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 usually SL or DH stuff works best on skinny tall dudes, but you made this work. Nice job. You also picked good basics too, i.e. not the goofy Hot Topic pieces.
Thanks guys. I'll take a look at some of the tropical wools.   Good eye, Andrew. Yeah, it's ye olde DOW. 
any recommendations on where to find a cloth like this? - - looking for a worsted with a lot of cross hatching.   
 Barena blazer is definitely like a cardigan. In fact most of them are actually knits.The new season fabrics and prints look like they'd fit with your EG stuff really well. Oddly I'm headed in the opposite direction. And it's really hard to find a (good looking) structured blazer. 
Ys Yohji Yamamoto Blazer Nice cotton, ramie, rayon blend. Substantial and shaped. Nice shoulder. 2-button front. Has got nice Romantic details like sliced lapels and unfinished back hem.  Slight flair to back skirt with button details. Very Napoleonic. Has an Ann D vibe.   Size 2 but fits quite large. Best for 38 or 40. shoulder width: 18.5" chest pit to pit: 21" length from base of collar: 30" sleeve from shoulder: 25"   Includes domestic US shipping. Int'l pm...
Nice Yohji suit set-up from Spring-Summer 2005.  Black cupro with white details. Nice flowing lines. Jacket is size 2, trousers are size 3. But both fit super large.  I would keep but it's way too big for me. (I'm 5'7")   Measurements to come.  Price includes shipping in the USA.   Thx!
Super slinky. Nice and soft. Scoop neck. Brand New. Charcoal grey. You know you want this.    Size L shoulders 19" chest 21" length 30" approx   includes shipping to USA    
^ I love those Umit looks. and exactly how I picture jetdawg.   - - -   Axel Rose headband today. hahah     panama hat ring jacket ts(s) scarf (thanks c4st) gap levis reef
My one minute synopsis of this months GQ. Typed on phone in airport bar somewhere in zissou country: - lighten up Kanye - also Kanye quote on tonal dressing not bad - Gucci cafe racer prett good - denim duffle wtf? - not as good space pope fit - who wears shearling on the riviera? - moto pants, here again - GQ pocket squares suck - fuck you #menswear - sex column - Glenn obrien, gray is okay - vampir weekend, really? - boob graphix - cheap leather jackets look cheap -...
 +1 I've got the same knit in gray. It's super nice, comes with a leather bound saftey pin. does sipang disapprove of zip cardis? for some reason the zip on this doesn't bug me, maybe it's the longer length. I also don't like mock necks very much, but somehow this one works. 
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