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if you're tall, you're going to find the current crop very low rise.  I don't know what's happening, but I'm finding Uniqlo fail after fail at the moment. Sizing is all over the place. 
Anybody seen an online retailer with the spotted navy jackets (Bedford I think)?
I dunno, I rather like the cotton seersucker "suit". 
Sorry, I should have been more specific.I was referring to the extremely low rise of the jeans. I've been wearing versions of the skinny or slim tapered or whatever they call them for years. They always change slightly, but the ones in stores currently are absurd.The quality has also tanked. What used to be great, comfy beater jeans are now rubbish.
Has anyone else found the current crop of jeans to be really, really low?
   Guys, thank you so much for this.  As I'm mostly interested in a cotton Bedford, my game plan has become wait for SS16 to drop, see if I can secure one in person from Garbstore or Oi Polloi, and if not, take a punt one one of the many online / phone / email options. Still a toss up between medium and large, but maybe it's a case of buy both and and see what sticks. 
What I really need is to feel confident in a sizing choice. I like the idea of a baker or Bedford in a cotton or lightweight wool, so that's good to know about the summer stock.I'm 6'2" and relatively lanky. Im afraid whatever I go for will end up being too short somewhere, most likely the arms.But if I could lock down a size there are a lot of options for buying over the phone or online. So thank you for helping out.
Thanks, MOK. It's quite strange how EG doesn't really exist here in London.I'll try these shops ... though I hate going to Portobello Road for any reason so cross fingers for Real McCoy or Trunk.Also, I was at the new Oi Polloi off Carnaby Street the other day. They carry EG, but in a very limited capacity.
Hey all — anyone know the best place in London to reliably find / try on EG, blazers is particular? Liberty used to have a good range but they've got awful.
I recently bought a pair of the black Miracle Air jeans and have been wearing them pretty solidly since. They're amazingly soft and cozy. I don't get the cooling thing though. It's been pretty miserable in London recently and I don't feel like they leave me any more cold than normal jeans. 
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