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 It might not mesh with all your other clothes, but it objectively looks "really good" on you. Of course, I love HL so maybe it's not super objective. :)
this is definitely in my zone, but I'm too lazy (I mean busy) to get it together this week.  did Keith Richards ever party with Serge Gainsbourg? I think that would be some epic sleaze steez.
 But it's got that cool little "B" sewn in the bottom. Those "in the know" will have great respect for your impeccable taste. edit: make that "impeccable investment". Everyone knows that "fine wool sweaters" made in an "ageless hue" appreciate at at least 18% per annum.
Thanks Horns. My EdT is from about 5 years ago. Not sure if that was pre- or post oak moss situation. But I'm curious to try the other versions. Will pop down to Maiden Lane soon (also for Diptyque:)   Today I wore: Helmut Lang Cuiron  
Sutor Mantellassi Norwegian Bluchers  Super nice antiqued leather. Solid welt. Great shoe for an Italian sportcoat. Made in Florence. Very good condition. 700++ retail.   Size 9 (42)   Price includes shipping to the US. No int'l sales at the moment, sorry.       
haha! Yeah going to the mall is kind of hilarious. I simultaneously love it and hate it ;)   Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT (again)       Q: I noticed the EdP is for sale again at Chanel. How different is it from the EdT?   Q2: I think I've posted my entire collection now which is only about 8 or so actual fragrances (plus a ziploc bag full of mini samples). Do you guys have a lot more than that?
who are you calling "older"?!:)
Went to the mall with Ms Parker, so today I am wearing:   Very Sexy For Him Platinum by Victoria Secret         :-D
 Funny, I've been thinking lately about you and your Margiela fixation as I've been weeding out my wardrobe. I can see the appeal of staying in one lane. I don't think I will ever be so singularly focused but I do really like the Margiela aesthetic/conceptual approach. Even though I can't stand Galliano and a lot of the newer runway stuff is too weird for me. I've never got rid of any of the Margiela I've bought, unlike other designer stuff which has come and gone more...
look for "silver lamé"
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