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 You're right - and it can look weird.  I have a 2 button overcoat that has a top lapel button, but I've only ever used it on an obscenely cold day where I forgot a scarf.  Please ignore that fact that this is an ugly jacket, but the first and second pics show what a jacket that uses the top lapel button looks like done all the way up: http://oliverspencer.co.uk/lounge-jacket-navy-oskmp16
I tried to do exactly this with a heavy corduroy jacket once. I had, I think, three different tailors tell me it wouldn't work and eventually backed down.Parker's suggestion of the lapel hole button sounds really great though.
You live in London? Don't mess with shops like H&M or topman or Zara. You'll quickly look like a student as the pieces fall apart on you. If you're really trying to thrifty, I feel like you should give Uniqlo another go ... they great for jeans, chinos, and t-shirts, especially if you're slim. You should get the "premium" Pima cotton tees, though, at a whopping £9 a pop rather than the £4 ones in the packets. I have some that are years old and still kept their shape...
COS jeans are known around here as being poor quality.   I've had bad luck with them in past myself – weird cuts, poor stitching, etc – and had previously written them off.    But my mind has been changed, at least with the one pair I've recently started wearing.    I was given a pair of the slim tapered jeans about 2 months ago and only started wearing them last week and think they're great.    They're really simple, but nice details like black coating on the...
Mid-season sale is on, though it's slim picking.
Medium. 6'2" with a 39" chest, does me nicely.
I bought the linen/cotton blazer in navy today. Nice and casual, with some surprisingly nice detailing like pick stitching on the lapel. Nice with a shirt or a tee. And, at 6'2", it is actually long enough for me, which is more than I can say about most uniqlo blazers.
I had my tailor take in the elastic bit on each side, rally tightening the trousers up. Feel really nice now. I think you would be hrd pressed to get a fabric match for loops.
They are awful. I have a black wool/cashmere chesterfield from about 2 years ago that is absolutely wonderful. I think it cost all of £100. I went to try and get a camel coloured one of the new season and they are scratchy, rough and generally cheap feeling.It's a shame to see how far Uniqlo has fallen in that time.
I'm thinking that sizing down on the oversized sweatshirt might produce a weird fit. I think you should take your normal size.I'm 6'2" w a 40 inch chest and wear M tops/shirts, 50 jacket and trousers, 32 in jeans, if that helps.
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