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Jan Jan Van Essche Knit Super comfy knit sweatshirt/sweater/smock thing. Soft cotton with pockets and drawstring. Purchased new from Hotoveli in LA. I've worn it a couple times -- actually inside out which is kinda cool since it has pockets on  both sides. No marked size. Fit is generous. Retail was $300+   $140 shipped to anywhere USA   No size -- about Medium-Large shoulder: raglan (approx 20") chest: 25" length: 30" sleeve: raglan (approx 26")
UNIQLO x LEMAIRE olive trousers Wool. Single pleat. NEW. Sadly these didn't work for me. Free shipping to the USA.   Size 32 waist: 16.5" rise: 12" inseam: 33" leg opening: 7.25"
UNIQLO x LEMAIRE white jeans Brand new! These didn't work for me :-(  Includes shipping in the USA.   Size 32 waist: 16.5" rise: 11" inseam: 32" leg opening: 7.5"
Ludwig Reiter attaché Nice soft pigskin. Medium-dark brown. Fits a 15" laptop and standard notepad. Lined with fur (?) and nice quality hardware.  Includes free shipping anywhere in the USA. Brand new. From The Armoury. 
     p.s. Martin Margiela sells his brand to Diesel 2002. Project Runway starts 2003. Coincidence?
So I was cleaning out some shelves this weekend and ran across an old issue of "Six" by Comme des Garcons which was a print promotion they did each season. Ms Parker has a stash of 90s fashion mags and ephemera.    featuring John Malkovich and Christy Turlington :-D                  
I ended up with Emeril by All-Clad because the handles are just really nice and easy to hold. And LeCreuset for ovens and braisers even though they are a bit unweildy.  
I love the underlying ideas (skinhead, mod, British fabrics, buffalo plaid, winklepickers and solid basics) and I can see some of his past early 00s vibes coming through, but the proportions and styling looked a little wonky to me. I've just never been a fan of those extended jacket shoulders and weird egg-shaped sweaters. Plus the dad-jeans and logo tops are dubious. (double roll cuff, c'mon Driessss). But there are a few pieces that look pretty amazing. The duffle/parka,...
dHail Sid Caesar!
   I think the view that body is inferior to the mind (or spirit) became more widely accepted during the first century or two of Christianity as the different church leaders battled it out for the orthodox views of the new religion. Most people being converted were poor ancient pagans who couldn't read or afford fire jawnz and Equinox memberships -- so the discussion was pretty limited to the educated class. 
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