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Yesterday: Chanel Pour Monsieur           Today: Le Labo 46 Vetiver       Funny, I love the old school Pour Monsieur. And Derby, too to an extent ("smells like money"). But I think I've had to "grow into" it. It always smelled like a grandfather golf club or something. But now there's something I really like about it. 
Yeah, sorry. I am no help.    There are probably some good places off of Times Sq. but mostly there are a lot of giant tourist joints. I've only been to Hakkasan which is kind of pricey but pretty good Chinese. New Yorkers gotta step in to help you here.
Guy's American Kitchen    edit: lol, dude beat me to it
 Really like the cut of that jacket. Is it based on your old YSL? Lapels and two button style look nice on you.
I think you're thinking of Mister Mort.
far out
 Looks nice. Is that the Styleforum collab or is that the actual Junya one?   thanks dude. don't laugh, Banana Republic from like 15 yrs ago. it's just a simple cotton mac. It started to rain today out of nowhere and I had it in my car.
rainy day wall fit  
I have one of each, and the fit is very similar to me. Maybe slightly shorter on the Ivy.  I have the blackwatch from last year. It's nice.  Love the Vintage Ivy line. (It's the detail, man. They got it right). My only beef is the chest specs are too narrow for me -- on all the models.
 serif vs. sans-serif     as someone else said, I think it's just old label and new label. fwiw, I like Partenopea. To me it's the best of the Italian look. Nothing too exaggerated. The lines are clean but the feel is soft.
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