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Nice knit over knit. You must not be at SFO since it's hella hot today.
 You could look for old Helmut Lang boots (if used shoes don't gross you out). He did some that are like Palladiums with straps. Nylon and leather technical type things.   You can't buy Vanz in Vancouver? Where do all the skaters buy their gear?
Today I dug up a sample of Amouage Honour Man. Had a really funky intro (reminded me of bug spray) but the dryback was really nice.   This was part of the Styeforum Fragrance Swap Box (anyone remember that? that was fun).       
Haha! Totally.
 ^ Can't belive I haven't read that. Just bought.  -- Also what are you drinking!? :)
I have no idea if the Drake vid was just "inspired by" Turrell or if he had anything to do with the art direction. But I've only seen the SNL spoof, so I'm not the best judge. I do love LA conceptual art from the 70s -- and maybe like Raf, I liked it better when it wasn't so popular.
 Did Turrell get to buy another crater?
 Nice article. Chouinard is an original. I'd give up all my fancy jawnz for a little spot on Hollister Ranch. :-) The "buy only what you need" credo has its appeal: the thought of having everything you own fit into a couple suitcases. But, I love design too much to live like an ascetic. Some things just bring joy being around them, even if they aren't technically very useful. Do I "need" art? It makes me feel better, so maybe I do.
@jet tee!
lol nametags :-)   I've definitely noticed more tech guys here wearing "fashion" in the last couple years. but mostly just designer sneakers and jeans. I did see a couple decked in full Rick at a Starbucks a few months ago getting Frappucinos.
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