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 Yeah.. I like Locanda. I think it's loosely Roman as in they have squash blossoms and guanciale and other traditonal Roman things. I definitely go for the grilled meats and fish. They use a cherry wood grill that makes pretty much anything taste amazing. also pretty good cocktails. 
wow! looks like a great time David.    totally agree this collection is both immediately likeable and keeps getting better with more views.  Twins are back. Suits are back. Cats are lost. I'm totally going to get a Yohji bandana headscarf.    
^ I like that last one quite a bit. Are those different years/seasons --or all collections one season?
^^ those are some really nice floral patterns. would look great w black or navy leathers.   not sure what would look good w british racing green which I had in mind. maybe I'll go w black lthr. 
I like that Ann collection too. I'm not that familiar with her past stuff, but this one seems a bit less gothic/feminine than last year. Didn't Ann recently retire? Is this collection done by a new designer or team?   edit: I just read the show review at style.com Sébastien Meunier took over the reins. 
so good.   "Los Angeles"           
hippie-gypsy vagabonds!  love the batik/indigo type prints. so different after the neon explosion of the last collection. more crunchy natural.   and agree that last lapel-less plaid suit is v. nice.
love it. 
Pirate-y. I like it. Skinny pants and all. Caveat I am looking at on phone in an airport
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