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there's something off about the epaulet gat to me. I dunno what it is. Leather looks too shiny stiff or something. or maybe the toebox is too big. it's close, but just looks weird to me. I'd go with either the Margiela or the really basic B&W version. or even an all white Samba. but besides a pair of crazy Raf higtops, I usually prefer low-baller sneakers so don't listen to me.     
I liked him because he was a self-taught surfer from San Diego. But I've always been a flat, 2D Saul Bass type guy when it comes to graphic design.
Don't shoot me, but I never really liked David Carson.
 Throwback review: I recently bought the Margiela Rizzoli book and a Branquinho monograph. Both have white canvas covers, because... designers like white, dammit! The Margiela book uses a collage effect throughout, with most of the editorial content appearing as trompe l'oeil inserts -- handwritten letters, faxes, screen captures of Word docs, etc. So conceptual! Actually I quite enjoyed the gags. The book pretty much covers his career up until 2009. The silver metallic...
I am probably in the minority, but I don't mind tees underneath button up shirts. But usually white looks best, not a dark tee. to me it's an American look but I guess not always.  [[SPOILER]]  With that MrVenneri fit, I think the tucked-in, smart-casual look is better with shorter jeans. If you do the small turn-up (which I really like) it looks good a little shorter so you show off the boot and create a cleaner line. More mod/skin. Longish jeans with cuffs always seem...
Song for Che, 1969       Charlie Haden wore cool Ivy threads in the 60s. Looks like he might have worn Yohji or Issey later in life as well. He was a big social justice / civil rights advocate.    
this one. not really sure what season. but seems when I discover things I really like, they are always from btwn 2006-2009 before I got down with the Streetwear/Designer crew.  
I just bought some older Margiela hi-tops. It's official, I'm always 7 years behind the times. 
Speaking of Tom Ford, I am wearing Tom Ford Extreme today.   It's a sample I got in the SF box exchange. Wearing it for the first time today. I just checked Basenotes for the breakdown and, geez, there are like 20 notes or more in here. A few I am getting, most I'm not. I only put in on about an hour ago so we'll see what happens in another hour or so. I'm getting kind of a burned rubber top note at the moment (which is not listed in the Basenotes list). There's a...
 How anyone begins to ski jump boggles my mind.  btw... any current electronic music I should listen to if I mostly like 60s soul and jazz, 70s disco, pop-melodic-garage-punk rock, gospel and rocksteady/reggae? (yes, disco). I really liked the Disclosure album from a couple years ago which I think Tirailleur mentioned here. But that's kind of the extent of my edm knowledge besides Daft Punk, and the usual stuff that makes it into the Gap and Urban Outfitters playlists.
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