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:-) The trousers have plain hems, but I believe there is enough fabric to make ~1.5" cuffs. Cheers. 
automatic thumb for cute cat.                     but also good fit 
So yesterday it was 80 deg here (wtf today its cold and raining) and I had on black tee, big shorts and some black nike frees. My friend said I looked very Health Goth. I kinda knew what she meant but I had to look it up. Apparetnly that's a thing. Why haven't I heard of this, Styfo? are we in a bubble? Is @Rais Health Goth? Is willycheesesteak Health Goth?
el Bert is a SWD MVP -- and personally responsible for half my Rakuten purchases. t3hg0suazn buy that right away. good price-timeless-classic
great all blues layering @ChetB -- oh to be tall.   - -   I've been to the SF Symphony Hall twice. Once for a Haydn concerto, the other for Erykah Badu & Mos Def. I think I feel asleep at both performances. The whole venue is carpeted in soporific beige/brown. Needs more lasers. 
Let me know when you'll be around. 
 I'll check it out later this week. Did they add a new men's floor? or just move things around. Last time I went 4th floor was full of sale racks. The Margiela stuff was really nice esp that camel suede 5zp.
     Thx guys. The jacket is lightweight wool gabardine. Shirt is cotton. Pants are 50 ramie / 50 rayon which may be as close to wearing nothing as it gets. super lightweight. I highly recommend Yohji pants if you are into the oversize/loose fit.  Lol. I've had plenty of people yell at me on the street, but I don't think any of them have been from Styleforum. 
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