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It's pretty uncool yeah, but kinda why I like it. the formal equivalent of geek chic. Goes with giant Lincoln gas guzzler. The retro 70s style suits can look cool, but imo you gotta have the rest of the details down: grooming, lifestyle, accessories, etc to go with it. see: 70s rock stars and fashion designers, Jagger, YSL, Bryan Ferry, or new guys LabelKing, Barims, etc.  Stanley, fwiw my favorite suit is that last navy blue one. the more current style fits your frame and...
just throwing this out there  
 now I will read all posts with a chill drum-n-bass g-thang background track.
When I lived in LA most of the thrifts got picked over super quickly, possbly by the many other vintage shops in the city. Not sure what you're looking for. Maybe try Savers in Torrance. You might find trad/classic stuff donated by the Palos Verdes crowd. Maybe a former Laker will have some tall gear. If you want designer stuff, just go check the consignment stores in LA/Hollywood.    btw, your username kicks bass. 
continuing my nautical summer blue theme: Orvical marinière shirt merci No Man styling challenge     Junya x Seil Marchell x Hervier shirt-jacket thing. reversible. heavy linen. lots of cool details, leather patches, loops and buttons, etc. also... I am now Shogun Rank!   
Sneaker Auction  
 so good. wish that were a button down collar. but great combo still. plus the right loafers. +++   me too. I've had a few over the years. they're hard to find in good cond.
@LA Guy if you haven't yet devolved into a bourbon haze, can you recommend a quality narrow belt -- like less than an inch? Kinda dressy but not dorky. Going for 60s look.
^^ Those are very you.   I just bought a cheap burgundy cotton suit from asos.     
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