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Katsumi Watanabe photos 60s-80s warning some are nsfw          
that long jacket looks pretty cool to me. reminds me of the newer AW13 pieces. looks like it fits you pretty nicely, but the sleeves are too short for that proper yohji look. is that a cinch tie around the waist? I can see it in the interior photo.   great photos of AW15 pickpock. thanks for that.
 hhah! I'm a such a coastal dweller. Forests and mountains and anything hunting related freak me out. I like Dries' vision of romantic, genteel gardening and exotic trips that you don't really go on, but just read about in books and photographs. ;-) on topic, the EG moleskin Bedford is great. It's got neat leather buttons, too. pretty easy type of jacket for almost anything. comfy too.
 Nice parka, shoreman. What brand?  also nice score on the drapey Kiton @ChetB - - - Some recent Yohji stuff and couple things from No Man.Maybe one day it will actually get cold enough here to wear any of this. s'yte knit yohji wool parka mackintosh raincoat t(ss) big scarf. this is great. someone should grab one. grail Yohji knit panel blazer -- the sweater, too! wool yohji trousers
 I think you could say any pants which have elements from traditional hakamas: pleats, waist straps, etc. There are so many versions though -- some closer to traditional style and others a looser interpretation. the balloon pants and other half skirt wrap type pants could all have hakama elements. disclaimer: this is just my non-guru observation.
Birks are unAmurican! though.  need Converse or something for full USAUSA
  "do it. do it. do it. do it. do it."
I like that shirt. a great design for chambray. 
is that based on the Book of Kells or something?
Ronson wearing ss15 silk suit.   
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