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The yellow box from the 9-trés. A friend of mine who is another fragrance nut gave it to me as a gift last year. It's really pretty. but kind of strong in that 80s/90s way.
Givenchy Insensé -- spicy floral for Spring
Sunday night chill session: Deadly Dragons podcast     from Engineered Garments blog.   
 ehhh.. I don't really like either of those that much. but I kinda want to get a full Rick outfit... just for going to the gym.
cropped pants with rolled up hems     also for any type nerds: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole
  this is my weird rule: Cuffs are the Times Roman of menswear (classic, traditional, staid). Plain hems are Helvetica (modern, clean, neutral). Just depends on the expression you're going for.
Nice, pickpack. I pre-ordered the exhibition book awhile back (from amazon..booo). Hope my copy arrives soon.    - - -   until then, some photos of the SS2010 show book I mentioned. It includes some history of the different prints used in the collection as well as photos of the weavers and producers. Some of the prints were reproductions from Antwerp Ethnographic Museum. Setting was old stock exchange...
yesterday     tee-oh-jay willycheesesteak special gap tee strike gold jeans zeemon gats
ok le'shah... a few more. btw how old is old? I feel like I might have to just hang out exclusively in thread in a couple months.            
 I just set my bookmark to SW&D home page...usually all the active stuff is on the first page. Sometimes I'll remember to look for something in an older favorite thread (editorials, bookbinding, inspiration, etc.). And I'll pop over to CM once in awhile for kicks. btw, what happened to Larry D!? is that a Clyfford Still in your avatar?
New Posts  All Forums: