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Someone should get those pony-hair chelsea boots on grlld. 
Sounds like you already have a lot of things to do! The botanical garden near ASU is nice. And, there is some good hiking in north Scottsdale. I've been to Lost Dog Wash and McDowell Sonoran Preserve trails which are both near Taliesen. edit: Funny I'll be there exactly the same dates. Stylefarmer meet up!   For shopping I would look for turquoise jewelry or cowboy boots, but I have no idea where. 
a friend of mine was just praising the Patagonia "thermal weight" baselayers. super light but warm.    edit: I guess those are not wool. sorry!
Sorry more old crusty jazz from me. But this is really pretty and one of my favorite musicians. Bill Evans Trio performing at a home in Helsinki in 1970. In addition to beautiful music, there are bonus style points: bearded intellectuals, horn-rimmed glasses, Scandi furniture, chicks in turtlenecks, modern sculptures, paisley neckties and moustachioed bass players. Plus a view of the Baltic. The whole program is very good. Happy holidays everyone.    
stuff some white linen in the breast pocket. instant "pizzazzz" for NYE. 
thx man. looks like I just made a couple post-Christmas, mid-Hanukkah recent purchases. yo @RegisDB9   
 Nice buys. Tell me more about those Mulo shoes! They look nice. Did you buy from the online shop?
I've got a Junya jacket I wear quite a bit. I guess these aren't technically parkas but they're made with Duvetica and have down filling.      The back of this one is pretty cool too:  
Here ya go @nicelynice Parker’s 2016 Top Seven RFT Wrap Up • shirt, pants, shoes and jacket. really, that’s it, pretty much, but so much room for error • after decades of buying/wearing clothes, I still struggle to come up with a good outfit • Nice job on the forum, LA Guy. This is still a nice place to hang out. 10/10 — or is is 1/10 — I can’t remember which one is non-sarcastic • You can spend almost as much time researching/buying/shopping for home furnishings as...
there's something off about the epaulet gat to me. I dunno what it is. Leather looks too shiny stiff or something. or maybe the toebox is too big. it's close, but just looks weird to me. I'd go with either the Margiela or the really basic B&W version. or even an all white Samba. but besides a pair of crazy Raf higtops, I usually prefer low-baller sneakers so don't listen to me.     
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