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Undercover / John  seems cool to me. 
Camel bomber looks kinda nice. I'm undecided on the black trim. And reversible things never seem to work for me. I always end up wearing only one side. After seeing the Margiela tan suede 5zip, I'd do that (if you have 2.5k to spare).   snowman, I like the shape of those pants. I feel like you have to check out the fabric in person to really decide. Somehow I think it will get kinda wrinkly and look just like track pants. That shape would be nice in your signature Snow x...
Are we sure StyleCon is not a new age religious cult?
    Helmut Lang moleskin flight jacket Alexander Wang "Tron" sweatshirt Alexandre Plohkov slim cargo pants Docs
DL, I think George was just a super skinny beanpole with no butt. I was just about to say you have to be like that for flares to look good, but then you have Barims so there goes that theory. 
+1  I saw a tan suede 5-zip from the new season which looks really nice. It's light weight so might work for your occasional cool tropic night. 
 this might be outdated now, but I rented an apt in LQ about 8 yrs ago and walked to a place called Le Pre Verre which was pretty nice, good but unpretentious. There was also another more locals place right across from our apt that was great, rustic fare. filled with locals drinking too much wine and smoking like chimneys. food was goood and atmosphere was fun. I'll try to dig up the name.  I like to stay around Rue Vavin the last couple times I went to Paris. It seems a...
I just saw this vid from everyone's favorite French band.Are you looking for eye candy or also criticism/reviews? I like eye mag for writing. There's also design boom, shift.jp, design observer. For visuals there are a bunch of tumblrs I can dig up a few of my faves. That one you linked is good. Also sipangs 😀
Yo guys. I need a reco for some solid gray and black med-weight casual socks for boots and sneakers. i.e. not super expensive dress socks. Any ideas?    Help me Styleforum. I don't want to go to Macy's and searching for socks on the internet is scary.   
New Posts  All Forums: