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Today: Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum (femme)  I had a small original bottle of this which I went through awhile ago. I just picked up the re-issue version and have been wearing it for the past week. Lovely floral, powdery musk.    re: Le Labo Santal, I've always wanted to like it, but it somehow never clicked with me. Then a girlfriend of mine came over wearing it and I thought it was great on her. So, whatevs.   @L'Incandescent  I finally gave the Dries x Malle another...
this is from awhile ago so maybe it doesn't count. but I'm wearing this Schneider poncho thing today since it's freeezing here.       I've always liked this Dries image.  
what jeans are those? or do you mean no jeans? :-)
   Thx man. suede trucker jacket is Donup (Yoox brand). I haven't receievd it yet so not sure about quality or fit yet. I had LA Guy's "Route 66 drifter" in mind with that though. 
I will pay more for designer version if I like it better. Sometimes the original makers have kinda boring cuts or colors so the upcharge for the designer version is worth it to me.    I don't know if they have alpaca but I really like the Howlin' lamswool knits. They do traditional fabrics but interesting colors and designs. 
kinda went nuts this month.                   
The problem with those is that the actual splatter painting is neither as nuanced as a Jackson Pollock or as stylized as a Stone Roses album cover. It's just some random guy (or machine) in a factory flicking paint. :-) But who knows, it could look cool with a all denim look .
 Both. Art and commerce are not ideal bedfellows. And it was not his best work. The end was especially schmaltzy and abrupt. 
Coat.   • you can nix the sideboard if you get rid of a some of that unused kitchen stuff we all have and just use your cabinets. it will also feel good. • one extra mortgage payment won't make too much difference. you'd have to do that consistently for many years to see any benefit (reduction of principle). • if you wait until January, will you want a different coat—or this same one? if same one, just get it now :-)     See how good we are at rationalizing...
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