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bwt.. we should add the other John Doe.
is that Matt Lauer eating trail mix?
 I ran across these bombers by some LA label. have there been other HL bondage era knock-off brands?   / end zissou stream  
 Mega-bit MC! v. nice. Who makes the suit? it's got good lines.
I must be having a "memory lane" moment.. I was crate diving thru the HL archives this morning. He did so much cool stuff esp for women. I don't even know half the story, but I kind of admire that when he wasn't happy, he just threw in the towel and burned everything. Seems weird to have a star designer take over after it being such a blah brand for so long.
  wait, is Plokhov at Helmut Lang now? are they trying to revive the label or something? did I miss this discussion? - - - related RFT:  cleaning out my office and found an Arena Homme from 2003 -- realized I look like I still dress from 2003. 
don't confuse buying clothing and investing.    unless you can sell your thousands of dollar bespoke suit for more than you paid for it.
Definitely going to make this one. So pls count me in.   Also looking forward to trying on more of the Ring Jackets.    cheers.
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