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 the high-low contrast is what I like about it.
eat me!
    dries jacket uniqlo tee yohji sweats raf trainers   now that I see this.. the proportions aren't really that weird. oh well, gave it a college try for spacepope
SOLD Siki Im Wrap Trousers Nice lightweight cotton, great for summer. Wide leg with tapered hem. Cropped effect, similar to Yohji hakama. Excellent condition, only worn a few times. Includes priority shipping to US.   No size marked. But similar to Yohji size 3   waist: 17 rise: 10.5 thigh: 16 inseam: 28 hem: 7   thanks!
  Saw this at Just One Eye and had the same reaction. Kinda funny but seems out of the blue. 
 edit: sorry I just noticed you were looking for button downs.   I'm not so sure a BD collar shirt would be the best choice for that kgfan fit. The short collar, artisan viridi anne style goes better with the guidi boots and other stuff. I alwys think BDs are better with more 'trad' things or workwewar.
what Fuuma said. ^^ I am in if the size/measurements can be known in advance. will the pattern be made in just S, M, L or will it be more parsed, ie. 36, 37, 38, 40, etc?
Glenn O'Brien's Schott Perfecto tagged by Basquiat      
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