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  Dries Uniqlo Helmut Lang bleached, faded and paint splattered gray jeans* Margiela   *hair and jeans synergy
 I have a version like that. I would call the hardware "gunmetal". On mine the leather is black calf. That one might be calf, but it looks def more "worn in" than mine.   Speaking of rugs:  That reminds me of the Dries runway rug.  [[SPOILER]]     Nice. I like the faded and minimal look of that. Highly patterned rugs are not really my thing. I have boring sisals. But I also like faded/desaturated Turkish style kilims.  Just as a sidebar, some cool art rugs: Faig...
 only if that coat were cream. :-)
Is this a new one? Does it actually work? Guy selling new Margiela suit on Grawld for $1300. Mentions shipping might take 5-10 business days from his "vendor".      Yoox:   Maybe he should just become a personal shopper.   p.s. I actually bought this exact suit during the 35% off sale. (340 or something)
 I bought a mohair sweater a couple years ago thinking it would look very Johnny Rotten Viviene Westwood punk rock. Then it shed all over the place and itched like crazy. Stupid. Wore it once. Sat in a box for year, then gave it to Goodwill. 
Today I wore Gucci Pour Homme II   I think I remember liking this once. Not feeling it today. Has a mall scent vibe to me. Someone on Basenotes accurately likened it to "fabric softener". Good thing it's just a sample size.   Get to start over again with something better tomorrow :-)
car + suit synergy!
Thanks Baron. I ordered few samples of Olivia's scents. So today I'm wearing Hotel Costes. I really like this. The soft floral (lavender soap?) is a nice counterpoint all the good woody, pepper, incense which tend to be in all my favorite frags. Costes is very relaxing. I'm interested to try her other samples: Dzing!, Costes 2 and Andre Putnam.   
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