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I like #1 -- looks good with the other stuff you're wearing. The hood on #2 makes give it a little more technical/dark vibe.
I hope you've been on a 3 month fashion shoot in Morocco. 
Cool thread. This look is great. What season/line is this?   [[SPOILER]]
It's moderately heavy. I think it's a type of whipcord cotton. Maybe the EG dudes can say what it is exactly. I think it's from a few season's ago. I lucked out this one looks almost new maybe new no tags. Yeah, I like the color too. It's more of a dark khaki (British Tan?) than the typical olive green.  Pantone chips below :D  
This is one of those "purchased-before-and-it-didn't-fit-but-liked-it-so-much-I-had-to-hunt-down-and-buy-again-in-a-larger-size" items. You know what I mean! Cheers to Lorcan for the original tip. British khaki Bedford.  
that Coppens green-blue bomber is pretty sick. 
I feel like I don't possess enough inner turmoil or understanding of tessellate geometry to properly wear Lucio Vanotti.    However, something -- perhaps a timeless sartorial awareness or the fact that the garments sway between second and third dimensions -- makes me think it will appeal to me. 
the Fuuma fits are all great. creating a personal style is kinda the whole point imo -- even if you're screwing with the lingua franca of a particular forum. 
  Because a good photographer shooting a whole lookbook would be WAY more expensive than that. ++ models, assistants, hair/make-up, location fee, design, retouching, etc. all add up. I love look books -- they embody the romance and ideals of fashion -- along with runway shows and editorials. But for my own clothes buying I've learned to accept habitant's idea: if it looks good on some short model with average build on some half-baked e-commerce page, there's a pretty good...
would I ever wear a white MA-1? I like it conceptually but then I think how grungy it will get at my local dive bar or on the subway. although maybe that is the charm, like banged up white sneakers.  
New Posts  All Forums: