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Re: Things You Buy But Never Wear, Wearing "Flesh Tones" and Shameful, But I Like Them:   Where to kop: western suit in kind of Margiela beige or gray? Not a full decorative rodeo Nudie suit, but just a solid wool maybe with colored piping and bootcut slacks. Most of the versions I've seen are full-on polyester and look like boxes. And usually start at size 46 Long (US size). Maybe our resident Texans have an idea. @Baron @1969               Also, does...
Margiela grooming is the best -- even for old guys. :)
are there still plans to make the SF B&S more user-friendly? or more like the sfmarket?
Today: Encre Noire (again)   I ended up finding the HL parfum from a local shipper, so didn't need to go int'l. Also got a couple samples of Le Labo Thé. Looking forward to that. 
Can anyone recommend a brand of fabric spray paint for denim? Washable, non-toxic, etc.    I am thinking of giving my Levis trucker jacket the Helmut Lang stripe treatment. 
Thanks man ^ Yep, I was thinking of a Dupioni type suit. Full silk, not a blend. I guess you're right, it will be an occasional suit, so I probably won't be too concerned about longevity. 
wait, are you wearing all black under that? :-)
For silk suits, is the fabric usually 100% silk? Will trousers hold up ok in 100 silk?   You guys don't use General Chat? 
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