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those are fantastic ss12 pants. would be great in black. the cotton is very luxe-soft.   also, great photo xeraphim. 
I have a Sade t-shirt. it's dope. but I have a feeling I'm not the target audience.
Long shot, but I've got this new, never worn olive-khaki unlined cotton Bedford in size SMALL and would love to trade for same color in a MEDIUM.   
for all you hippie-rocker-preppy-poets who are size 9.5: YSL driver moc boot things      
Junya x Vanson DR if you can't wait for your Thurston  
are the supima tees available? they've been out of stock on the website for weeks. and last time i went to the sf store they were out. 
I bought some full cut jeans recently. I think they can look pretty cool, not the exaggerated raver things, but just full old-timey Levis style cut.
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