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 Pants look fine to me width-wise but longer with an angled hem as suggested is a good idea. I have the same issue with some trousers. As you mentioned a looser jacket would really improve your overall proportions. I hope you wiped down that table!  Yes! but the long point was good with the 80s YSL suit. 
Thanks, that looks perfect. I'll take a look at the book next time. 
Anyone have a favorite medium gray herringbone suiting? Something not too delicate, but also not too heavy.
80s / Laser / New Age / EDM / quilted Dries Blazer sz 46  
   fwiw I'm not advocating this look. in fact Jagger is not such a great fashion icon. I like some of his Studio 54 Halston-era looks or his early Ivy Mod looks but otherwise he's just kinda trashy. the tunic is a tough thing to pull off.
that tie really puts the gauche into Rive Gauche.   srly tho, the slight flare looks good on you. if it's your thing, let your freak flag fly man. 
No mas se puede.   Jil knit. Blue and gray. Made in Italy. Size 48. Excellent condition.
J. Lindeberg
  Really? Are you talking about the What Are You Wearing thread? my experience is different. 
Boo for artifical arbitrary forum-centric division. There is no Wall! The Wall is a myth. What is "Classic"? If you wear a suit in the street is it "Streetwear"? The bolognese sauce metaphor works! Down with the Wall! Up with sauce!
New Posts  All Forums: