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I like it. simple and fresh. jeans are fine. kicks are great. the back of that jacket is cooler looking than the front.
that video is great. I love that Yohji's got both a Rolls and a 80s Nissan "Cedric". hahah awesome.     music's not too shabby either. 
Yang Li overcoat
thanks nn. that melton parka looks really nice. I also like their mohair knits which looks a bit more generous in sizing. 
is all Lad Musician stuff cut for string beans?
• trench coat - Burberry or other classic cotton gab. would love to find a VB donegal version • interesting MA-1 (strappy, techie or other military-ish style) • chelsea or other slim profile Beatle boot • some moto or other military-cargo-flight pants  • find perfect tee (yo @jet )
Lanvin wide leg trou: size 30 or 28 http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/lanvin-pleated-wide-leg-cargo-pants-503157017.html?index=14&cgid=men   Margiela electric blue blazer: size 38  http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/maison-martin-margiela-gabardine-two-button-sportcoat-503178859.html?index=11&cgid=men   Alexander Wang tee: Small http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/t-by-alexander-wang-long-sleeve-slub-t-shirt-503376120.html?index=18&cgid=mens-sweaters
Dries AW 2002   hippie-boho-psych-dandy          
Price drop! Temple of Jawnz TOJ Band Collar Double Rider -- SOLD diesel blue calf suede, silver hardware, only worn once. 830 retail. already have a couple other TOJ jackets. great quality, excellent design. measurements as accurate as I can do them with a tape to the closest 1/4"    Size 46/48 shoulders: 17.25" chest: 20" midway down: 19" waistband: 18.5" length (front): 21.5" length (back): 24" sleeve length: 25" bicep: 7" elbow: 6.25" cuff: 5.25"...
ok that is hilarous and awesome, nn. 
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