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 I'm not getting any Ivy vibes there. Am I missing something? Kinda nice no-structure cardigan-style blazers, but the cuts and details don't seem very IL to me.
any other SFers?
 I forgot I had a late meeting, will you still be there around 8-ish? 
You gotta hand it to the Stones for making bowl cuts and maracas sexy.   btw, I think that's the Tami show where they had to go on right after James Brown tore the house down.
looks great c4st
 TBT from the 9-Tre   Stüssy + Chuck Ts
nice! LB and reggae seem inseparable. I dee-jayed at KUCI one semester hahah. Also used to buy Stussy at Equipe and vintage shirts at Tippecanoes.
Sound Spectrum?
Brands that incorporate the original 60s details are all gonna be in that range. But check out Mollusk, Banks, Yellow Rat for other options. Some are less expensive. You can also just try some cheap simulations from somewhere like Old Navy.
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