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Gents, I need some advice. I have an important occasion fairly soon and need my suit tailored quickly. I just need to reduce the length of the jacket sleeves (although quite frankly, I'm not sure if my jacket sleeves are too long or my shirt sleeves are too short). If you could suggest a tailor in Manhattan that can do this with a short turnaround time, I would be greatly indebted. Warmest regards
I like chocolate brown pants with black shoes. The color combination looks very rich.
Hi, How's everyone's shopping for spring going along? I am considering a few options for spring, and would like to get your opinion/additional suggestions.... Banana Republic - Modern Field Coat (image not allowed) Polo Ralph Lauren - Chino Bayport Windbreaker Brooks Brothers - Walking Coat JCrew - Broken-In Chino Blazer Other good options?
I like the first one better. It is really, as the seller says, conspicuous by its inconspicuousness.
Although I don't see myself wearing turtlenecks, your purchases look wonderful.
Quote: I hate ironing, but my girlfriend has refused to do any more for me.  So now, for the first time in my life, I am ironing my shirts. Aren't you a big shot in a VC firm? Your analysts or interns may be happy to take care of that
Quote: No. You're really making the soil very difficult to remove. I'm really honored to be learning ironing techniques from the best shirt maker in this fair land Do you really think there is so much dirt in the shirt? After all, I bathe twice (.) and I'm working in an office, not in a construction site. And wouldn't less washing/ironing prolong the life of the shirt?
In the past I've made attempts to launder and iron my shirts, giving up most of the time and ending up sending my shirts out. In the interests of my shirts' wellbeing, tonight, I once again tried to launder and iron them but I ended up really frustrated. The sleeves of the shirts came out very badly twisted from the washer and dryer. And after my ironing, the shirts still looked very wrinkled. It kills me to have spent so much time on ironing - something I find very...
This is one ocassion where I quite frankly think that any one with the means should strictly observe dress code: black suit, white broadcloth shirt, black captoe shoes.
I think it's quite easy to settle the flat front/pleated pant debate. The individual should just put both styles on and see which is more flattering. I personally prefer flat-front with no cuffs. I am of average build. I also want to encourage members of this board to seek out MTM option for their trousers as well. They can be done cheaply with Asian tailors (~$120 for pure wool). When you think about it, you don't need that many pairs of trousers so it is worth investing...
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