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are the supima tees available? they've been out of stock on the website for weeks. and last time i went to the sf store they were out. 
I bought some full cut jeans recently. I think they can look pretty cool, not the exaggerated raver things, but just full old-timey Levis style cut.
voated for concept4st -- i liked the "textural interplay", layers and various shades of black and gray, not just stark black/blue. also black shoooz.    lots of good fits tho. black and blue is a good combo.
already a few things for sale on the auction sites. really liking this collection.  
huh?   I did have a MH knit like that one, but different color. it's pretty heavy weight and I guess I just wasn't feeling it. someone with more steez bought it from me - same price as I got it for and much less than the one on gruiled. I don't mind because it looks better on him than me.    I bought 2 things yesterday from "that site" though. 
yeah pretty intense. I guess a lot of the prints and ornamentation is inspired by Miao China.
a few more backstage photos of A/W15-16 w different views. the fireman jackets are growing on me.              
@Kaplan  I believe they are just the London boot model, but no speed hooks. def inspired by Fuuma's pair, but I think he went with the wingtip and nowegian sole. I went P2 last with plain double sole.   @Eddiee  got those from eBay last year. I always keep an eye for old HL stuff. that season was so good.    @penanceroyaltea @Bam!ChairDance I was going to say I am lazy and all black is easy, but I'm gonna go with BCD's explanation :-) a white dress shirt would...
hahah, I'm just a fashion dweeb like everyone else here.
vintage 2003         Dries Van Noten dinner jkt Helmut Lang aviator (aka mariachi) pants Vass Fuuma boots Unqlo tee
New Posts  All Forums: