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eat me!
    dries jacket uniqlo tee yohji sweats raf trainers   now that I see this.. the proportions aren't really that weird. oh well, gave it a college try for spacepope
SOLD Siki Im Wrap Trousers Nice lightweight cotton, great for summer. Wide leg with tapered hem. Cropped effect, similar to Yohji hakama. Excellent condition, only worn a few times. Includes priority shipping to US.   No size marked. But similar to Yohji size 3   waist: 17 rise: 10.5 thigh: 16 inseam: 28 hem: 7   thanks!
  Saw this at Just One Eye and had the same reaction. Kinda funny but seems out of the blue. 
 edit: sorry I just noticed you were looking for button downs.   I'm not so sure a BD collar shirt would be the best choice for that kgfan fit. The short collar, artisan viridi anne style goes better with the guidi boots and other stuff. I alwys think BDs are better with more 'trad' things or workwewar.
what Fuuma said. ^^ I am in if the size/measurements can be known in advance. will the pattern be made in just S, M, L or will it be more parsed, ie. 36, 37, 38, 40, etc?
Glenn O'Brien's Schott Perfecto tagged by Basquiat      
lemme know. I'll be in LA later this month or maybe next.
 Yes, same stuff. It's very soft. Since NSM suits have no lining, it can kinda feel like wearing flannel jammies.It has a nice salt-n-pepper look though. Color and texture are great.
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