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    I am your exact size and I've been wondering the same thing. That moto is probably my favorite design I've seen in that style. I check the japan auctions quite a bit and that one has popped up in both S and L recently. But even the chest measurement on the L is like 20cm p2p so I think they fit pretty slim. I made an impulse buy a couple weeks ago of this cracked leather moto from the same collection in M. (I was on the fence if the treated leather and zip-happy design...
thanks man. those are 511s. 
Breezy spring day. Got some new boots.    [[SPOILER]]   Dries Van Noten jacket (silk)Faliero Sarti scarf ratty tee with no labelLevisSanders boots I really like these, comfy. I finally found some chelseas that fit my weird feet.
I have a few banlon-type Fred Perry polos and a couple long sleeve Smedley type long-sleeve knits. I wear them top button buttoned with wool slacks and Weejuns and Levi trucker jacket for 60s Mod look. I also like the look of the Alden handsewn loafers. But I definitely get how polos and loafers get into dicey territory. Too many bad associations. 
hahah! well, there is probably more than one common thread between east side hipsters and Boca retirees. 
^ yes looks good with The mod clean Look. one turn up. 
^^ Looks great, Rico Suave. I wish I could pull off that look.    btw, I like rolled jeans with vintage-y 40s-50s looks. but cuffs don't quite look right with more modern clothes to me. I have a friend (Rockabilly guy) who wears wider LVC jeans with big cuffs and cowboy boots. Looks great on him. (he also has all the other gear, hair, lifestyle to make it work). 
a little too Del Boca Vista for me. 
RFT:   I've realized some garments become immediate favhirts) while other things take time -- like months or even a year or more -- to become something I like to wear regularly. Then there are things I think will be great right away, but they just never click.    I've had this calf moto for years, and for some reason never really wanted to wear it (maybe because it was too heavy @LA Guy ) but I've worn it like 5 times in the last month and somehow now it's one of my...
We are cut from the same cloth.
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