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diff material, similar cut: here
  Ellsworth Kelly's mocs
I've also learned that some languages include spaces before punctuation , which always looks weird to me .    also    You got Strunked!
I just read that Grumpy Cat is a $100 million business. 
this is the one I got. I understand about closet space. I've got limited space, so I try to only hold on to the stuff I will wear a lot. 
 Rent-a-swag! - I'm with you. the patchwork stuff is cool, but it's kinda so overthetop that it would be one of those "oh, wearing the patchwork jacket again I see" kinda things. I actually bought the more toned down officer jacekt which is color blocked but not boro-patched out. 
yes, yes. a 20 dollar labcoat would look and feel exactly the same. you can also go to Payless and get some 14.99 oxfords. they look just like Edward Greens.
your glasses are great. tune out the noise. tune in the psych-fuzz.    hah: jinx naheun
speaking of Los Angeles entertainment in the 60s... thought someone here would get a kick out of this shot of Davy Jones in '69.   
 that looks cool. I hope you're wearing the hat outdoors though!--edit1: we could all use more Monkees gifs.-edit2: @ManofKent looks great. it's young-ish, but you can pull it off. maybe untuck tee (if length doesn't compete wth jacket)?
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