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 are those the same shoes you've been wearing in last t-neck fit? they look nicer here. I like this. clean and simple.
miscellaneous knitwear bump                      
is it weird that I thought of @DLester when I saw this on Bourdain's show: [[SPOILER]]
 a few long-ish possiblities from in the Hendrix palette: (promo code: YOOXROULETTE) teal Yohji mauve Burberry greige Boglio pink tropical print Y-3 olive Umit Benan camo
Not sure if anyone posted this already. artist interpretation of the SS2014 collection: Cathrine Raben Davidsen          
I'm simultaneously comforted and saddened to know that was a Taco House.
I thought I saw a Fendi pattern in the shadows.
 Is that the fit model? Looks good from what I can tell. I'd go a tiny bit shorter in length and sleeve on your order.  I like the smaller lapel. seems true to the orig. 
 it's nice. yeah it's insulated but not super thick. it's got YKK hardware, nice quality fabric and elastic too. size runs pretty slim, I went w medium and it's borderline small on me. Sandro is kinda middle of the road luxe. I get the impression they are sort of the Banana Republic of France. - - - meant to also mention I like that suit on @Jabonator. Margiela cut and color looks really good. Is that the H&M version? how is the material?
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