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It's the middle of July, so I wore my Snowpants.      Ys blazer moca x sol lewitt tee snowpants forfex sneakrs
MoK, I have this strange premonition that the longshoreman-roustabout version of you is around the corner ready to rough up the flower-child beatnik version of you.       I say this having affinity for both modalities. 
This is still a valuable thread, but it helps if we know the personal style of the poster asking the question -- without context it's really hard to give any meaningful answer.
funny yellow kangaroo pockets on that Folk jacket. Dries shoes are sorta meh. ok I guess.    but I like Junya stuff with all the crazy pockets and cheap sneakers, so take with grain of salt. 
It's a replica of a replica. 
I think the lesson here is that you have to be talented, attractive or famous for a polo to look good.   http://notapolo.bandofoutsiders.com    
I think the SF Barneys had that at the beginning of the season. Not sure what they have left of S/S, but it might be worth a visit -- or give them a call.
high waisted full trou are excellent, esp with the looser, longer jacket. my preference would be for a plain white shirt, but the floral does add to the slight 50s "on holiday in Havana" look.    btw B!CD, actually (:-) the 30s are the CM golden age. the 50s were too decadent for the classic guys: big shoulders, ventless jackets, atomic age Jetson patterns, tiny bow ties, etc. they were like the douchebag players community of the time.
 schweaty balzers! grab one. 
thanks nn.  will give the Uniqlos a whirl this fall.   I remember reading somewhere in the great archives of MC, that there are actually now only a couple grades of cashmere available on the global market as opposed to 20 yrs ago when there were more options and higher grades available. There are only a few makers today who still have access to the good stuff (Scotland?), and everyone else uses basically the same raw material suppliers.    Hendrix, I have one knit from...
New Posts  All Forums: