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I thought it was pretty good commentary.  
there's no way I would survive an apocalypse, so I would go for the most comfort possible in my last 24hrs. I'd grab a couple yohji things, and for one last burst of joy, I'd head to the beach.     y-3 shorts yohji cardigan board tequila   - - -   p.s. Last Man On Earth is a great series to add to the End of the World movie/tv themes.  Margarita Pool scene
for some reason than CPsole/Lanvin/silouette style seems like it will be looked back on as the Prada hybrid red stripe sneaker of the '10s. 
I can't remember -- or find -- the full list of online stockists. I should have put one on the first page. But here are some I have bookmarked:   Barneys The Corner Totokaelo Browns End. Autograph Yoox Mohawk General Store MAC sf Tres-Bien
I've always like the Patagonia vibe. Chouinard seems like a cool cat.   Funny, I just read the Marie Kondo book several weeks ago. It's kinda self-helpy but her premise is pretty good. Why not have everything you own bring you some kind of joy? The trick for people like us is that she starts her weeding process with clothing -- apparently the "easiest" category to go through... for most people! I still like hanging on to certain things even if I don't wear them much....
 I pretty much like the whole collection and that there are lots of suits and outerwear but also a lot of casual things like linen shirts, embroidery and graphic elements. The theme was loosely "Salvador Dali at the beach in Spain after a long night of partying" which is okay in my book. I have a few things from this season which I love even tho I hadn't discovered Dries until a couple years later. 
SS2006 4eva
haha! Don't chew anyone out yet. There's a high probability of "user error" -- I do have the auto-fill, auto-remember thing on in my settings. I jsut have a phone (5s ios 9.2.1) -- no tablet. I think I just got it working though. I clicked a few things in the phone settings.  You mean there are other social websites? "-)  well, besides Purseforum.
    While you're at it... I went back to check the sign in screen, but there isn't a "remember me" box at least on safari for iphone. whenever I close safari and go back I'll be signed out.  c'mon like what do I do when I'm waiting for the subway, read a book?
You can call it my "lost decade".     
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