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omg this is the best thread ever. 
WW Chan Bespoke Double-Breasted Suit Brand new, never worn. Pains me to sell this, but it's just too small for me. Beatifully made suit. Classic proportions and cut, nice crossover and lapels. Best for a true 36 short. Price includes free domestic shipping with tracking via USPS.    • Dugdale Bros (Huddersfield) worsted pick and pick medium weight • 6 x 2 double breasted • regular seam shoulder • flap pockets • flat front trousers with side adjusters   approx...
I think the fuller jeans and tight jacket looks good in that 1940s kinda way. more true retro. 
Alright, so it looks like we've got some winners!    AND THE AWARDS GO TO   Winner: @Synthese for his global nomad indigo trekker fit @Mauro will get in touch with you to send your Wolf vs Goat gift card I'll pm you about the Uniqlo card   Runner Up: @thatoneguy for his deconstructed japanamericana workwear fit I'll pm you to send your special stash gift   Judges Choice: @huhwot for his denim shirt-blazer with octopus appliqué I'll pm you to send your...
please note: due to contractual limitations, Dark Horse and Mug are not eligible for prizes. you can however still cast votes for them.
Nice, @Ken P -- you made it in.    - - - -   VOTING IS NOW IN SESSION - - - >  
:-) I imagine this sung to the tune of "Log" by Ren & Stimpy: "What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs Rolls over your neighbor's pug? What's great for a drink and fits in your sink? It's Mug, Mug, Mug! It's Mug, Mug, it's small, it's heavy, it's clay. It's Mug, Mug, it's better than bad, it's meh... Everyone wants a Mug! You're gonna love it, Mug! Come on and get your Mug! Everyone needs a Mug!"
Time to vote for your favorite denim fit.      HERE    
OK... great showing everyone. Thanks to all who participated. Hope it was fun. This was a beast of a poll, so to keep things manageable I selected just one photo (or some cases 2) from each person and spoilered the others. So make sure you click "more details" if you want to see, um, more details. I hope I didn't forget anyone. The challenge was to feature: DENIMVote now for your favorite fitPoll closes Wed night 27 May Remember, there are prizes for the top two...
New Posts  All Forums: