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I was hoping for a sipang "fit-pic" under that spoiler  
I think (just confirmed via wikipeee) that Miles soundtrack was improvised in one session. I've always liked the records but it always felt more of a jam session than a fully baked album. Still makes me want to walk around a rainy city in a trenchcoat.  I've never heard of Black Flower either. I like it. Reminds me a little of early Yusef Lateef. Sorry my references are always through 60s jazz nerd lens.  Speaking of inter-cultural-jazz here's another of my favorites from...
I bought a scented candle today from my neighborhood gift shop. I'd never heard of the brand before and looked them up online and this is their home page:      The Mission Fig doesn't really give me a "hard rock" vibe, but it's still pretty nice. 
nah nah man! I'm so used to the "modern" slimmed down MA-1 fit that the big one felt weird. 
youll be good. I ordered a Large and should have gone with Medium. it's def. a traditional full fit. but details and quality are good. 
I want one of these too. The Lemaire Uniqlo one I got was too big for me and sent it back. 
 hahaha! nope, I'm afraid it's pre-dazzled. I know it's kinda corny but I like it. At least it will be a conversation starter.   You don't like my regulation 3.5" three-button collar suedehead approved shirt? ;-) Yah, a more subtle pattern or solid would probably be btter. I was going for maximum visual noise and it had some blue and green in the jacket so thought it might work. 
"Coat season" started here this week. Unfo. it only lasts about 3 weeks. :-( Branquinho tweed trench. Hard to tell but it has lots of cool quilting and insert panels.       
Yeah, it's a dark gray flannel suit. The jacket is a 2-button with no vent. but DB would look great with the flares. After havig a bunch of Chan thigns, I think their DB jackets are by far the best thing they do. 
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