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lol    +1   tie bar = mad men costume party
Any pair = $40 bucks. Most are brand new. Surprise gift with purchase of 2 (or more) items! #heckyeahdealz   Domestic US shipping included. Wow. PM me.     Vans Old Skool suede size 9.5 (new)     Vans Sk8 Hi canvas size 9.5 (new) SOLD SOLD     Superga Leather size 43 (gently used)    SOLD     Dede's suede slip-ons size 42. fits a bit small (new). SOLD SOLD        Ciro Lendini (aka Random Yoox Brand) oxfords size 42 (fits a bit large). Brand new....
some basics (déjà vu 2006)  
exchange black sneakers for white or light gray. see the fit right above yours.
I like it.
yes.        edit: ^ that was for Man of Kent's navy pants.
 also someone should get these for the shorts contest http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIOR-HOMME-CUT-OFF-JEAN-DENIM-SHORTS-Size-31-/151316691707?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233b2d7afb
here are two of the Junya backs. I think the split back was used on a moto and the "trucker" back was on a double rider.       
I think we ended up with a yoke, split back and modest kidney panel. Like so (side adjusters optional) ...     [[SPOILER]]
:-) synth. I pretty much like all of the Chanel Exclusifs. Coromandel is gorgeous and I wear it occasionally, but the vanilla bean / chocolate notes can veer into Opium or Angel territory for me. notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat ---all fragrance is unisex anyway. I think Mark Buxton was responsible for most of the CdG scents and I tend to like most of his stuff -- though I haven't tried his new brand yet. I wear the Jaisalmer and Kyoto often. they have an exotic,...
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