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heheh, I know probably not ideal shoe with this combo. can anyone hook me up with some leather Moroccan slippers?    Tiralleur and I may be the only ones here who like tassles.
tassles!     Dries Uniqlo C&J   thanks to @el Bert for the jacket find. from my fave 06 DvN collection.  
KenP shredding shorebreak in EG...  insta-vote!   super fun challenge. nice work by everyone. nn, gas pumping takes a lot of energy. I had to get out of the car! plus this place is down across the tracks so it's sketchy too. :-D
It's the middle of July, so I wore my Snowpants.      Ys blazer moca x sol lewitt tee snowpants forfex sneakrs
MoK, I have this strange premonition that the longshoreman-roustabout version of you is around the corner ready to rough up the flower-child beatnik version of you.       I say this having affinity for both modalities. 
This is still a valuable thread, but it helps if we know the personal style of the poster asking the question -- without context it's really hard to give any meaningful answer.
funny yellow kangaroo pockets on that Folk jacket. Dries shoes are sorta meh. ok I guess.    but I like Junya stuff with all the crazy pockets and cheap sneakers, so take with grain of salt. 
It's a replica of a replica. 
I think the lesson here is that you have to be talented, attractive or famous for a polo to look good.   http://notapolo.bandofoutsiders.com    
I think the SF Barneys had that at the beginning of the season. Not sure what they have left of S/S, but it might be worth a visit -- or give them a call.
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