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... dumb pitti post
haha! I wouldn't really call that streetwear tho. more like straight up bizcaz-CM.   I still think the plain old khaki is hard to make look cool in the SW sense (unless you have innate T1 level swag sauce).  [[SPOILER]]   ok, enough about khakis 
ok point taken.  maybe I should have said "on me". on you however... looks great. the accessories really do help move it away from bizcazh. ;-)
wall rep!  
 yeah, navy or even just denim. I've come to think khakis almost never look good (in a streewear context) with anything. too much association with biz-casz.  If you don't want to do the full Lookbook outfit, I think the Gentry guys style EG pretty well.  
 pompous and ridiculous article with idiotic premise. "why of course there is just one universal ideal of dress: elegance!  All these hoodlums dressed in t-shirts and jeans are ruining the fabric of society! If only everyone dressed like an English artistocrat from 1920, our moral compass would be fixed! Oh, the good old days when men had personal haberdashers and women didn't have that pesky right to vote."
dudes in my city:    36% barista 22% Zuckerberg 17% outdoor dadcore 15% thug  4% fashion boy  3% sufu 2% CM 1% El Bert
love that ^
last minute entry?           dreezvano bbbf engineered garments sperry warby parker
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