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Does a Fuzzy Navel count as ridiculous?   I'm gonna head over soon to check out the trunk show and say hey to Greg. 
Maybe I've become the SW&D curmudgeon. "Stans should be white!" "No leather until it's cold out!" "Get off of my lawn you drapey tee wearing hooligans!" "What's with these newfangled hippie hats from 1969!"
I'll let gray slide since it's just "dirty white". 
 I had to go back to your original post to see those horweens. Regardless of construction, the idea behind them just wrong. Stans are Plain White Sneakers --  they are supposed to be clean and simple... and white. I know they're totally overhyped now but nothing will beat the plain white leather versions. Choose whatever heel color you want.  on a slightly related note, I was in LA for the weekend and seems like every other person was wearing Stans. Or common projects or...
    there are always exceptions to the rule of course
I've always thought the eclectic approach -- or picking stuff that you respond to out of all the gazillions of choices - is what really constitues personal style. Hewing to any single brand or a distinct genre can be okay, but I find the guys I admire the most dress to their own taste and usually it's a mishmash of things peppered with personal elements, vintage, occasional designer, etc.
Is it just me, when I see the new Hermès campaign I imagine the tagline sung to the tune of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long (Fiesta Forever)"?  
yeah! more pix of labels and tags! I've only got this one Jan Jan sweater/shirt. I think I got it from H Lorenzo. Super comfy. I wear with Yohji pants. It may be my favorite "roll the dice" purchase (it was on sale, no returns).  
Yes I am a dork. I saved all these. Feel free to add your own hang tags, labels and other useless branded stuff. Or let this thread fade into the great trash can of Streetwear & Denim memory.                            
I'm still not tough enough for DeNiro or Keitel. But I do like me some late 70s. Casino was also a great wardrobe movie. 
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