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  Monitaly jacket MoCA tee (Frank Stella homage) Levis adidas
I am wearing a newsboy cap today with sweatshirt and repro jeans with big cuffs and vintage-y sneakers. I was going for the Brooklyn Circus vibe, but I probably look more suburban dad. 
 nice! lovely print. 
hah, go MAC!   Also this seaon is one of my favorite EG collections. very cool. Will stop by soon to check in person.
I feel conflicted about liking Junya 2016 . I've been wanting to get this shirt:       I've had a couple Yohji things (Chinese style jacket and samurai pants) that I just couldn't wear because I never felt quite right in them -- and these things were somewhat detached from their original sources via designer fashion. But then I've got some batik polynesian print shirt and Mexican poncho thing that I'm totally fine with (surfer gear). Fuuma looks cool and somehow...
yeah pre-washed. I forget what they called this rinse. Midnite or something. The already had some fading that looked fairly natural (some of Levi rinses are pretty bad). I've worn these for a few years so now they have more of my own fades. 
I could probably wear a thin knit plus a tee under it -- which is the extent of my layering anyway. Couldn't do much more than that. Armholes don't actually seem too tight, but this is the cotton version. Hopefully someone with the actual calf version will give more input. 
per that wine discussion last week, this is a good read about modern winemaking. it reminded me a bit of denim "gotta have all the legit, authentic details" guys vs "Uniqlo slim fits are totally fine" guys. fyi I think it's fine to enjoy both. 
Update! so that Junya moto jacket just came today and fit is spot on for me. They only thing is it's like a waxed, crackled cotton NOT leather. That probably explains why is was like 200 bucks. Doh :-/  Size M is 20.5" pit-to-pit, 18" shoulder. The leather versions are probably thicker and maybe less pliable, but that's the ballpark sizing. I think diniro has an M in the double rider version.  @diniro     Gong, you probably need XL if they make that size. Or maybe LA...
 Thanks dudes. Boots aren't anything to write home about, I was just surprised they were a good fit for me after trying so many other chelseas (C&J, Carmina, Loake, etc) that didn't. More pics here at the webshop.   Yes! -- or a newspaper stand, bike rack, etc. Top of car is a good height though. 
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