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I have this in grey from a past season. I love it. Absolutely love it.
I don't like the fact that they're 100% synthetic. They used to be made from waterproof cotton. I have a mac from the that's like 3 sears old and still going strong.
Would it be worth having them tapered? Most tailors could do it for under £10
I don't particularly like Allsaints, nor respect the brazen designer knock offs they do, but I think thy get an unduly hard time around here when it come to "quality". It's wrong to say the quality is shit. I once had a pair of brogues that I wore for 3 to 4 years. A friend has a pair of combat boots with rubber sole that have been going nearly as long.
Those look like pretty much any well-worn black skinny tapered jeans. They probably have a bit of stretch to them. I've seen a couple pairs of acne jeans with that washed out, matte black finish.
There's so many good fits on this site featuring white trainers of all makes and models. They always look great - even when you wouldn't expect to see the white trainers there. Is there any theory as to why white trainers look good? I've never owned a pair myself, but after seeing white chucks, vans, CPs and MMMs over and over on this site in intruiged.
Yeah - never had any luck with the denims
I ordered te raw blue ones but they didn't work out. Weird bagginess in the cut in the wrong places for me.
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