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What a wonderful thread, thanks for starting this!    I've got small and scattered thoughts on the subject …    ***   I spend a large amount of time thinking about, researching, searching for and purchasing my clothing. You are all with me. You know what it's like.    What I've noticed is that I increasingly feel bad about this. Actually that's wrong. I don't ever feel bad about buying. I feel bad about the time I invest. Like I should be doing something...
I love the clean look of the trousers on the website, very true to all of COS' influences. However, I feel like I can never nail this 100% in real life. For example: Is this a standard no break, or more tapered and plopped right on the very top of the shoe? What could I be doing wrong (besides horribly over thinking this)?
I was actually looking at the wool leisure trousers the other day - but i thought they'd wear more like pyjamas than jeans.
I want a pair of wool trousers I can wear like jeans - any suggestions?
Rick Owens practically invented the cock bib, but that's even more dear than Geller.
A suit can only be altered so much before it looks weird. I learned this the hard way. That said, trousers can easily be tapered down to nothing - but be careful to keep it proportionate to the rest of the suit.
Anyone know where I can get the nicest Chelsea boot or jodhpurs for about £150-£200?
I buy my normal size. I find the sleeves a bit big on the few I have, but that's not something I can really size down out of.
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