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 you can actually fill your own nespresso pods? that would be great.  for a quickie home shot it's not too bad. the machine was a gift ... so now i'm 'in the club'. someday I'll upgrade to something nicer. too much to buy. 
Delivery guy just showed up with what I thought was my weekly jawnz fix -- it was a box of Nespresso refills.   I alternate btwn espresso pulls and Beehouse pour overs.  
dork power!   (referring to steveoffice's thom browne jacket + also dlester's reading list)
the in-stitches transformation is going as planned.
in SF the gourmet mex places seems to be co-existing with the traditional taquerias. at least the good ones seem to still be thriving. It's probably more about real estate and lease agreements than food quality tho.  I have to admit there's something nice about having the option of top-shelf margarita and grass fed carne asada tacos.  /: yuppiehipster
another great hat fit
 HOF fit 
some really good entries. fun challenge, kudos ghostface. the only way to make that kgfan fit look better is if it were taken on a 38' Scarab.
 that is almost a fuuma homage.  so nice. love that coat. 
This might not interest everyone (I did mention gardening in the subtitle:-)... but Dries' home is featured in this month's Vogue. It's an 1840s estate outside of Antwerp. Dries has mentioned that he likes that he works outside of a major city and the hassles, pressures and maybe influences that major city life entails. You can also see how his love for gardening and collecting old stuff finds its way into his design. I think even the 2012 fencing collection might be...
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