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 I actually got a burgundy and olive. I wasn't sure about sizing so I got one color in M and one in L. From the styling photos, it looks a bit short. So, we'll see. Maybe the L will have that oversize thang and look good, but maybe not. I'm usually a straight up M in Uniqlo. This could be a trading situation. I thought the burg looked pretty fresh. Will wear with rolled Levis and D Martens for that Kingston '68 suedehead look. (Need cool hair like Rais).
I just ordered an MA1 we'll see. Looks good in the photos. 
balmy October day here, and went to see Hillary so had to smell good :)   YSL M7 Fresh: oud-y, plumm-y, nerol-i  
I know! Geez, guys. 
Good call. Thanks! I remember liking their wines, but haven't had any in years.  Probably because it breaks my 20 buck threshold (#cheepo) -- but I will give it a whirl next time I get over to K&L. 
why is that not a Medium?  p.s. can we get some new emojis? these seem like they are all from 2004.
Prada bunny sweater
I love that piece, but it's so short!
I have the remake which came out a couple years ago, so not sure how it compares to the orig. I like it, but it seems So 80s! to me. Totally listening to DD and Spandau Ballet today. 
 Kids have a pretty good sense of smell.  Also, make sure he gets to choose his own music when he gets older! ;-) 
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