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The lenght of trousers is not correct. They are also too slim fit. Slim fit is barely acceptable with jeans, but with wool trousers you cannot stand it.
 Don't reduce the leg opening! i see  Good proportions. Considerable full cut trousers. Classic colors. Well done, but don't forget to wear also a BELT
- Green lovat moleskin sport jacket by Cordings - Levi's 501 - Timberland shirt - Natural leather belt and shoes      
I think that is not inappropriate to offset physical characteristics with appropriate attire. In case of short stature :pants, sleeves and jacket may be longer. Here I see inconsistency between the pants and jacket (and shirt!) sleeves. Try to wear a normal charcoal or almost black suit, single breast, with a dark shirt, in the correct size (short or extra short). The figure will be more streamlined and give value to the vertical lines. Here i see colors (navy blazer with...
Elegantissimo... i miei complimenti (...from Italy)
Terrible bad taste. The triumph of expensive vulgarity
Egregi signori, this jacket is a Giorgio Armani vintage jacket. Here we can see Richard Gere, considered a style icon with this role of "American Gigolò, because of the Armani sublime cloths If you don't like him or don't like his dress it's your problem , not mine. Anyone who knows a bit  of fashion history, knows that this a milestone and a pinnacle of elegance... no ifs, ands or buts
It's true... Barney's jacket is not too short (in my opinion it's between the regular and short), but the buttoning is not correct (too hight). There is too little space between the first (of two) button and his throat.
The real problem is buttoned too high. According to general reasoning, the fashion in recent years has resulted in too short jackets and the button has moved higher and higher. Think of Giorgio Armani and jackets with lovely '80s and look at the (painful) current. This is an example of great natural waist buttoning... another world  (not considering the actor)
Do not confuse the whole with a part of it. These people seem cheerful, even if their style is questionable. Different problem is that of the trouser bottom... The rule that I mentioned is present in many books of male elegance
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