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 you definitely can. not everything is super size. plus, you might find excess fabric (in the right places) is quite fun/comforting/protective/cool-looking/etc. check out chayin up there. first look got a lot of drape but tapered pants. next look fairly slim. what's great is Yohji's slim stuff is still comfortable. 
random stuff:   Dries ss2010 dot blazer sz 46   Dries white shirt with straps sz 46   Dries color block shirt sz 46    was someone looking for suede jodhpurs? — @Synthese    EG light gray blazer sz M   AW14-15 Yohji melton zip coat sz 2 and 3 + 25% off   Yohji shredded knit sz 3 punk rock   cheap VAN duffle size M for the Trads  
I like this even more today. Here's the vid from the show. Ronettes song disables due to copyright issue. I like how they just kept the scratchy record sound.  I'm listening to Baden Powell now which also works imo. ;-)    
I thought Kolor had some cool stuff. such as these coats. Nod to native American ? without going overboard. Some of the other stuff was just too clumsy -- like the Charlie Brown pumpkin sweater. the shoes idea is close, but why did he add the stupid white jumbo sole?                  
suede crepe boots are the right idea for that Chetb fit. sort of 60s anti-war student vibe. i find wallabees kinda frumpy a-- the rolled edge "lake""nd prefer standard desert boot or desert treks. I think @shoreman1782 has some cool artisan version of them that would be good too.
 I had this revelation last year. changed my life! I realized I can't stand form fitting sweaters. nice Submariner. I kinda want an Engineer model. 
I like it. yeah, it's odd to hang your hat just on such a narrow theme, but whatever, there are some really cool jackets. this one looks really nice.    maybe "creative black tie" is a huge potential sales area.  
I like the new collection. Lots of navy with tans and burgundy makes me happy. Many familiar elements. sipang posted full photos here.   Not quite as thematic (unless I'm missing something). The fireman coats felt a little out of place to me, like on the batik version, but whatdoIknow?  I do really like the tunic over sweats looks and a lot of the coats. oh, the coats!        
hooray, more navy!   not getting a strong thematic vibe (aka ballet, fencing, etc) which is fine with me. sorta seems like a mash up of ideas from the last several years. the quilting, quasi sweat pants, silk robe, etc. but there are definitely a few looks I really like. overcoats are fantastic as usual.
for some reason I thought the guy w the femme down coat had on the leather/gab trousers from ss15.    anyway some great stuff in the show. maybe the shah will post his secret source hi-res scans. I quickly looked on Now Fashion. really like the raw seams and layers of the first segement. Looks 22 and 25 with those cable knit pants are wild. I can see a lot of the yohji notes here. so yes, Very Yohji!
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