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 I think he makes a lot of different patterns -- some roomy, some slim and sometimes both within the same season. especially noticeable with the tailored outerwear, some coats really oversized with dropped shoulders and others with super narrow, roped shoulders and a slim/clean chest. I think there are some perennial styles he makes each season, like a slim single breasted suit, which is almost a full size smaller than my usual size. I have about a half dozen Dries suits...
Sadly a lot of Dries is cut for Thin White Dukes
Speaking of $40K jackets, Yohji teamed up with Peter Saville again for some of the Y-3 SS14 collection and branding campaign. I just saw this tee for sale. (sorry if this is old news) 
 Cut of the jackets look perfect. Love the slightly 30s vibe. 
why have I just now seen the term "athleisure"?
 nice 90s slacker vibe. tautagow should aim for something like this. shaka\ !!! /
if you don't mind mall shopping: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/pants/bowerypants/PRDOVR~90312/90312.jsp
I ditched my standard cut "khakis" for ones that are more cut like jeans in the leg. So they have a slimmer/stackier leg but still have slash pockets.  Standard cut chinos make me feel like #superdadguynormcoreseinfeld.   p.s. I've always used the term "khakis" until I realized that's more of a color and that "chino" better referred to the material. 
 Yeah.. I like Locanda. I think it's loosely Roman as in they have squash blossoms and guanciale and other traditonal Roman things. I definitely go for the grilled meats and fish. They use a cherry wood grill that makes pretty much anything taste amazing. also pretty good cocktails. 
wow! looks like a great time David.    totally agree this collection is both immediately likeable and keeps getting better with more views.  Twins are back. Suits are back. Cats are lost. I'm totally going to get a Yohji bandana headscarf.    
New Posts  All Forums: