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I didn't know there was a golden age of table tennis. 
the only logical answer is more whiskered denim
I always thought sprezzatura sounded like some kind of pasta-and-cured-pork dish
the key is to look good naked and build up from there.
Button Down = Live Forever   maybe the one link through every modernist-generated movement   - - -   re: NS. I can only handle a few songs until speed fatigue sets in. I much prefer mixing tempos and styles -- soul is the glue. too many strings and too fast a beat -- no wonder the kids started needed uppers and gymnastics lessons
I thought Geller was made in Japan?   looks great with all the muted tones. I always think of that navy dip going only with white and light gray.
do Yooxbuxx count as stock?
great challenge. I could pretty much see wearing any of those combos. fuckyeahblazers!   voted for ivrwi just cause the whole vibe is so chill. also like ghxzzhdhdh's stealthy fit + the svb location makes it xtra special.
Tuki Olive Green Over Pants Fatigue style parachute/balloon pants. Olive green cotton twill with drawstrings at waist and ankles. 2 slant pockets front, 2 flap pockets back. Would fit in with your Engineered Garments / Nepenthes - even Yohji style wardrobe. Took a chance on these from Japan, but misjudged size. There are basically two sizes -- small and large. These are the large. Best for a taller dude (over 5'8). I wouldn't mind getting the small size if I can find them...
I've pretty much been living in this Schneider baseball collar jacket for the past month. It's a great mild Spring layer and it can kinda go with dress pants or jeans -- though I've only worn it with jeans and a tee. the fabric is really nice. old pic, but I found it today so thought I'd post it here.     [[SPOILER]]
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