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Margiela blow-out @RegisDB9    http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/st.0/ua.6/lm.1/or.1/
Does anyone watch Tokyo Fashion Express? I ran across an episode the other day and there was a pretty cool feature on Mihara Yasuhiro. He showed his collections in Tokyo instead of Paris this past spring. They did a segment on his shoemaking workshop and highlighted some "street-style" accordion player who played the soundtrack to his runway. 
Nice, MoK. I can see you kitted out in Kapital.  Maybe even in some Hooligan Ivy (SS 2013)                         useless trivia: Parker used to wear those Sperry "Captain" oxford boat shoes right there ^ in high school. Think "George Michael Bluth". 
a few photos of Y's 07-08 swiped from ebay                                                  
 I didn't mean people who buy fakes because they think others will actually think it's a real one. But rather in a subversive way -- buying a 25$ Chinatown version ironically, or as a joke. Taking the symbol of the elite and fucking with its meaning/context. I guess either way (real or fake -- trying to impress or not) still reinforces the symbolic meaning that Rolex = status/power/wealth.  I think my point was that the "signal" effect of Gibson's theory depends a lot on...
what awful about that! legitimately good imo.
oversize rap style totally on topic per original post. same with supergraphics and giant logos. 
raggamuffin style!
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