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raggamuffin style!
Spiritualized streaming from Paris right now
@noob in 89   
^  that's pretty cool. veers slightly too hippie for me. Lorcan maybe??   I was eyeballing that Sasquatchx bomber up there @thatoneguy posted. gonna be too snug for me.
 There's only one thing that Streetwear hates more than polo shirts. And that's the 1/2 zip sweater. Switch to regular neck sweater -- or none at all -- and you're good.
 are both suits? both look cool to me. I like the charcoal slightly better for fall -- and for pasty pale skin -- but it's nice to have both in your arsenal, I do :-)
Hey jet! I still get mediums. The sizing seems pretty similar to previous years (to me) but the quality has noticeably gone down. the supimas are still way better than the regular packaged tees which are horrible junk. you can almost see the plastic woven in to the fabric.Go for the regular fit. The Slims are pretty narrow. 
bungalow ranch style!
New Posts  All Forums: