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^^ those are some really nice floral patterns. would look great w black or navy leathers.   not sure what would look good w british racing green which I had in mind. maybe I'll go w black lthr. 
I like that Ann collection too. I'm not that familiar with her past stuff, but this one seems a bit less gothic/feminine than last year. Didn't Ann recently retire? Is this collection done by a new designer or team?   edit: I just read the show review at style.com Sébastien Meunier took over the reins. 
so good.   "Los Angeles"           
hippie-gypsy vagabonds!  love the batik/indigo type prints. so different after the neon explosion of the last collection. more crunchy natural.   and agree that last lapel-less plaid suit is v. nice.
love it. 
Pirate-y. I like it. Skinny pants and all. Caveat I am looking at on phone in an airport
NY Times June 20 
 easy fix: just remove all labels bonus points: sew in new "ChetB" label on everything, voilá brand synergy
 ouch! :-)
gonzo!      at least lunch looked good. and so did the Junhashimoto jackets.
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