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NoThreadbearer ,  you're not the only one who thinks so... This (to wear very short jacket) is a questionable fashion: very uncomfortable and rather vulgar, but common today
  Yes, the source is Flusser, but it is also a problem of " buon gusto " as we call it in Italy... In my opinion tight pants are a fashion destined to die
Shoes are nice but there is a problem: the trouser bottom should be approximately three-quarters the lenght of the shoe, to balance the size of the shoe.
Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes cape     50.000 USD  (it's not a joke!, see "icollector.com") Inverness capes are the best!
Yes, a flat stomach helps. Sorry but i don't understand the meaning of "trolling", i'm italian. I searched on vocaboulary but nothing.
Ok, "re melius perpensa", 5.9 can be regular, but 6.0 is tall. I've seen charts. P.s. i'm not drunk!   
Dear Charlie, i mean that the first button in a two buttons jacket or the second button in a 3 buttons jacket must stay on the natural waist. In Derek' case the button is too near to his heart, to his ribs... 
I'm hight 6.3 so i understand well what you mean!  But trust me: i'm very very comfortable with extra long sizes. I raccomend them also to you. In this way you can have a true and good underscore of your natural waist....
Hi. I have also 44 for jacket and 38 for trousers. In fact 38 is the logical size for trousers if you have 44 jacket. See Brooks bbrothers size chart or Jos Bank size chart. If you have 42, then you'll go for 36 trousers and so on.. Another thing:  you are a 44 Long! with 5.9 height. This is important. Try also 46 long and 40 trouser: in fact you are 222 lbs. Trust me. It seems incredible that you wear 34/35 for trousers... But if so you can buy 44 long jacket and 36...
HI. "Trousers should be worn on the natural waist" ( Alan Flusser). Here i see a low rise of trousers and also the first button of your jacket that is too hight. In this way we see belt and shirt. Perhaps fashion, but not classic. 
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