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looks great mok. sneakers work for all ages -- provided you pick good ones. which you obv do. the converse (?) go well with the vest and ivy cap combo, imo.
this is a good challenge. making for some interesting, thought provoking fits. I like that just a small tweak to Lorcan's EG stuff creates such a different vibe. 
    haha thanks dudes!  nice to see Ivwri and MoK posting again. MoK with the best location backdrops!  also @kgfan5, that looks great.  @LA Guy, the Dries jacket is really cool - you'd like it. thick cotton and wool fabric with sort of a "barleycorn" weave. it's also got insane chunky riri zips and patches all over it. I think it's from the 2010 "English jockey" collection since it's got the same striped lining as some other pieces. got it a year or two ago from Rakuten...
old guy fit     dvn filippa k pierre balmain marshmella  
Pretty cool duffle from upcoming fall season.   
  I believe the rope can be minimized a bit -- but may not be able to totally removed it unless the entire sleevehead is redone. Also the results will probably vary depending on fabric and-or proficiency of your tailor. I'd ask him/her first. If the fronts are sort of pointed/squared like that Devoa blazer, there's a nice symmetry with the pointy shoulders -- then I'd say 'embrace the Pagoda'. I have a couple of jackets with pagodas. It was kind of a shock at first after...
diniro on another level. are those tricker's on creeper/wedge sole?   like those Geller pants, LAGuy. 
Looks nice KJ. How about a close-up of the fabric?  I also picked up a couple (vintage) Dries items over last few weeks.   • crazy shame-thread-worthy paisley blazer -- now to find matching trou and red Moroccan slippers ;-)     • double breasted wool asymmetrical zip jacket.   
fantastic. great Q + As. (photos are missing for me for AFL and Breezy fwiw)   also where 2 kop meat coffee?
"Sometimes the clothes do not make the man." - G. Michael, Freedom '90
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