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 that looks great dude. would it be going against the EG ethos to shirt tuck? cause I think that would also look good esp how crisp the white/navy combo is. that shirt is sweet.  - - - re: hair. I always think the short haired dudes in all the EG lookbooks looks cooler than their long hair models. maybe it's all the mid-century cues in the EG clothes, but I think the 1940s razer cut or buzz goes great with all that cropped jacket, button-downed collar, military-outdoorsy...
 or writing a pop song. #blurredlines
heck yeah
love that
oski fit out of control good.  regis suit fit looking great casual-luxe as usual penanceroyaltea glad to meet u too. nice junya.
Looks like Daiki and Yohji are on the same page.    [[SPOILER]]
Stan is the man. Didn't know he passed away. He was probably amused at the recent hype.   I've worn Stans for over 20 years and currently have about 8 pairs in rotation. 2 green, the rest are navy or white which imo is a little easier to integrate into my wardrobe of mostly blue/gray/black/tan. But green will always be the iconic version as it reads "tennis" right away.   fwiw when they reintroduced them in 2014, after being "discontinued", Adidas raised the price and...
will do. should be in a few weeks. will pm
looks good kitonbrioni
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