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I have been shopping all over London for an excellent navy jacket to no avail for weeks now. Yesterday in COS I see this jacket and end up buying the whole suit. The fabric is beautiful and drapes nicely. It's more "blue" irl, especially in natural light. Best of all, the texture of the jacket allows it to be worn wi jeans, other trousers, etc. Can post pictures after I have the...
I strongly dislike Topman - I find both their aesthetic and quality offensive. I feel like I've gone through my whole high street regulars like allsaints, Reiss, COS, whatever and can't find a single suitable navy blazer. I'm not really in a position to spend more than £200 at the moment. This shouldn't really be a problem.
I need a beater navy blazer and uniqlo only has shit at the moment, which means in basically out of ideas. I'm in the UK, tall and slim. Please send help. I also don't want to buy total shit, so no Zara, H&M, whatever suggestions, please.
Desperately need a best navy blazer and all the Uniqlo options suck at the minute. UK Flagship had year cotton/linen blend jackets that looked like total shit. Uhg.
I have a satchel and duffle from Herschel and I fucking LOVE them. Rugged nylon canvas, fully lined, waterproof zippers, bloody brilliant. My duffle even has a separate compartment for shoes.
I'm 6'2" and 12.5st and I take a medium in pretty much every jacket Uniqlo makes. The washed cotton look kind of cool slouchy. They bring out a slim fit linen in the summer which is nice as well.
I love a Uniqlo blazer. I have a washed cotton that I wore pretty much every day last summer.
Nope I bought the ones with hi synthetic count. I saw them online and balked, but touched them in the store and they were quite nice.I think I wash my jeans more than a lot of posters. I've won these days on end and washed them multiple times and the black is still rich.
I thought this as well, but I ended up buying the black OD slims and they are comfy as fuck. Like wearing pyjamas.
That is an excellent fit! I have that exact same suit and am going to try to wear it casually.Did you have it tailored quiet a bit? I think I may need to get the jacket taken in a bit.
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