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Synth making sample jacket look damn good.    question for @Thurston Bros :  are the shoulder gussets required? i.e. can we order a jacket with no gussets without messing up the pattern? 
 the mirror segment of that vid reminded me of this:  
black stuff   bbbf knit   vb cardi   and a grail item. I had this once before in size too large, finally found my correct size 3 yrs later.   vb wool bomber  
    coppidge, john moma levis margello
Phil the koffers
I prefer the term Get Smart uses: "Fashion Friends"   EG makes great button downs. 
 I like the poncho but think it could use some beat up suede boots if you're going with the raw denim. Kinda Western-cowboy style. Or those goofy visvim mocassins if you roll that way.
Dries, if you're reading Styleforum, pm me. I can help you understand the beauty of jazz. Maybe we hit a couple clubs in Paris. 
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