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nvm. surly rant.
Yohji sizing can fluctuate quite a bit. I'd err on the side of looser.   I go with size 3 most of the time, sometimes 2. I like Yohji's military-inspired stuff a lot (maybe the most), but I'm not a big fan of the exposed crotch zip on those.
I'm wearing some Yohji pants today which have a super long rise and really wide legs. Makes me look like a 'Lil Homie but it's a nice change from the 2 pairs of slim jeans I've been waering pretty much since last spring.
$350   cool jacket
but the espadrilles make it for me! perfect for winter at the desert pad. i think the matching patches are a little overboard. but that Blue-in-Green vibe is super chill.
^ nice David.    For a little side diversion, 1985 Spring Summer show. May have been posted already. But still cool to see the familiar themes and silhouettes.  
 dude. Kapital stuff looks great on you.   duuuude. coolest cars ever along with that DS Citroen.
anyone else besides me watching the Soul Train Awards tonight? 
  I think Raf may have preceded both Hedi and Thom Browne kicking off the skinny suit epidemic. Maybe Costume National too. GQ probably had the most influence in spreading the tight look.  Noonan is hilarious though.  Also skinny suits are cool -- if you have the body for them. (I don't).
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