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I'm 6'2" and 12.5st and I take a medium in pretty much every jacket Uniqlo makes. The washed cotton look kind of cool slouchy. They bring out a slim fit linen in the summer which is nice as well.
I love a Uniqlo blazer. I have a washed cotton that I wore pretty much every day last summer.
Nope I bought the ones with hi synthetic count. I saw them online and balked, but touched them in the store and they were quite nice.I think I wash my jeans more than a lot of posters. I've won these days on end and washed them multiple times and the black is still rich.
I thought this as well, but I ended up buying the black OD slims and they are comfy as fuck. Like wearing pyjamas.
That is an excellent fit! I have that exact same suit and am going to try to wear it casually.Did you have it tailored quiet a bit? I think I may need to get the jacket taken in a bit.
I picked up 2 white grosgrain oxfords from the Regent Street shop yesterday and they're really nice. I'm 6'2" and 175lbs an took a medium. The fabric is really soft, I think a big step up from last season. No slim fits in the UK, but I'd be keen to try them on.
Fair enough.
Sorry if this has been mentioned before but ... Why not just tuck your shirt in? Problem solved, proportions sorted and, boom, you look like a grown-up! Also, you'll save on tailoring.
What do you guys about the cotton stretch blazers? Nice things about them: - super lightweight - unlined - navy and beige look alright Shit things about them ... - I think the fabric is possibly a bit shiny - could be beyond super lightweight, almost like wearing a shirt To cop or wait for slim fit linen jackets to hit. Hmm.
The problem with those boots is that, with that sole, they are in that awful trainer/show hybrid area. Get a proper pair of dbs from somewhere like Clarks or a proper pair f chukkas from somewhere like Alden. H Hudson also does nice, slim chukkas at a much lower price-point.You can get oxfords literally anywhere. Uniqlo makes them in every colour of the rainbow every season. Off the high street, check out the Americana retailers like BB, Gant or RL.
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