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Those look like pretty much any well-worn black skinny tapered jeans. They probably have a bit of stretch to them. I've seen a couple pairs of acne jeans with that washed out, matte black finish.
There's so many good fits on this site featuring white trainers of all makes and models. They always look great - even when you wouldn't expect to see the white trainers there. Is there any theory as to why white trainers look good? I've never owned a pair myself, but after seeing white chucks, vans, CPs and MMMs over and over on this site in intruiged.
Yeah - never had any luck with the denims
I ordered te raw blue ones but they didn't work out. Weird bagginess in the cut in the wrong places for me.
Still no slim OCBD in the UK. I bought a few normal ones in M, washed 'em, dried 'em and had the box pleat sewn down. Really like them now
I am 6'2" and weight about 175. I take 34(or 50) in tailored trousers, 32 in jeans and a 40 (or 50) in jackets/outerwear. M for knits and tees. I realise those conversions don't make much sense, but neither does COS sizing. I find COS really punches above its weight in terms of design, fabrics and construction. Suits are good, shirts and knits are great. I've never had any luck with tees, but some people swear by them. They're solidly high street, but if you like that...
Finally, a decent sale! I ordered the Straight Cotton Coat (it's like a mac) And a pair of the lightweight raw tapered jeans (not on sale). Want the quilted gloves, but I'm hoping winter in almost over
I think they sell at Hostem, around £800-£900 for jackets, more for coats.Not my style, but really nice looking.Edit: definitely at Hostem
Uniqlo has one in stock
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