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Stanley would look rad in a rat tail but there's be some cognitive dissonance with the epaulet stuff.    I just chopped my hair off recently. I'm going for the dishelveled Andy Warhol wig look although mine is real. 
Whoa. I like it. Will #menswear be the common ground that saves the world?
don't jinx it man!
I'll give you the Ferrari when you bust out the all white Margiela suit with no shirt. :-)
Can anyone recommend current/new shirts with unlined collars and cuffs besides the $140 Brooks version? doesn't need to be oxford cloth, can be pinpoint, broadcloth, etc.
I have too much stuff! Someone pls. buy. 
You need an '82 Porsche 924 to go with that, Regis. 
• I vote for either waiting for the Margiela in black (sounds like that's really the design you want)  • or sticking with a design the Florence guy already makes -- maybe with a little customization • don't force him too far out of his comfort zone or have him knock off something else • misleading your StyFo bros to protect your Yoox kop potential is bad karma :-D
leather pants require kinkier headwear
Blue Blue Japan Bomber Jacket Excellent condition. Worn once. $300 retail. Indigo dyed lynocell (a kind of rayon). Cool Japanese graphic pattern. Includes free shipping to anwhere in the USA. Int'l adds $40. US Priority Mail.  Size 2 Fits like small/medium shoulders: 17" chest: 20.5" length: 24" sleeve: 24.5" 
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