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Regis you may have just hit your zenith.
The challenge is to feature: DENIM   The blue kind. If you want to vote for who did it best, click here.    
haha! whooooooo yeah. thx dude. I'll put somethin up later today.    p.s. I thought Rais did a great job with single bold item. looked cool and integrated.
yeah I just scan the SW&D main page and open whatever looks interesting -- or in LA GUy parlance... mingle in the bar. I don't even know what a subscription does/is. 
Maas & Stacks is a cool shop.   also: Unionmade Self Edge MAC   SF meet up with Zissou ?
Bene, I think we have similar specs: short legs, built torso. I have to be careful with both too slim (Tweedle Dum) or too wide (Lil Homies) pants. although this applies to more "regular" style dress pants/silhouettes. with casual pants or an exaggerated silhouette (cropped, baggy, yohji, etc.) it doesn't matter as much obviously. Sometimes I think it would be cool to be Joey Ramone skinny and I'd wear SLP jeans and pointy beatle boots. but it won't work for my reality. 
got it. tone-on-tone seems good for embroidery.
what's a Moroccan shirt? v-neck with no collar? or kurta-style band collar?
Cool suit Stanley. Looks good with the vest. It's got a 70s/80s vibe so I wouldn't try to make it into something modern. Let out pants for full break, grow hair longer, get chunkier glasses ala Jarvis Cocker. Yves would want it that way.
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