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  Yeah, the shapeless sack is pretty dowdy. Seems like it needs cool accessories like sunglasses, a cigarette or "be a jazz drummer" to make it really look good. I like them though and I take in the sides a bit to give the jacket some shape. Ivy jackets have all those great details: 1/4" topstitching, hook vent, 2 button sleeves, no darts, shoulder stitching, etc. It's defintiely a vintage look, so may not be pushing the whole look forward per this thread theme.  I think...
I like that MOK. I think it's totally age appropriate and looks good. Something I'd wear -- but Vans or Sperrys would be more in keeping with the nautical vibe than the Cons imo. love the landscape/backdrop.
You found a Lang coat, nice. Too hot in the 'Yay now though. 
    I totally agree, but to be fair I think that "imagine a character" advice was only meant as a guide, like asking "Who are you, man? What are you into? We can't help you otherwise"--  not meant to be prescriptive or that he should dress like a cartoon. The first response in that thread was "there are no essentials" which I thought was a pretty good answer. I read that as "you've got to find your own style". Within any mode of dress -- even those that have codes like The...
I'm just giving you a hard time. I just don't really like brown suits or dark brown in general (except shoes). I would pick steel blue always over brown. You know you can wear whatever you want in LA or in 2015. Gray Fresco is a nice choice. I still think a business style suit will always look better in dark blue or dark gray. Light gray suits say "leisure time" to me or you have to be in a reallly warm climate (which you are).
Stanley, cotton is gonna look a lot different than wool. But I guess if you treat it as a test jacket just for shape and size (like a muslin prototyp) it's ok -- it's just not gonna drape or hang the same. also brown?? c'mon downtown LA dude.    yeah that's the royal shmoyal I meant. 
  Hey Stanley, glad you put the discussion here. I think you're pretty close to your objective with that tan suit and the new shirt. The high set, narrow shoulder and contoured waist are good. I'd look for a slightly wider lapel and better looking notch. That YSL has a slightly too frog-mouth* notch to have that English Roger Moore look I think you're after. *I think that's a real term for French style notches. You may even go for slant pockets or even a ticket pocket. I'd...
nice. I've looked for that Dries block shirt for awhile, but haven't been able to find my size. 
the suit is fine as-is imo. do you need to wear a tie and button jacket? if you can go like this to work and jacket can be open then buttoning point, etc is no big deal to me. it's "dressy biz cas" :-)  I'd get a few hidden placket white shirts and go for minimalist architect look.
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