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 a few ideas here. I like white/offwhite jackets and usually keep it really simple and stick to just a couple solids. 
various white/cream/offwhite suits and blazers                  
Not boring. I actually think it's a bit jarring. Like formal and casual collision. Whit linen suits are as about as bold as it gets. I'd prefer more casual accessories like even a slutty tee or frayed button down. I've never liked those super spread collars. But this is just peanut gallery comment
thongs yes! (or zoris)
I'd like to join the SF beach party. I will be wearing flip-flops though in solidarity with soprano. will also bring Schneider blanket wrap and shredded Levis. this will be in Mexico though, right. the Nordic thing was a joke yeah?
I think your current SLP boots have a good toe shape for the suits/slacks you have. even if they are Margiela  those look too exaggerated to me... unless you go with an ultra slim rocker jean thing. just my 2c tho! 
too pointy for your Marti stuff Regis.
lol  Harley merch yeah!
I liked that red and black mohair knit he did awhile ago. the other stuff seems like some spoof of 80s/90s skater culture. 
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