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See my consolidated SUITS & BLAZERS THREAD   Veronique Branquino Fall/Winter Sportcoat    Nice blazer for that early 80s Margiela vibe. Soft gray worsted flannel with subtle plaid overchecks. 2-button front, flap pockets, slightly narrow and structured shoulders. Single vent. Excellent condition. No signs of wear. Would keep, but too long for me.
vini. vidi. ghostface.  - -   some fodder to keep the challenge going. I was thinking "preppy hobo".   [[SPOILER]]
Those Eidos overcoats look awesome. the design details -- pocket shape, vent and the ulster (?) collar -- all spot on classic. 
bwt.. we should add the other John Doe.
is that Matt Lauer eating trail mix?
 I ran across these bombers by some LA label. have there been other HL bondage era knock-off brands?   / end zissou stream  
 Mega-bit MC! v. nice. Who makes the suit? it's got good lines.
I must be having a "memory lane" moment.. I was crate diving thru the HL archives this morning. He did so much cool stuff esp for women. I don't even know half the story, but I kind of admire that when he wasn't happy, he just threw in the towel and burned everything. Seems weird to have a star designer take over after it being such a blah brand for so long.
  wait, is Plokhov at Helmut Lang now? are they trying to revive the label or something? did I miss this discussion? - - - related RFT:  cleaning out my office and found an Arena Homme from 2003 -- realized I look like I still dress from 2003. 
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