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   nailed it. Formosa suit?
  It reminded me of "How to Get Ahead in Advertising".
I bought a Zara SLP knock-off shirt recently. 
I like that ^ looks comfy.
 Barims also accessorizes with very specific, complementary things. It's not about throwing a wild colored jacket on top of CBD gray flannels, blue shirt and navy tie.
I think a bit of flare looks good almost any time. I like the visual break between jacket and trouser rather than a continuous column.     
You might be able to move just the patch if it's sewn on top of the sleeve (vs cut in the pattern). 
 I've been on the look for a subdued western suit, but they are surprisingly difficult to find. The new versions available at the western shops seem to all be 100% poly and cut like sacks. Would love to find something like this. Anyone have any RTW source suggestions?  oh btw, I recently bought a straw Open Road which is a great match with this style imo. 
New Posts  All Forums: