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that article reads like the creative brief I just got for a new project — even down the to the abundant use of 'single quote marks'.
^ one of my all time favorites. I went thru a LC binge earlier this summer.
some Kapital kilim trousers.      also EG moleskin bedford jacket Birki-logs Zissou belt uniqlo ocbd
 yeah, hence the ninja edit of my original rant which I thought was kinda mean-spirited after I wrote it. The 3Sixteen guys seem nice and make good looking jeans and what-not. Doing a collab with Herman Miller is great, if maybe a little marketing-hoohah. I'm far from cynical and I'm all for brands and people doing their thing and developing their own style. It's cool if other people like it, I just thought veg tan leather was a weird choice for that chair. Find Finn will...
haha, I'm trying to keep an open mind and resist the "kids these days / get off my lawn" impulse. the gist was: - baseball mitt leather, ew- bean bag- deification of eames- yuppie status symbol- craft beard guy- twitter- Mission condo
nvm. surly rant.
Yohji sizing can fluctuate quite a bit. I'd err on the side of looser.   I go with size 3 most of the time, sometimes 2. I like Yohji's military-inspired stuff a lot (maybe the most), but I'm not a big fan of the exposed crotch zip on those.
I'm wearing some Yohji pants today which have a super long rise and really wide legs. Makes me look like a 'Lil Homie but it's a nice change from the 2 pairs of slim jeans I've been waering pretty much since last spring.
$350   cool jacket
but the espadrilles make it for me! perfect for winter at the desert pad. i think the matching patches are a little overboard. but that Blue-in-Green vibe is super chill.
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