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I'm waiting for the 1940s longshoreman MOK with the short hair, black boots and tough workwear jackets to come round the corner at any moment.   Its fun to see this flower-power side, too. (as you may know, I've got both inclinations as well). 
good place to post!   It kinda depends how stiff/heavy the canvas is inside the lapels -- or if there is any interlining at all. If the the jacket has a heavier canvas, it might look bad if you added a higher button -- and tried to button it. Canvas (or whatever interlining is used) is cut so that the lapel roll stays in place. It has "memory" so it wants to roll to the same spot, usually to the middle button on a 3 button jacket or the top button on a 2. Additionally,...
Both look good to me. Personal preference. I prefer a thin lapel and maybe slightly thinner tie, no slant flaps. (Unless it's a more military English cut suit). Looking good dude!
I'm getting a real Sleestak vibe from those.
 That makes sense. More of a sharp musician Motown '62 look, than the "all-American" college look -- even tho BD and loafers could probably be worn either way. 
the prevailing wisdom is: always = middle button sometimes = top button   Perhaps though, with the hard-roll "true" 3 button style like Eddie is wearing, the jackets were worn with just the top button done and not the middle? I've mostly seen them either both done up or just middle. edit: found a pic of Pete T with just top button done. Steve with the middle button. Ronnie with both done up.         As a side note, I'm re-reading The Soul Stylists by Hewitt...
pretty good, but Eddie got the "always, sometimes, never" rule wrong. 
 I think DBs generally look better cut on the slim side. But then, "slim cut" usually looks better on slim dudes. The pulling there also might be just 'cause he's leaning over. Pictures can't tell everything. 
 Lol. I've got a bunch of old designs stored away somewhere which I'm not gonna dig up. Fortunately you can find almost anything on Etsy.  Disclaimer: I was working with a prescribed theme which I did not necessary endorse. ie. acid house, neon tribal, eco-warrior, etc. I was in my SuperBobo-black-tee-and-black-shorts-Blink-182 phase at the time.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: