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You live in London? Don't mess with shops like H&M or topman or Zara. You'll quickly look like a student as the pieces fall apart on you. If you're really trying to thrifty, I feel like you should give Uniqlo another go ... they great for jeans, chinos, and t-shirts, especially if you're slim. You should get the "premium" Pima cotton tees, though, at a whopping £9 a pop rather than the £4 ones in the packets. I have some that are years old and still kept their shape...
COS jeans are known around here as being poor quality.   I've had bad luck with them in past myself – weird cuts, poor stitching, etc – and had previously written them off.    But my mind has been changed, at least with the one pair I've recently started wearing.    I was given a pair of the slim tapered jeans about 2 months ago and only started wearing them last week and think they're great.    They're really simple, but nice details like black coating on the...
Mid-season sale is on, though it's slim picking.
Medium. 6'2" with a 39" chest, does me nicely.
I bought the linen/cotton blazer in navy today. Nice and casual, with some surprisingly nice detailing like pick stitching on the lapel. Nice with a shirt or a tee. And, at 6'2", it is actually long enough for me, which is more than I can say about most uniqlo blazers.
I had my tailor take in the elastic bit on each side, rally tightening the trousers up. Feel really nice now. I think you would be hrd pressed to get a fabric match for loops.
They are awful. I have a black wool/cashmere chesterfield from about 2 years ago that is absolutely wonderful. I think it cost all of £100. I went to try and get a camel coloured one of the new season and they are scratchy, rough and generally cheap feeling.It's a shame to see how far Uniqlo has fallen in that time.
I'm thinking that sizing down on the oversized sweatshirt might produce a weird fit. I think you should take your normal size.I'm 6'2" w a 40 inch chest and wear M tops/shirts, 50 jacket and trousers, 32 in jeans, if that helps.
Anyone have the twill drawstring trousers? I thought they might be nice for travelling when you want to be comfy, but not full-slob in sweats.     
  COS often does leather or suede detailing. I have a sweatshirt with a suede panelling. I've never seen fake leather at COS.
New Posts  All Forums: