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 Unfortunately too often are observed tight pants of feminine aspect I would like to recommend throwing away all skinny, slim or others ugly fits for trousers. Learn from MacArthur (on the left), with these beautiful khaki pants, full, hight rise and pleated. They'll return...  
 .. you must observe to learn, indeed.   Falke: pinnacle of 2015 (war against slim fit)   Regards  
Very pricey sport jacket by Dolce & Gabbana (44 drop7 regular) trousers  wool and cachemire by JosBank (38 long pleated) shirt by Paul&Shark (17)     same things but with Brooks Brothers' Thompson hunter green corduroy pants (38W 34L)  
 Well... it's true that jeans will stretch a little in the waist and at the knees (with so called "bags"). But it's also true that when you'll wash them they shrink. A little (shrink to fit madness apart...:)  ) but they shrink or they return as you bought new, at best. The only reason i can understand for sizing down is for the search of an exact waist, for example if you don't wear a belt.
 Unfortunately it is.Italy is not only il Bel PaeseIt's also the country of bad taste. Spoke to you an italian... so i know what i'm saying  :(
 In my opinion this trousers are warm, not neutral.Jacket: neutral mid greyShirt: cold light bluetie: neutral on the side of warm (green is blue and Yellow... more Yellow, such as in olive and is warm, more blue and is cold, remember!)trousers: warmshoes: warmSo if we put blue pants we obtain  grey (neutral), blue-cold  (shirt), blue cold(tie, and a touch of Yellow for  a neutral green), blue-cold (pants) and shoes and belt apartIn my opinion for skin tones and hair of...
A blu navy pants (heavy chinos for example) would also be a good choiceIn the photo i see cold colors mixed with warm colors. All cold colors (shoes apart) is a better choice.Regards
 Sizing down is never a good idea. Try jeans of your exact size of other brands. But if your jeans are super confortable....this is a great thing, not so common, so... anyway a 30 in Levi's 501 is not identical to a 30 in 571 or in 505, similiar, but not the same thing. I refer to the waist. For the cut is obvious that there are relevant differences.Regards
For the same reason why someone would care how you, me and others members of the forum dress...We were talking about jeans wore with or without a belt and i took an example. A famous one. No more, no less...
 I too love New Balance, but i prefer 574, 420 or 373 (vintage old school running shoes)  instead of 991For the belt problem i must say that personally i Always wear a belt with jeans, chinos or flannels.But Jobs' choice is for a smooth waist feeling.
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