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 I just use parfum. More like a rive gauche hippie.  
sizing can be all over the place, but mostly TTS ime. the more current seasons seem to fit slimmer than earlier ones. A lot of Dries suit jackets and blazers have really narrow shoulders so not great for built up dudes. I just checked out the SS15 stuff at MAC and the suits were super slim. I'm usually 48 but even the 50 felt narrow. the AW14 moto pants seem to fit more true fwiw.
Fran sounds like she hangs out in CM.
use your celebrity doppelganger
v. cool agvs ^   - - are we really talking about "slight breaks" and .25" tailoring in sw&D? :-D  -- ime fabric quality + fabric weight + good pattern are the factors of perfectly straight-hanging pants (if that's what your'e going for). and they should pretty much do that off the rack. having a tailor try to nip and tuck a pair that doesn't naturally hang straight usually doesn't work.
yeah I can see more of a modern mash-up which I guess happens with every style revival.   I've always found 70s Northern Soul fashion horrendous -- although I love the music (and still go out dancing a lot). 
do you think oxford bags and u-neck vests will really catch on? 
 that looks great dude. would it be going against the EG ethos to shirt tuck? cause I think that would also look good esp how crisp the white/navy combo is. that shirt is sweet.  - - - re: hair. I always think the short haired dudes in all the EG lookbooks looks cooler than their long hair models. maybe it's all the mid-century cues in the EG clothes, but I think the 1940s razer cut or buzz goes great with all that cropped jacket, button-downed collar, military-outdoorsy...
 or writing a pop song. #blurredlines
heck yeah
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