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looks great c4st
 TBT from the 9-Tre   Stüssy + Chuck Ts
nice! LB and reggae seem inseparable. I dee-jayed at KUCI one semester hahah. Also used to buy Stussy at Equipe and vintage shirts at Tippecanoes.
Sound Spectrum?
Brands that incorporate the original 60s details are all gonna be in that range. But check out Mollusk, Banks, Yellow Rat for other options. Some are less expensive. You can also just try some cheap simulations from somewhere like Old Navy.
   Yep! If it's cold enough (leather weather) I'll bust out the 5 zip. This summer has been so warm so who knows. Is the Margiela store open? I haven't been downtown in awhile. 
Any streetwear dudes want to crash the CM meet at Cafe Zoetrope? Maybe everyone wear a leather jacket. It'll be plaid sport coats vs. leather 5-zips.
Calendar marked. Def up for a drink at Zoetrope but not sure about the Chinatown bar crawl.      btw, I think that's Francis himself sitting at that table in that sidewalk photo.
I like that tee Colabear. I usually don't like allover print tees, but I like that. Palm fronds!    I <3 Marc Jacobs too. Did you read the recent NY Times interview?
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