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oh I like the clothes. the new direction is fun. so different than the velvet-n-leather Tom Ford days. I was just commiserating with clambake about a favorite song/band/thing/whatever being used for something out of your preferred context.  but let's get back on track. When do we get to see the Naheun makeover?
Clearly these kids aren't bored.  
You guys need more Gucci.
 I think this issue is strongly correlated to the Contendedness thread. How much stuff does one need/want, What stuff really makes you happy, etc.  There is one in the General part of the forum, but sometimes it's scary out there past the walls of SW&D.  I like interior design as much as fashion but talk about expensive.
Now we're talking
Unfortunately in my experience shoes are the most difficult thing to fit. Feet are just too individual, complex and weird -- way more difficult than, say, a jacket which can have leeway with drape or length. I'm a 9C on the Brannock with a narrow heel and take everything from an 8.5 (41) in some dress shoes to 10 (43) in Nike Frees. It just all depends on the shoe -- its shape, last, construction, etc. I've come to accept that some things just won't work for me (the Common...
also landslides and brush fires   and rich hippies
 you are crazy. but in the good way. :-)
 just thrift some 80s/90s 501s -- you might not need to taper/crop if you find a shorter inseam.http://www.rustyzipper.com/shop.cfm?viewpartnum=279920
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