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new collection looks great. kind of new and old at the same time.
yeah screw that heritage crap, this is the future @Synthese @LA Guy   
yep ss15 def looking nice. It's always one thing to see a collection on the runway styled the way the designer wants, and another when it's shot for the retailers -- (and even another thing in the showroom/stores). If it looks look on the Barneys models, you know something's right. haha. the LVR styling is pretty nice. it's interesting they went for the denim pieces. how do you think they'll sell?   @sepp those thai pants look cool. would probably look great with a big...
 I like it! A lot of cool items. I've always been a bit of an MJ fan (heaaay! colabear).  I like it best when they do kinda polished skater/grunge rather than the pastel resort stuff, nothattheresanytingwrongwiththat. btw did Marc ever actually design a mens collection himself? I know ther's been a couple different men's designers. Didn't Geller work for him?
got it yeah sorry diework I didn't see your post or the other responses until I clicked send :-)   btw I like a lot of the images you chose for your article. if we're just talking about formal minimalism that's approachable ("warm"), Margaret Howell is a great example. I'm not sure if the general menswear population will adopt the loose fit, but you may be right and GQ will probably say stop mixing your checks and go "all solids" and get some roomy pants! -- maybe they...
Rosenrot pretty much summed it up in her last paragraph: basics like Our Legacy or whatever other plain jane scandinavian sportswear brand (COS, Tres Bien), have none of the underlying tenets of Minimalism (with capital M) -- well maybe the "accessible" part. to me they are just simple, plain albeit thoughtfully-designed clothes. re: the 90s wave of US minimalism, Helmut Lang was far better at going beyond pure basics than Calvin Klein, DKNY, et al. Normcore is a...
Rory Parnell Mooney for MAN
a few random looks I liked from London and Italy. I'm not quite as into Zegna as I was hoping. I liked last season better. Looking forward to this week though.         
someone please link to Fuuma mattress rant. I think that was the funniest thing I've ever read on SF.      -     btw great thread. 600+ thread count for days.
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