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#SFmisfits   @the shah looking suprisingly put together after I dragged him through the mall on a weekend.   
 opera pumps and other Tods-esque drving shoe monstrosities have always been part of the GQ/menswear playbook. it might look kinda cool in that scheider lookbook, but mostly because of the model. on us mortals, they will look suitsupply- euro-douchey. or worse. I've learned the hard way boots and laceups always look better (unless you' got Tiralleur level style). I say this as a big fan of traditional penny loafers. but I really only like them in that thrift shop /...
love that bomber. you guys look really good together.
so who took the SWD-MC rumble?
 are those the same shoes you've been wearing in last t-neck fit? they look nicer here. I like this. clean and simple.
miscellaneous knitwear bump                      
is it weird that I thought of @DLester when I saw this on Bourdain's show: [[SPOILER]]
 a few long-ish possiblities from in the Hendrix palette: (promo code: YOOXROULETTE) teal Yohji mauve Burberry greige Boglio pink tropical print Y-3 olive Umit Benan camo
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