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 hahaha! nope, I'm afraid it's pre-dazzled. I know it's kinda corny but I like it. At least it will be a conversation starter.   You don't like my regulation 3.5" three-button collar suedehead approved shirt? ;-) Yah, a more subtle pattern or solid would probably be btter. I was going for maximum visual noise and it had some blue and green in the jacket so thought it might work. 
"Coat season" started here this week. Unfo. it only lasts about 3 weeks. :-( Branquinho tweed trench. Hard to tell but it has lots of cool quilting and insert panels.       
Yeah, it's a dark gray flannel suit. The jacket is a 2-button with no vent. but DB would look great with the flares. After havig a bunch of Chan thigns, I think their DB jackets are by far the best thing they do. 
A friend of mine once described Dries (the older collections) as "recreating your favorite thrift shop finds" -- but he meant it in the most positive sense. Maybe because uses so many different fabrics and draws on military/historic tailoring there's a sense of vintage about his clothes. The styling was certainly eclectic in past collections.   
I am wearing long pants today, too.        Branquinho harris tweed jacket Thomas Mason shirt WW Chan flannels Crockett & Jonez    #bedazzled tiger crew anyone?
Oh, I like the look still it's just become a "thing" now. I love the idea of saving $$ and looking good. :-)
   The all black Victorian seems to be the latest trend over on this side of town. It's usually paired with a bright tutti-fruit colored front door. That combo looked fresh when I first saw it a few yrs ago but now I'm getting a tech commuter bus vibe from it. I do like the monochrome look though. usually people go overboard with colors on those Victorians. Depending on what other houses are nearby, maybe you can choose a single color and do variations of tones of the same...
@dieworkwear Cuiron is fairly light and fades relatively quickly on me too. I don't mind that though. I actually prefer it to something that overstays its welcome. An exception is Van Cleef & Arpels Cologne Noir -- I love it but the price is soo high I wish it lasted longer :-)   Today: Comme des Garcons EdP (original)   Christmas in a bottle
Good to know. I do like the scent. I just ordered a bunch of Olivia's samples on Lucky Scent. Thanks for the tip. 
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