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haha! Yeah going to the mall is kind of hilarious. I simultaneously love it and hate it ;)   Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT (again)       Q: I noticed the EdP is for sale again at Chanel. How different is it from the EdT?   Q2: I think I've posted my entire collection now which is only about 8 or so actual fragrances (plus a ziploc bag full of mini samples). Do you guys have a lot more than that?
who are you calling "older"?!:)
Went to the mall with Ms Parker, so today I am wearing:   Very Sexy For Him Platinum by Victoria Secret         :-D
 Funny, I've been thinking lately about you and your Margiela fixation as I've been weeding out my wardrobe. I can see the appeal of staying in one lane. I don't think I will ever be so singularly focused but I do really like the Margiela aesthetic/conceptual approach. Even though I can't stand Galliano and a lot of the newer runway stuff is too weird for me. I've never got rid of any of the Margiela I've bought, unlike other designer stuff which has come and gone more...
look for "silver lamé"
^ that's lot of zhushing going on there
 I'm imagining a lot of Mumford & Sons on the dancefloor.  :-/ Maybe tell them "if money is an issue, let's skip the vest". If that does't work, tell them the groomsmen should really be a backdrop to the bride. Those flashy vests and ties are totally gonna upstage her.
Adding to JLibourel's comment: a good local alterations tailor is your best route. Quicker and cheaper.    Also nice work losing 20lb. Wow!
@RegisDB9 You are taking the single designer approach to a whole new level. I admire your focus. 
this might be too tech-y for you, but I have this nike knit that is great for working out when it's cold. has kangaroo pocket too. not cropped at all, slightly long.
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