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for some reason I thought the guy w the femme down coat had on the leather/gab trousers from ss15.    anyway some great stuff in the show. maybe the shah will post his secret source hi-res scans. I quickly looked on Now Fashion. really like the raw seams and layers of the first segement. Looks 22 and 25 with those cable knit pants are wild. I can see a lot of the yohji notes here. so yes, Very Yohji!
Back to black
I see someone already got his ss15 stuff on. that was quick.
I like it a lot too. Some nice but subtle 60s-70s references. I think I've finally come to accept his carrot silhouette. 
boo. velvet is kinda grody when you see too much of it. like old victorian parlor.   green coat looks like lemaire kaftan. nice. 
this gives me some serious flashbacks. mostly to 8th grade.   i.e. i think it's pretty cool.
new collection looks great. kind of new and old at the same time.
yeah screw that heritage crap, this is the future @Synthese @LA Guy   
yep ss15 def looking nice. It's always one thing to see a collection on the runway styled the way the designer wants, and another when it's shot for the retailers -- (and even another thing in the showroom/stores). If it looks look on the Barneys models, you know something's right. haha. the LVR styling is pretty nice. it's interesting they went for the denim pieces. how do you think they'll sell?   @sepp those thai pants look cool. would probably look great with a big...
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