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hey eddiee, do you mean the "string" blazers? I have the set-up from Look 1. the jacket is cut fairly boxy but I don't think it's really meant to be oversized. size 3 is a bit long on me and the shoulders a bit too wide. but the body is relatively trim. the cotton doesn't really drape so it kinda holds it shape. I recently found a size 2 in the black gab Look 14 which I don't have yet, but the measurements are closer to a "normal" fit for me. I think most of these are...
 Nice work from Paris photographer Elise Toide also here. Lots of backstage, details and campaigns. I like her style, def an old school film vibe.            
new Celine campaign w Joan Didion "Why old age is having a fashion moment"       related BOF article "Bright Old Things and the Silver Spend"
 thanks dude. I just cut and pasted a couple different photos on top of another, adjust light level and voilá. I use PS for work, so it's pretty quick.    as a friend just told me, i'm letting my freak flag fly. thx man! :-)
yes! have a nice yohji.         btw @davidlee388 love that fit with the hakama and asymmetric blazer. really great silhouette. 
    jan-jan van essche smock knit thing - wearing inside out :/ yohji cupro pants tweed vans
    el supremo!
yeah, buttons are nice and thick. they seem to be horn, not plastic. the overall construction is very good with some nice details:a long pleat going from the side pocket all the way down to the knee, just one side vent on the jacket, etc. quirky but more conventional design than YYPH stuff. also I believe the jacket is fused vs full canvas if anyone cares about that.   [[SPOILER]]  as for fits here's another from today. not the greatest but you get the idea.   mixing...
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