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edit... this was prob 2 year ago now. but there's still some nice images I hadn't seen. Y's has made a 40th anniversary website Y's JOURNAL with a lot of great images from past lookbooks, campaigns, interviews, etc. I just spent a couple hours reading and looking through. It looks like it's still in progress but chapter 1 is complete. Nice design, nav is a little tricky. You have to click the circled #s to the right to advance pages. It's funny, YYPH is the more creative...
kgansta lean
ahoy 2015   [[SPOILER]]  YYPH AW 2004 duffle coatYs chinosB!wear tweed capOrcival knitDocs the pacific winter winds started up today. now ready for sea voyage. I think david also has this coat. super toasty and comfy. the one Terry Hall wore. happy new year all.
 yes, looks great. 
          YYPH AW2001 double breasted jacket - soft melton wool YYPH AW2004 zip trousers - gab uniqlo tee vans   a little bit on the boring side. I'm sure more detailed shirt, better shoes, cuff roll, etc would be more interesting. Yohji is so comfy, feels like loungewear, just pop on and go. I think I've finally stopped worrying and learned to love the loose fit. I had slim jeans and a leather jacket on earlier. went to pick up a package -- now wearing...
 at least we finally get to break out the winter stuff we kopped over summer 
Not sure if this is a new Yohji retailer, but I found this Italian shop that carries YYPH last week. I think they had a sz 2 in that jacket. it's sold out now, but you might keep an eye on the site in case someone returns it. They also had the matching trousers which I was thinking about, but didn't think I could pull them off :-D
 “I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.”  ― Yohji Yamamoto  but also : how to get coffee stain out of shirt:-)that sucks sorry, merry xmas
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