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I am only wearing thrashed jeans, running shoes, oh and now I have a mullet. 
I am thumbing your post.
 I was eyeballing that too. But the big sleeve cuffs kill it for me. I think I'd rather have a true trucker design. But, the 5-zip version is really the nice one. I missed out on it last year and it's the only thing on my "want list" right now. Surely there are a few nights you can were a light suede jacket in the tropics. ?
 love that look. no socks and all.
^ I love gospel/r&b house.    -  Been on a Fela kick (again) recently:  
I see what you mean by "comfort scent". That's an interesting concept probably deserving more discussion.    Today it's Encre Noire -- or as my friend likes to say "Sycomore's little brother".    Great packaging design, black cube inkwell.  
http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k225770300 @jet
hmmm. interesting, I'll have to try that.p.s. I like your new photo. What happened to Dave Davies? :-)- - -Today it's Dries Van Noten x Frederic Malle. I really wanted to like this. The powder is nice, but it's too sticky-sweet for me. The dry back is okay, but the first 2 hours are a bit much. Oh well.
 http://www.vogue.com/13456477/sleazy-guy-style-trend-spring-2017/ The Wonderfully Sleazy 1970s Fashion of Ben Cobb  
  I'm getting a strong Naugahyde vibe. 
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