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I love that grey wool blazer with the hidden fastening. Insta-buy. 
On my 34/50 trousers, the hem is about 17 cm.        Sorry for the cramped shot, but here's the fit on them. Mind you, I've cuffed the hem and am wearing them at my natural waist.     
Also - has anyone been to one of the events at the Serpentine Gallery?   I went to the launch night and found the installation really suited the brand. I went to another event at the same space a few weeks earlier that didn't gel as well. 
  I wouldn't call it lightweight exactly. It's supple, but has a really nice feel. My wife thinks they look like trousers for a tuxedo. It's actually the heaviest fabric out of the few cotton trousers that I own. However, I did wear them through the absurd 30-ish London heat the last few days and was perfectly comfy in them, cuffed at the ankle with a white tee and derbies.    Because of the heat, I had to wash them. I can hook you up with measurements shortly.    djt00 -...
  I bought these yesterday and am wearing them right now. They look wonderful and very "clean" - the leg has a nice taper, the fabric is fine enough for the price and the pockets lay nicely. They look especially nice cuffed up with no socks and some derbies in this London heat.    However, a warning.   The sizing in the waist has been tricky for me. I kept trying between the 32 and 34 and settled on the 34 because the 32 was too tight in the crotch area.   However, after...
My tape measure says 76cm from back of neck to hemline in M. I'm 6'2" and 12st6 and its perfectly long and drapy on me.
I went to the shop in Westfield this morning. The sale stock was still so good and so deeply discounted. I just purchased one of the textured silk/viscose tees in the weird blue colour. It's incredible and I'm thinking of grabbing the black and grey as well. For £10 each, I think it would be foolish not to. I also picked up the dark navy seersucker blazer. Size 50 fit me bang on. It would have been a great jacket at retail but with 50% off its just insane.
The plain pocket tees are on that stubby cotton.
I have this in grey from a past season. I love it. Absolutely love it.
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