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Celebrated mr. Steve Job wore jeans without a belt.  Good smart casual indeed.  
For Christmas let me suggest a true man attire with an anti fit choice of denim. Auguri      
Levis Vintage Clothing, without doubt. But they are pricey. Heritage, prestige, tradition, but also quality. Unfotunately there is not a good online shop... LVC "must" promote a good e-commerce. Why LVC site doesn't sell on line?
Very interesting. I would like to know: Dry clean will shrink the jeans?  I hope not. So... you can buy your actual size, never water wash jeans and simply dry clean them after some months? Is it correct? I ask you this because i like my LVC 1933 501, full cut old style jeans, but the size i bought ( 38/36) is absolutely perfect, in fact i have an inseam of 34, but i like  large, big  cuffs. Vice versa taking into account the shrinkage i should buy a 40/38 (but i can't...
  Here you don't see muscles. Theese are good full trousers, not at all baggy... Can you see difference between this and the Timotune pics? It' a great difference! I'm not here to quarrel just to explain...
If you look at the pictures of Timotune you can see the muscles of the legs, thighs, quite visible under his pants. This is the result of too tight pants (and too short).  I say this because I think it and not to offend anyone.
No it's not a ridicoulos statement... i have my opinion. I hate slim fit. Why i can't say it in a public forum? I love full cut trousers. Where is the problem?
This telefilm has never been broadcast in Italy. It 's the first time I hear it. Thanks for the welcome
Caro (si fa per dire) Stitches: come ti permetti, chi ti conosce? Cosa ho scritto di male? Ho soltanto espresso la mia opinione, in maniera civilissima... Coloro che hanno modi inurbani sono altri in questo forum...
Is this a narcissistic forum, only and exclusively for favorable opinions among a small group of  friends? I hope not  ;)
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