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For the diehard fan: Bruno Paillard Pour Yohji  
Bruno Mars is a musician. I think he plays like five instruments. He started playing and performing with his parents band in Hawaii when he was very young. Personally I'd rather hear him over TP for an event like this. Plus he got moves like JB, hammer and Michael.
Don't forget Greenberg wrote than in, like, 1962. 
Alec Baldwin name drops Bresciani cashmere socks in Amazon Echo ad. #mc
idk but that was a great ht show
 to be fair it was in the 40s yesterday morning, then 70s during the day. I've also met Mr. Cyc irl. He can pull this off. 
 You should ask in the Scent of the Day thread. There are a lot of knowledgeable guys there.(e.g. @Baron ) I like all those elements except smoke and vanilla. For a light leather, I like Helmut Lang Cuiron. Le Labo Vetiver 46 is sorta woody/herbal with some smoke. But there are tons of other options. TF stuff is too potent for me but he's got some like that. You might also like some of the CdG Incense series.
hecka dope
Yohji whites! Looks nice. Must be warm enough for shorts.    - - -   Video of AW16 below. Might be the oddest soundtrack ever. I got no 50s vibes from the clothes, but I maybe Yohji is nostalgic for the old Cold War era. The clothes look great to me. Gotta get some of those pants. Blue Docs! Also the guy in the front row wearing the invite apron is hilarious with his deadpan gaze.     Yakkety-yak!
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