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whoa nice. I was going to post more inspiration pix, but obv we dont need those anymore.  
"The Parker"  
alright! our fearless leader is in the mix. would love to see details of that scarf and jacket.  - -here's a super basic fit from yesterday.   no-name yoox denimOrcival marinier shirtDries nubby wool/cotton motoStans  [[SPOILER]]
I can feel the indigo bleeding from here. nice work guys. keep 'em coming.
I still have a decant of Derby from @Baron. My friend said it smells like money -- with which I totally agree. 
The elongated tail on the "Q" clearly signals a "commitment to quality". If they had gone with the a normal sized short tail, I'd have thought "fast fashion, disposable". 
BREAKING NEWS! @Mauro from Wolf vs Goat is kicking in a 100 buck gift card for the winner.  He's got some nice slim fit denim under a hun'. Get on it, dudes.  
as long as denim is the main feature, feel free to get all up in your hoodie
 yeah. just thought it would make it fun. definitely post a fit if you've got the time. 
re-issued Helmut Lang Cuiron today   I like it. I sampled but never owned a bottle of the original so it's hard for me to remember/compare, but I like the new version. definitely a light leather. I get some plum/fruit and woody notes. It's a year rounder for me -- not too heavy, not too light.
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