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Helmut moleskin goat fur bomber sz 50 classic streetwear item. astronaut-chic.       non-SF approved Viktor & Rolf cardi  this is really nice. I actually bought and returned. fits super oversized. good price if you can find a yooxcode. sorry @Bam!ChairDance there was no place to put a secret note. it's more of a wrap-thing, no pockets.   
rad bomber niceynice. maybe the perfect MA1 design.    yeah jet dawg, about 4yrs old +J. simple but works. the rain is so nice (for a little while).
 someone painted my wall. : /
  yyph cotton beanie SS2011 +J parka niemans cashmere knit yyph wool-nylon pants FW2004 doc martens   just a smattering of Yohji today. in fact I usually just pepper in Yohji instead of doing full-on looks. someone mentioned slim Yohji pants a few pages back. this pair have a super narrow leg, but a generous waist (with drawstring). somehow they are really comfy even though they're so slim. they have an elastic hem above the ankle and the cuffs can be turned up or...
 I think you should keep as is, Super-b. Looks good to me, and within classic proportion bounds. plus you're tall so you can get away with a wider shoulder anyway. If you're interested in infusing some Yohji into your wardrobe, his shoulders look pretty close to that too. 
brief pictorial interlude              
 ^ yeah, but that is such an amazing design. nice work! I pretty much did the same thing recently. in fact, I've been on an outrageously irresponsible spree. urgg.      
 Congrats dude. wow, that guy's got some résumé. 
  http://nowfashion.com/exercises-in-deprivation-11564   Do away with things Exclude buttons, zippers, hooks Preach wrapping and cocooning Refuse cuts, darts, holes and even closures Invent your own folds Validate liquid draping Activate your nomadic self Transport non-forms to a state of formality Instill tribalism into the everyday  Ooze self-sufficiency Neutralize all of the above, wrap it up and restart    
 I go by measurements, but try to keep in mind that Yohji should be at least a little looser than your typical stuff. ime, sizing bounces around quite a bit from year to year and piece to piece, so sometimes a 3 is just right, but I also have things in size 1 and 2. It's a bit of trial and error to get just the right amount of "oversize" hahah. Your height is also a factor. e.g. I'm pretty short, so a size 3 blazer with a 33" back length is going to look like an overcoat...
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