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stiches, is that a Panta suit? cut is excellent. looks great on you. 
diff material, similar cut: here
  Ellsworth Kelly's mocs
I've also learned that some languages include spaces before punctuation , which always looks weird to me .    also    You got Strunked!
I just read that Grumpy Cat is a $100 million business. 
this is the one I got. I understand about closet space. I've got limited space, so I try to only hold on to the stuff I will wear a lot. 
 Rent-a-swag! - I'm with you. the patchwork stuff is cool, but it's kinda so overthetop that it would be one of those "oh, wearing the patchwork jacket again I see" kinda things. I actually bought the more toned down officer jacekt which is color blocked but not boro-patched out. 
yes, yes. a 20 dollar labcoat would look and feel exactly the same. you can also go to Payless and get some 14.99 oxfords. they look just like Edward Greens.
New Posts  All Forums: