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Still no slim OCBD in the UK. I bought a few normal ones in M, washed 'em, dried 'em and had the box pleat sewn down. Really like them now
I am 6'2" and weight about 175. I take 34(or 50) in tailored trousers, 32 in jeans and a 40 (or 50) in jackets/outerwear. M for knits and tees. I realise those conversions don't make much sense, but neither does COS sizing. I find COS really punches above its weight in terms of design, fabrics and construction. Suits are good, shirts and knits are great. I've never had any luck with tees, but some people swear by them. They're solidly high street, but if you like that...
Finally, a decent sale! I ordered the Straight Cotton Coat (it's like a mac) http://www.cosstores.com/Shop/Men/Coats_Jackets/Straight_cotton_coat/46909-4561124.1#c-6042689 And a pair of the lightweight raw tapered jeans (not on sale). Want the quilted gloves, but I'm hoping winter in almost over
I think they sell at Hostem, around £800-£900 for jackets, more for coats.Not my style, but really nice looking.Edit: definitely at Hostem http://www.43hostem.co.uk/shopping/men/de-rien/items.aspx?userd=1
Uniqlo has one in stock
I have been shopping all over London for an excellent navy jacket to no avail for weeks now. Yesterday in COS I see this jacket and end up buying the whole suit. http://www.cosstores.com/Shop/Men/Tailoring/Wool_and_cotton_blazer/46901-4561366.1#c-5934282 The fabric is beautiful and drapes nicely. It's more "blue" irl, especially in natural light. Best of all, the texture of the jacket allows it to be worn wi jeans, other trousers, etc. Can post pictures after I have the...
I strongly dislike Topman - I find both their aesthetic and quality offensive. I feel like I've gone through my whole high street regulars like allsaints, Reiss, COS, whatever and can't find a single suitable navy blazer. I'm not really in a position to spend more than £200 at the moment. This shouldn't really be a problem.
I need a beater navy blazer and uniqlo only has shit at the moment, which means in basically out of ideas. I'm in the UK, tall and slim. Please send help. I also don't want to buy total shit, so no Zara, H&M, whatever suggestions, please.
Desperately need a best navy blazer and all the Uniqlo options suck at the minute. UK Flagship had year cotton/linen blend jackets that looked like total shit. Uhg.
I have a satchel and duffle from Herschel and I fucking LOVE them. Rugged nylon canvas, fully lined, waterproof zippers, bloody brilliant. My duffle even has a separate compartment for shoes.
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