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Rick Owens Sternberg Super nice quality calf leather. Simple easy to wear jacket, i.e. doesn't require "full Rick". I think this is from FW2012 collection. Bought at Mr Porter for over 2K. Worn a handful of times. Excellent, almost new condition. Sadly too small for me. Fits slim for a 38.    Free priority shipping to the US.   Size 38/48 shoulders: 17" chest: 19" length: 25" sleeves: 28" including cuff  
I hope you got a Mother Karen and some Vuarnet's for Christmas.
 Good point. I think I just don't like the hunting-fishing-woodchopper stuff. Or at least I like it when it looks more modern like that Frwrd stuff. I was just ranting.
cashmere crewnecks are my go to to keep warm.    I like EG but only to a point. The shapes and cuts are all cool. But the overall design vibe is like a 1950s Field & Stream on steroids. Too retro for me personally. Also too rumple-y and scratchy. I'm a sucker for sheen, luxury and drape. 
Thanks, dude. The parka is from one of the auction sites. There are always a few cream/off-white things every season, but they probably don't sell as well as the black/darker stuff.  I mostly like it for warm weather, but "winter white" can be nice too.    
If you're not going to pop the question, I'd get her a bracelet instead of a ring.    Someone buy this jacket!
if you're taking suggestions, a slightly more specific search function would be great for B&S. maybe with tick boxes to show active listings or filtering sizes.    it's nice that it's free though! I'm not complaining. 
New Story et Fall chelseas. Size 41.5 Sadly too small for me. Good last shape and nicely made. Walked around inside the house for 15 min. Free priority shipping inside the US. Comes with the rubber sole and metal tap options and original box.   
My kind of psychedelia. Happy holidays everyone!    
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