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  Just got my pants in. Shipping took longer than expected. I was happy with the pants and they fit well. The return cost is about $8 and you only get store credit back. I'm sure I will be buying more though.
Meital Dohan, an actress from the show Weeds, is now a pop star.  During my morning cruise of the newest youtube hits I came across her new video. It's not some poorly made music video. The video appears for be a high budget film. It begins on a plane that is crashing and continues on some remote "desert". The song itself is pretty catchy. But how many of these Lady Gaga template artists are there going to be? Hey, if she does make it big I will bite my...
no you can make an account w/o Facebook. I just bought something and it comes in next week. Ill let you all know how it goes!
Do you watch Weeds? Well, if you do, you'll be just as confused as I am. Meital Dohan is apparently the new Lady Gaga. I was taking my usual rounds around youtube and saw her video. I mean, it's not half bad. And she throws in some comedy into, not straying too far from her actual personality.  These things are always a toss up and you never no what will make it big. She does have Sean Kingston on the track. But I don't think he has enough pull to get her out there....
Don't you get to try it out first?    Well I just found another website. I haven't purchased yet but the prices are on point! The only thing is its all on sale so once something is gone its gone.   jack threads. check that one out.
Just found this new clothing website called Frank and Oak. Since they've opened up, they still seem to sell out quickly. But they do have some nice things. Prices aren't bad either. The coolest part is the fact that you have the ability to have the clothes shipped to you ahead of time to try on before you purchase!   Check it out!   Whatta idiot!
I'm in my mid 20s. Going to a bar outtting with friends. No need for a suit here but I do want to dress to impress. What are some fall outift ideas from you guyS?
I just wanted to start a thread in which fellows like I, can share the best websites and stores. I like to shop and improve on my personal style but I HATE spending money.    Some stores I enjoy to shop at are Marshells, Ross, TJ Max, Target, H&M, and Forever 21 Men. I usually frequent these stores in the middle of the week. Less of a crowd and they are usually in the middle of restocking.     What are some stores you frequent?? or ONline?
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