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^^ Those are very you.   I just bought a cheap burgundy cotton suit from asos.     
 I still think the right "items" are important though. God is in the details. That Patriotic Backyard Dad BBQ fit would look better to me if he had slimmer chinos (RRL officer or UNIS or something) and Sperry CVO or Vans. Little things like rolling sleeves up past elbow, not unbuttoning 3 buttons, are simple but subtle difference that make or break an outfit. Just like collar roll, tie dimple, break, etc. 
anyone know if this will be sold at every Uniqlo store or select stores?
I tend to think the best dressed guys are those who take influences from different archetypes and make it their own. Dressing head-to-toe in one brand/style/mode can look good too, but I just prefer a more eclectic approach. Also take note of what you don't like. 
 demerit for use of Teddy Boy creepers. no self-respecting Mod would touch those.
[quote name="VitaTimH" END has this Junta x Hervier jacket for essentially half off ($879 -> $445). Great jacket, feels really, really substantial.[/quote] Yeah I have this, nice mid weight jacket. Really nice quality too. Fit is fairly roomy for Junya fwiw. Great price.
 I just mean the American loafer (which I prefer) goes best with casual American trad stuff. But I like thrift shop wash-n-wear suits, so grain of salt. I'm not a fan of sleek, high-end loafers. So, I'd pick those Aldens over EGs or Westons or other oddball continental versions.   
I think someone mentioned the Helmut version of Paraboots awhile back. all leather pair size 9UK
I like the lobster knit 🎏
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