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That actually sounds pretty good to me! Any place to find a sample online? I think they have all the JM stuff at Neimans in SF. but going downtown is a pain! hahah. lazy shopper.  Today: Chanel Sycomore   (my go-to)
LK has good taste in booze, among other things. 
I always think cowboy boots look better totally trashed or at least dusty. Not feeling the super ornate ones that look like they've never been on a ranch.    please, please, please...  sipang fit pic in CM suit and cowboy boots.
Arcane jacket trivia: if you're not as cool as Steve McQueen, the G9 is also called a "swing jacket" --- i.e. a golf swing jacket. aka, senior citizen steez! It's also called a "Harrington" jacket after the 1960s soap opera character, Rodney Harrington.   carry on.
 I've had good luck with Michelangelo and Brando (# Ninja Turtle names). 
Today: Costes EdT   Got a sample of this and the Costes 2 on @Baron 's recommendation. It's definitely in my wheelhouse. I love pepper and rose, but I think I prefer Van Cleef Cologne Noire in that vein. This is a tad soapy? or something. I still like it though.        Yesterday: Encre Noir
Just finished the excellent Ametora book by David Marx. Worth a read if you're at all interested in Japanese or American fashion. He lays out the influence of American clothes on the major trends in Japan since it first adopted western clothing en masse after WWII. A quick and engaging read.    It inspired me to buy some Iron Hearts and a Junya jacket. Heavy Duty aibii, man.    oh yeah and he name drops Styleforum. hahah!
  Keeping the faith
Wow how did I miss this!? So cool. Some great ideas up there. Kinda digging Ryan's "aloha shirt" palm trees. 
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