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 Is that Black Mass? I'm so not tough enough for that. I'm more like Inherent Vice meets Darjeeling Limited.
 cool. what issue? I just looked thru the design annual but didn't see anyone wearing EG. :-)
oh shit, mbaum, grail car.   do you have a good hydraulic mechanic? :-D
 ParkerMember since 2005
Tame Impala in 8-bit videogame midi   #nerds!    
you can try firstview
 HOF pic! - - - @shoreman1782 Is that the Mac you posted in the should I/shouldn't I thread? looks great, good decision to go no hood.
outfit / car synergy     vintage Pendleton shirt uniqlo tee levi 511 or dh can't remembr stan smiths vintage raybans VW diesel   
 Yes! Keep it simple and Gus always has good recommendations. I just RSVP'd, so I'll be there. 
Yeah definitely a bit of 19thC vibe. Looks cool. Never been to the north of France. Some day.
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