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 thx Regis. it was fun, and sort of weird, wearing all white today. at least it was in the 70s here in Cali.    leland, the jacket is Barena. unlined cotton. super summer-y.
What makes "The Look" appealing to me is the use of solids and understated materials. Having owned lots of vintage 60s thrift stuff, I can attest to a certain flatness to the colors and dullness of fabrics that was part of the overall appeal. these things also added to the uniformity that was to me essential to the power of the Ivy (or whatever adjective you prefer) Look.    I understand that this thread is about how that original stuff has evolved, but I kind of agree...
  white lines ray bans
notwithit, I want to see you in some long, drapey overcoats and flowing pants. you've got the build for the fashunz.
 yeah, the Belle Epoque style is quite cool. as are their window displays. A few photos from Dries' blog below. also... now that we know you live nearby, you're obliged to report back from HQ on occasion. ;-)      
I think that's totally legit. After all fashion is sort of a form of fantasy anyway. Dries' notion of chillin' on a beach in Spain is just as real as someone else's actually being there. The dream is often more beautiful than reality.
So, one of the things Dries is known for is his sense of travel and use of traditional crafts like embroidery and ethnic prints. Sometimes these things are just elements added to a larger idea -- other times they are integral to the overall theme. One of my favorite collections is the one he did for men Spring-Summer 2006 where travel and craft are very much part of the story. Over the past couple years I've looked through all his past work and I keep coming back to this...
  it's sort of like when a song from your favorite band shows up in a Doritos commercial -- still an awesome song. 
 I think the issue is with the lead photo.    also isn't the appeal of James Bond and Don Draper all about the simple understated white or pale blue shirt?
New Posts  All Forums: