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hah 57 bassman reissue. rockabilly machine.
  new DVN knit - omigawd it's niceold levisbeater stans bonus deets@zissou belt -- my fave jeans belt still going strong after 2 yrsla portegna card wallet -- no man walks alone delivers againfender tweed amp  [[SPOILER]]
thanks man. coming soon did some pretty nice things even tho the quality is not in the same league as yyph. speaking of color, ime yohji really has a knack for khaki shades. all the olive, brown, tan, khaki stuff I've seen have really good hues. it's a subtle thing - color dyes - but a good eye keeps normal looking chinos and other cotton jackets and things looking cool and distinct from your standard factory/mall stuff.
anyone (@sipang, @the shah ?) going to post London FW2015 LC:M shows? at quick glance, I thought E. Tautz was pretty nice. staying true to the tailoring/classic roots. though the pointy clogs are not my cuppa tea . wide pants and voluminous coats, yeah!        
^ good approach Harlock. it's possible to put together a nice wardrobe for not too much money if you're smart and slow about it. @pickpackpockpuck I also nocited that aw11 jacket. so nice, but so small! I really like that collection and it's growing on me. all that nice tweed and soft color palette.  today. not sure about this. maybe a bit too basic   YYPH aw12 wool cardi - courtesy @xeraphim  coming soon cotton trousers no name panama hat forfex sneakers  
I like the ocbd with jeans. to me hidden packet shirts go better with more polished/minimal trou. looks good dude. jil cardi looks nice and luxe.
? not sure what you mean?   that pair that Lorcan posted are pretty cool. my favorite thing is Junya styles it with white Sperrys though :-)
hey eddiee, do you mean the "string" blazers? I have the set-up from Look 1. the jacket is cut fairly boxy but I don't think it's really meant to be oversized. size 3 is a bit long on me and the shoulders a bit too wide. but the body is relatively trim. the cotton doesn't really drape so it kinda holds it shape. I recently found a size 2 in the black gab Look 14 which I don't have yet, but the measurements are closer to a "normal" fit for me. I think most of these are...
New Posts  All Forums: