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? not sure what you mean?   that pair that Lorcan posted are pretty cool. my favorite thing is Junya styles it with white Sperrys though :-)
hey eddiee, do you mean the "string" blazers? I have the set-up from Look 1. the jacket is cut fairly boxy but I don't think it's really meant to be oversized. size 3 is a bit long on me and the shoulders a bit too wide. but the body is relatively trim. the cotton doesn't really drape so it kinda holds it shape. I recently found a size 2 in the black gab Look 14 which I don't have yet, but the measurements are closer to a "normal" fit for me. I think most of these are...
 Nice work from Paris photographer Elise Toide also here. Lots of backstage, details and campaigns. I like her style, def an old school film vibe.            
new Celine campaign w Joan Didion "Why old age is having a fashion moment"       related BOF article "Bright Old Things and the Silver Spend"
 thanks dude. I just cut and pasted a couple different photos on top of another, adjust light level and voilá. I use PS for work, so it's pretty quick.    as a friend just told me, i'm letting my freak flag fly. thx man! :-)
yes! have a nice yohji.         btw @davidlee388 love that fit with the hakama and asymmetric blazer. really great silhouette. 
    jan-jan van essche smock knit thing - wearing inside out :/ yohji cupro pants tweed vans
    el supremo!
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