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Ann Demeulemeester monograph from Rizzoli        
for me it kinda depends on what the other stuff is -- or what your style is in general. for lack of better words "classic" or "modern". if you're talking about workwear boots, chunky cable sweaters and vintage-y a2 bomber leathers go cuffs. sleeker slip-on boots, minimal knits or more modern looking leathers go no cuffs. still, it doesn't matter that much. I only have cuffs on a few suits. everything else is plain hem.
I just ordred the navy flannel stripe suit and a white shirt. the photos make the jacket shoulders look like shit so.. we'll see need to try on first. may be going back. My other +J suits are great though, so crossing fingers.   I think the short parka is the best design of the collection. I still wear my original version. 
Dries eagle sweater  
I like it. simple and fresh. jeans are fine. kicks are great. the back of that jacket is cooler looking than the front.
that video is great. I love that Yohji's got both a Rolls and a 80s Nissan "Cedric". hahah awesome.     music's not too shabby either. 
Yang Li overcoat
thanks nn. that melton parka looks really nice. I also like their mohair knits which looks a bit more generous in sizing. 
is all Lad Musician stuff cut for string beans?
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