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pastoral steeze. where is that Fuuma?
Ralph wears some big ass shoulders, and it can look pretty good in that knda 30s40s way. But yeah I like the Boglioli on you better.
I just bought some Tevas #normcore  
also seen it in Rolling Stone, sandwiched between Ringo Starr for Skechers and Bud Light Lime-a-Rita ads.
bad@ss coat KindO... maybe alligator boots, conch belt, flares for an alternate look. :-)
 I'm not getting any Ivy vibes there. Am I missing something? Kinda nice no-structure cardigan-style blazers, but the cuts and details don't seem very IL to me.
any other SFers?
 I forgot I had a late meeting, will you still be there around 8-ish? 
You gotta hand it to the Stones for making bowl cuts and maracas sexy.   btw, I think that's the Tami show where they had to go on right after James Brown tore the house down.
New Posts  All Forums: