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RFT: stressful work day made me miss out on time-sensitive purchase of desirable fashion item.
That foulard andover looks pretty cool, p_royaltea. (nudge:-)
yay MoK!    I second the endorsement of 511s as a good slim, but not too slim, option. they're also cheap and levi's has 30% sales every other day.
Def like Sun Ra... and also the slightly less out there, but similar space traveler Yusef Lateef.  @Lorcan7     
huaraches? claro que sí!
that's fantastic, david. the back of the jacket is amazing. love the overal proportions as well. the cropped trouser and boot combo is one of my favorites.
I solved this problem by getting a larger size and belting. I can can eat like a king and they will still fit! yay!   btw great stuff, Mr Snowman. I like the elastic material used for the belt loops and back pocket placket (?). I can see doing a whole waistband in that. Could be a way to solve for in-between sizers.    oh also the rise is awesome! you can go drop crotch or full-on Urkel. 
haha DLester... I hope you wore a nice Rick leather to the Folsom St Fair. 
Dries keeps getting better imo. His earlier stuff  -- late 90s and early 00s-- felt a bit like he was in-line with current trends. I feel like the more recent collections (2005 and on) have been more original -- and maybe more thematically focused (though he did stuff like the Clockwork Orange collection earlier). This is either good or not so good if you're not sold on the theme. This current spring collection "Hawaiian Gothic (?)" won't be everyone's cup of tea. But, if...
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