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Medium. 6'2" with a 39" chest, does me nicely.
I bought the linen/cotton blazer in navy today. Nice and casual, with some surprisingly nice detailing like pick stitching on the lapel. Nice with a shirt or a tee. And, at 6'2", it is actually long enough for me, which is more than I can say about most uniqlo blazers.
I had my tailor take in the elastic bit on each side, rally tightening the trousers up. Feel really nice now. I think you would be hrd pressed to get a fabric match for loops.
They are awful. I have a black wool/cashmere chesterfield from about 2 years ago that is absolutely wonderful. I think it cost all of £100. I went to try and get a camel coloured one of the new season and they are scratchy, rough and generally cheap feeling.It's a shame to see how far Uniqlo has fallen in that time.
I'm thinking that sizing down on the oversized sweatshirt might produce a weird fit. I think you should take your normal size.I'm 6'2" w a 40 inch chest and wear M tops/shirts, 50 jacket and trousers, 32 in jeans, if that helps.
Anyone have the twill drawstring trousers? I thought they might be nice for travelling when you want to be comfy, but not full-slob in sweats.     
  COS often does leather or suede detailing. I have a sweatshirt with a suede panelling. I've never seen fake leather at COS.
I love that grey wool blazer with the hidden fastening. Insta-buy. 
On my 34/50 trousers, the hem is about 17 cm.        Sorry for the cramped shot, but here's the fit on them. Mind you, I've cuffed the hem and am wearing them at my natural waist.     
Also - has anyone been to one of the events at the Serpentine Gallery?   I went to the launch night and found the installation really suited the brand. I went to another event at the same space a few weeks earlier that didn't gel as well. 
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