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Kanye looks like watered down, cheaply-made HL without the contrasting tailored element or the cultural context of 15 years ago. urbansweatapocalyptic athleisurblah blah whatvr. 
ssense have their SS15 stock up. lotsa black/white and quite a few things I didn't see in the runway.  also Barneys added a few more things. they are showing this mandarin (?) style jacket with the wrap shorts, but they don't list the jacket for sale. hmmm. it might be on my 'wish list' :-) I kinda like the whole look. the paper clip typography is esp. cool.   [[SPOILER]]
oh hey winter  
    YYPH ss13 cotton suit with braided strings no name panama hat forfex trainers uniqlo tee
I was using one of those 70s YSL photos for my avatar for awhile. Not really a fan of his gigantic ties, but I generally like his 70s look. glasses, hair and all.   
how about a Branquinho tweed Porsche?  
I kinda prefer the Don Draper IBM look to the fancy Italian-luxe stuff.  
nice, thanks Naka.   Lemaire has consistently good photography/art direction. really like the look/feel of their site.
Katsumi Watanabe photos 60s-80s warning some are nsfw          
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