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I like that shirt. a great design for chambray. 
is that based on the Book of Kells or something?
Ronson wearing ss15 silk suit.   
these are my favorite shoes with EG. basically their own cool versions of Vans or Rainbows. But my favorite part of EG is the surfer/prep side. I'm not really into the hunting/outdoorsy type stuff.          BTW, thanks to whoever posted the link to Woodlands today (in one of the many EG threads). I picked up the navy moleskin Bedford. 
is that Vin Scully? excellent
excellent. merci naka. Bon article is great.    a couple other resources: Lemaire the corner justoneye
I have no idea what this is, but I kinda like it.  knit pants? tweed jumpsuit?  
 Do you know if this coat comes in other fabric/color options?   [[SPOILER]]
nice clothes, but the Paris backgrounds are even nicer ;-)
East coast preppies can suck it. I am backing Mr & Mrs Van Buren all the way. West Coast reprezent.   Regis those are all hideous. but perforated lows would be cool.
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