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Back to basics today: Chanel Pour Monsieur   
 :-)  I wouldn't have recognized just by the photo either. The 501 cut has changed so many times over the past 150 years, I found the term "original fit" funny. I think the most recent version has a shorter rise, but still has the same roomy leg as most previous versions. A nice change after ten years of slim fit jeans.  Cool boots. I like the toe and color on those. I just checked out the Rozneyai site. Whoa man, some crazy pimped-out designs. Now I kinda want a penny...
 Five-Oh-Ones. "Original Fit" whatever that means. I had a gift card to Levis store and was feeling very standard issue. In fact, I've been feeling very standard issue when it comes to clothes lately. meh :-/ Nice boots there. Vass chelseas?? I actually have another pair of Norwegians on the way. The tail end of my 2016 spending spree. burp. 
Yeah I think they are Senator model. I actually got them on eBay from some seller in Hollywood. I rolled the dice on the fit, but they turned out to fit really well. I need to put the correct lenses in. Glasses and shoes are really the worst to buy online. So many fails. Spectacles for Humans is a cool shop though! 
Frames are Oliver Goldsmith. Really good quality and good fit. I was going for Aristotle Onassis / Yves Saint Laurent look.     I realized half my shirts are white ocbds. Kind of the perfect shirt.
After buying one thing in January (Brooks Bros ocbd) I really stepped it up the first week in Feb. Feel free to kick me out of SWD. Maybe I should just go over to Ask Andy and Talk Ivy. It's been nice hanging out with you guys.     Made in France     Made in Mexico     Made in USA     Made in Japan     edit: I forgot this too.    Made in England  
Stanley would look rad in a rat tail but there's be some cognitive dissonance with the epaulet stuff.    I just chopped my hair off recently. I'm going for the dishelveled Andy Warhol wig look although mine is real. 
Whoa. I like it. Will #menswear be the common ground that saves the world?
don't jinx it man!
I'll give you the Ferrari when you bust out the all white Margiela suit with no shirt. :-)
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