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Pirate-y. I like it. Skinny pants and all. Caveat I am looking at on phone in an airport
NY Times June 20 
 easy fix: just remove all labels bonus points: sew in new "ChetB" label on everything, voilá brand synergy
 ouch! :-)
gonzo!      at least lunch looked good. and so did the Junhashimoto jackets.
... dumb pitti post
haha! I wouldn't really call that streetwear tho. more like straight up bizcaz-CM.   I still think the plain old khaki is hard to make look cool in the SW sense (unless you have innate T1 level swag sauce).  [[SPOILER]]   ok, enough about khakis 
ok point taken.  maybe I should have said "on me". on you however... looks great. the accessories really do help move it away from bizcazh. ;-)
wall rep!  
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