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My one minute synopsis of this months GQ. Typed on phone in airport bar somewhere in zissou country: - lighten up Kanye - also Kanye quote on tonal dressing not bad - Gucci cafe racer prett good - denim duffle wtf? - not as good space pope fit - who wears shearling on the riviera? - moto pants, here again - GQ pocket squares suck - fuck you #menswear - sex column - Glenn obrien, gray is okay - vampir weekend, really? - boob graphix - cheap leather jackets look cheap -...
 +1 I've got the same knit in gray. It's super nice, comes with a leather bound saftey pin. does sipang disapprove of zip cardis? for some reason the zip on this doesn't bug me, maybe it's the longer length. I also don't like mock necks very much, but somehow this one works. 
  NO!it's just loud enough :-) I like it.
 I think the length looks good as it is right now. Looks nice with your summer gear. I can see how a more sculpted 40s cut would also look good with your heavier workwear stuff.   ironically -- or maybe embarrassingly --  my hair is the exact same length and style in '14 as it was in '94 (except that it's turning gray, hahah!)
 I have a few things that I own only because I think they are beautiful things. I'll wear them 2x a year for certain occasions, but I still like having them.
 I'm game for doing this. pm me!
I like the flowing locks, MoK
edit:  zissou beat me to it.   I like black and navy as long as the shades blend well. this ML look is pretty nice. though sometimes it's hard to tell if such a dark color is charcoal or navy or black, esp in a photo.     I always liked this Master Milano photo. don't think it's MH but w/e still nice.    
Marc Jacobs SS15  
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