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simple can actually be deceptively difficult to design. there's nowhere to hide -- so fabrics, cut and details all need to be just right. for the most part Barena has all those things and why a lot of us like it. esp if you're into the 1930s gondolier vibe.
so much nicer than the superchunk 80s Lavers. love the lines on these. mesh good for spring too.
oooh. love those. Qu'est-ce que c'est?
side note: my other options were going to be:   MoK -- (hope he's doing okay) but I realized I didn't have any awesome English boots   T1 -- but I don't have the print shirt or enough hat swag.
 it's from a few years ago. asymmetrical cut with zipper. it came with some big safety pin wrapped in leather to pin it shut. a bit small on me, probably could use next size up. but whatev it's cozy for chilly daze. here's another photo.  [[SPOILER]]     thanks most toasty.  haha, im not sure what that means! I hope it's not a bad thing.
   [[SPOILER]]  dvn cardijantzen shirtdnv pantsvass pebbles
on another note, one of the reasons I really like Dries is that he does both tailored and streetwear stuff very well. Great suits, blazers, overcoats, dress trousers that could pass in the CM world (if you wanted to) and some nice streetwear/sportswear stuff like military jackets, sport pants, windbreakers, etc. that are more unique. Seems like each men's collection bounces btween the two ends of that spectrum -- and occasionally combines them. 
there's no prescription for cool. you gotta find your own way. just look for similar stuff, try things until something works for you. be prepared that it may never pan out... not every dude will look like steve mcqueen becuase they are wearing a gray sweatshirt and purcells.   Simonon is the man, though.            
shirts are really slim, esp across front chest. I went up a size from my usual Brooks Bros size.
New Posts  All Forums: