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 Do you know if this coat comes in other fabric/color options?   [[SPOILER]]
nice clothes, but the Paris backgrounds are even nicer ;-)
East coast preppies can suck it. I am backing Mr & Mrs Van Buren all the way. West Coast reprezent.   Regis those are all hideous. but perforated lows would be cool.
def report back! I can't remember where I found those but I've had it bookmarked for awhile. at least take comfort that they've been made by the "skilled hands of expert craftsmen with years of experience."
well those all go together obviously!  
yeah, I think there are just some brands which seem like "closed systems" and their clothes are harder to integrate into more generalist wardrobes. I guess it depends on the rest of your stuff and how close you want to hew to a prescribed look.  the old Brand Synergy topic is still relevant I guess. Some of Yohji's stuff, esp the basic trousers, are fairly easy to integrate imo. the more unique or oversized stuff is tricker and just needs more Yohji stuff to complement it....
Yohji pants make for perfect jammies. I've also been wearing a giant Yohji robe at home lately for the cold mornings.    rft: today was like 75F. tomorrow even warmer. I have all this great winter stuff which I'm afraid will not see the light of day this year. geez wtf.
I think the other AW14 sort of became that de facto thread, but yeah I think there's enough interest for a single place for all of that discussion. would be helpful. 
 you definitely can. not everything is super size. plus, you might find excess fabric (in the right places) is quite fun/comforting/protective/cool-looking/etc. check out chayin up there. first look got a lot of drape but tapered pants. next look fairly slim. what's great is Yohji's slim stuff is still comfortable. 
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