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Phil the koffers
I prefer the term Get Smart uses: "Fashion Friends"   EG makes great button downs. 
 I like the poncho but think it could use some beat up suede boots if you're going with the raw denim. Kinda Western-cowboy style. Or those goofy visvim mocassins if you roll that way.
Dries, if you're reading Styleforum, pm me. I can help you understand the beauty of jazz. Maybe we hit a couple clubs in Paris. 
fantastic score. I think I saw that same suit on rakuten recently. looks great on you.
Man of Kent is winning the wall contest as of mid-summer. 
    actually, I've been toying with this look lately, so who am I to talk?  [[SPOILER]]
Gravati for Wilkes suede side zips marked size 12, but they seem to run small    "It's time. Time to look like a CEO."  
New Posts  All Forums: