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 I've been on the look for a subdued western suit, but they are surprisingly difficult to find. The new versions available at the western shops seem to all be 100% poly and cut like sacks. Would love to find something like this. Anyone have any RTW source suggestions?  oh btw, I recently bought a straw Open Road which is a great match with this style imo. 
  Great idea!  For the skinny dudes you could add 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 to the US Pant/Short size menu -- or at least 32 :-)
 you will look exactly like me - - or me like you. 
My English prof always wore Joy Division tee and black jeans.
New with tags ROBERT GELLER color-block sweatshirt. Soft, loose and luxurious. Would totally keep, but it's sadly way too big for me.    Size 50 but fits like an XL   width: 25" length: 29" raglan shoulders   FREE SHIPPING domestic   thx!
I think I meant "car coat". Field jackets are usually based on the M65 style similar to the Barbour. but without the bellowed pockets.    I love outerwear too. I think a lot of the SF streetwear ethos is --> cool jacket over basics (plain tee, plain jeans)   Go in this direction!   
 are you looking for a waterproof/rain coat -- or just a light Fall jacket?  I don't think those international or roadmaster moto jackets look very good in normal everyday context (vs. riding). too many bulging pockets makes a weird silhouette, esp. on a "husky fellow". I think a pea coat or wool field jacket would look better with chinos and ocbd outfit. also "no" on that lining. go with plain lining and buy a stars and strip scarf. at least you have the option of taking...
Synth making sample jacket look damn good.    question for @Thurston Bros :  are the shoulder gussets required? i.e. can we order a jacket with no gussets without messing up the pattern? 
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