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In 2000s I was in my minimalist-architect phase. 
jetted pocket I like for tuxedo or sometimes a really fine, sleek suit. but on other stuff it looks like something's missing. btw, this is just all my OCD POV. 
I think they can look good on some things like a super casual linen or really sporty stuff -- safari, norfolk, etc. But, usually they look hip-heavy to me, and kinda cartoon-y/balloon-y. Flap pockets just seem cleaner and more balanced to me on pretty much everything. But I like more of clean, minimal city look in general. I really don't like them on a worsted suit. Gross.
Flap pockets > patch
This is why: http://dieworkwear.com/post/125852138504/slim-sharp-and-modern
 my 2 cents. take with grain of salt • get rid of the Chucks (personally I only like all white or all black versions, the others all remind me of Ralph from Happy Days) • first look would look better if everything were black or super dark and you had on black boots • second is fine, I'm really not a fan of shirts left unbuttoned. seems sloppy or something like you're gonna just mow the lawn • third is just kinda dorky. Maybe it would be cooler again if it were all...
"Classic Menswear" is definitely better than "Men's Clothing". I interpret it as simply a jacket-and-tie mode of dress, no matter what the silhouette, era, peacock-quotient, etc. I don't think it was ever meant to mean "timeless" -- just suit-and-tie based. Streetwear is sort of by default "everything else",  though there are still plenty of suits and tailoring -- just a more casual way of wearing them.   Thom Browne is a good example of a designer take on the...
That is like the common denominator (great equalizer? bastard child?) between Fedora Lounge and StyleZeitgeist. Which is my way of saying "that's dope". :_)
I kinda like this space suit crew neck thing. Haven't EG or some other brands done something like this before?  
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