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  brick backdrop and Vermeer lighting are also nice additions. 
looking around I found this editorial from 2010. seems like 15 yrs is the average time it takes for something to get rehashed (probably faster now). even my non-fashion friends are talking about the 90s being back.   Elle Italia http://www.studded-hearts.com/2012/04/forever-grunge/
my sneaker wearing is 90% Vans or Stans -- both of which I've worn since I was a kid. I remember the first time thinking Stans may have been "cool" in a fashion sense is seeing Marc Jacobs in them in the 90s (or maybe late 80s) 
I thought that was one of those new Raf whacky pack tees. 
ghostface that is so good.   also happy to see MoK back in action.    mikey, what tee is that? I like.
yes. it is awesome. wearing mine now.
haha, I already have one. but we've created a pact: when returning something to yoox, you must leave cryptic note in interior breast pocket for other SFer to find -- or whatever @Bam!ChairDance decrees.
^ someone better have left a note in the pocket.
   "essentials" is an oft mocked concept in the SW camp. but like KJ said, black derbies are a nice complement to minimalist tailored looks. not as business-y as oxfords. edit: bamchair beat me to it.
New Posts  All Forums: