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  I'm getting a strong Naugahyde vibe. 
     if only I could find the one with the typo.  
^ Funny, I wore Declaration this morning. It's a bit sharp for me. But I like the dry back.         Then Chanel Sycomore tonight. Maybe the default go-to for me most days.       Sorry for all the photos. Hope I'm not clogging up the thread. 
 Yeah I got this a few years ago and didn't click right away, but I've taken to it. It's got a nice wood-y "Ellsworth Kelly working in a barn-coverted-studio out in Connecticut" vibe to me.   You mentioned florals a couple days ago. Today for me: Givenchy Insensé.   It's a little more thoughtful/complex than the name and "Friends"-esque ad suggests. 
I'm not really into that airbrush style and the gold palm fronds, but I am generally a big fan of aloha shirts. And that cut looks cool in a vintage way.    I like the idea of a dark/black hawaiian shirt worn with black leather DR, some beat up jeans and Vans.    \ III /
Today: Lalique Pour Homme "Equus"  
I've not read this thread so these may be repeats:   • greasy pizza • no dancing in bars • rats • manhattan = giant business park/food court • cockroaches • too easy to like it • no sunsets
Thanks man! Yeah, apparently I'm member since 2007 with one post. :-)  I scanned the marketplace but couldn't find any for sale or split. I have a sample of the newer formulated Rose 31 but it's missing the funk of the older version. Oh well.  - - - - Today: Histoires de Parfum Jules Verne 1828. I like this quite a bit. 
Anyone have any older (pre-2015) Le Labo Rose 31 they don't want any longer? or willing to offer a decant?   Sorry for the spam. Is there a fragrance trade/buy/sell thread? I couldn't find it if it exits.
New Posts  All Forums: