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  I don't have any experience with Two Palms. I'd bet sizing is similar between them. Reyn probably has more conservative prints. They are called the "Brooks Brothers of the Pacific" -- known for their 3-button collar, popover and nautical and "sophisticated" prints. I have a soft spot for them since I pretty much dressed like Georg Michael Bluth in high school, plus I can't do the "camp collar". Speaking of Bedfords, I think RS go well with the EG aesthetic — if you are...
 I have a sizable collection of Reyn Spooners.    [[SPOILER]]
Bonobos cheaped out with the visual effects. Where are the explosions, machine guns and flying eagles? c'mon!
don't be paranoid! this is size 46 and is pretty fitted on me I think (I'm 5'8" and 38 chest). I also have 2 other 5zips in size 48 -- one of which fits smaller than this 46 and one fits bigger. so go figure. /-:   trying for perfect will make you loco @jet    yeah next time in LA for sure. prob not until Apr/May tho.
thanks Regis. Yep it's a Replica Belgium air force flight jacket. I think it's circa 1980. I'll confirm later. One of my favorite jackets. Wear it all the time.
 I stopped wearing pocket squares for a few years because of that, but now I'm back. I think you can do it in a cool way if the rest of your gear is not too GQ. I like making it more flamboyant than "tasteful". heheh.  I recently bought this J. Press square which is a map of London. I also have a couple Post-Imperial and Drakes and of course plain old white.  
 I really like your dark take on heritage/workwear. Your photo reminded me of one of my fave artworks (and artists):   
yesterday: rain they painted my usual wall  :-(     today: clouds     both fits: Margiela jacket Uniqlo tee/knit Levis jeans Margiela sneakres
     I know I was just saying you can find some semi-crazy stuff at uniqlo. 
You can still come up with a pretty wacky outfit at Uniqlo if you pick the right pieces. Maybe not FRUiTS level, but it's not all boring basics.            
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