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Button Down = Live Forever   maybe the one link through every modernist-generated movement   - - -   re: NS. I can only handle a few songs until speed fatigue sets in. I much prefer mixing tempos and styles -- soul is the glue. too many strings and too fast a beat -- no wonder the kids started needed uppers and gymnastics lessons
I thought Geller was made in Japan?   looks great with all the muted tones. I always think of that navy dip going only with white and light gray.
do Yooxbuxx count as stock?
great challenge. I could pretty much see wearing any of those combos. fuckyeahblazers!   voted for ivrwi just cause the whole vibe is so chill. also like ghxzzhdhdh's stealthy fit + the svb location makes it xtra special.
Tuki Olive Green Over Pants Fatigue style parachute/balloon pants. Olive green cotton twill with drawstrings at waist and ankles. 2 slant pockets front, 2 flap pockets back. Would fit in with your Engineered Garments / Nepenthes - even Yohji style wardrobe. Took a chance on these from Japan, but misjudged size. There are basically two sizes -- small and large. These are the large. Best for a taller dude (over 5'8). I wouldn't mind getting the small size if I can find them...
I've pretty much been living in this Schneider baseball collar jacket for the past month. It's a great mild Spring layer and it can kinda go with dress pants or jeans -- though I've only worn it with jeans and a tee. the fabric is really nice. old pic, but I found it today so thought I'd post it here.     [[SPOILER]]
 ah too funny. how do they fit? they look nice.
boot deets?
  +J uniqlo levis adi das   sorry Rais all I had time for this week was a bad photo of a mediocre fit. but I wanted to participate since it's a cool challenge. this is kind of what I wear every day. except not always all black. 
it's pretty nice, very light, good for mild spring days. bought straight from their site. I'm also curious about their shashiko stuff. Maybe a chore jacket or something. question is still: will all that indigo rub off on my fancy light gray designer sofa? :D
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