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I love that piece, but it's so short!
I have the remake which came out a couple years ago, so not sure how it compares to the orig. I like it, but it seems So 80s! to me. Totally listening to DD and Spandau Ballet today. 
 Kids have a pretty good sense of smell.  Also, make sure he gets to choose his own music when he gets older! ;-) 
I've been drinking French wine only for the last couple years (cheap stuff), So I just bought some rando "meritage" Cal/Napa blend. blech. Like licking strawberry Smuckers off the inside of a chest of drawers. 
Love that combo, Regis. Good to know you survived the hurricane too.
I know, shearling lined slip ons? those are so made for Canada. Sheeeesh. 
Throwback Thursday. E&TBM France 1981       Sorry I'm old. 
On another note and speaking of sapeurs, has anyone seen the show States of Undress?   https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/states-of-undress   I just watched the first two episodes on Pakistan and Congo. It was much better/different than I expected. Basically covers fashion weeks around the world but with a cultural / social commentary angle. 
Yesterday: Chanel Pour Monsieur           Today: Le Labo 46 Vetiver       Funny, I love the old school Pour Monsieur. And Derby, too to an extent ("smells like money"). But I think I've had to "grow into" it. It always smelled like a grandfather golf club or something. But now there's something I really like about it. 
Yeah, sorry. I am no help.    There are probably some good places off of Times Sq. but mostly there are a lot of giant tourist joints. I've only been to Hakkasan which is kind of pricey but pretty good Chinese. New Yorkers gotta step in to help you here.
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