another note, happy 3 year anniversary to this thread and big thanks to @Ivwri for starting it. I know discussion has slowed down a bit lately. I've been trying to contribute a little more just because I enjoy it so much. Like most of us I'm a big Yohji fan and have only become more so thanks to the knowledge, generosity and all-around friendliness of you guys. I might be a bit of an odd man out since I'm not a...
yo       yyph AW07 knit-gab blazer yyph AW04 gab trou doc 10-eye uniqlo tee
join HL posse!
^ nice. where is that rxs09?     og HL moleskin m. grifoni knit levis raf strap hi-tops
idk why but those made me think of of fois gras with caviar stripes.
HL cargos sz 31       EG knit sz M     MMM hi-tops sz 42  
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